2012 Terrible For Hamilton Football Fans

  1. Cat's suck and finish in last place.
  2. McMaster loses in Vanier Cup.
  3. Argos win 100th Grey Cup.

How much worse can it get? 8)

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they have been kicked in the pills today.

It's bad enough that the Argo's won this monumental game in front of their home fans but reliving the embarrassing season we just endured makes it more painful.

What is equally nauesating is that all the drunken obnoxious fans being interviewed in the streets last night celebrating the teams victory have never attended an Argo game in their life.

I guress this is what one would call "sour grapes" but our performance in 2012 just added "salt to the wound".

The only thing that makes me feel better is sharing these words with you, my fellow Tiger Cat fans;


Our draft picks end up in the NFL? (OK, technically that would be in 2013)

The only thing that makes me feel better is sharing these words with you, my fellow Tiger Cat fans;


Come on, Diesel, I need to feel better.....say it louder....


I second it the ARGOS SUCK
Lets forget this year ever happened

The reality is the Argos are Grey Cup champions. The Ticats suck.

I have to agree with your assessment.

Yeah, we're going to have to put the ARGOS SUCK slogan on ice for the next few months. We can always hate the Argos, but the last place team sure as hell shouldn't be telling the champs that they suck.

It will get worse if:

1.Creehan stays as DC
2.Cortez does not get an OC.
3. Scott Mitchell’s replacement is not highly experienced
4. Management spends more time getting organized for the new stadium during 2013 rather than improving the on field product.

Then there is the BIG challenge…finding an effective GM who can work with George Cortez and his power over the selection of players and coaches. I see the Cortez situation (his contract) developing into a disaster for this team. In short I believe we have snookered ourselves.
My solution…make Cortez the GM and then go out and hire an aggressive new HC and co-ordinators.
All those who still mock the Blue Team are deluding themselves. We now have Montreal and the Blue team which have excellent management and coaching …and Ottawa who have pretty smart ownership and will be scooping up coaching talent before we do.
So…hate to say it but I’m afraid things could get MUCH worse on the field over the next couple of years.

Those are all very good points. My only concern is moving Cortez to GM. He still seems to have an unproven track record with assessing talent. His roster decisions in 2012 also left many questioning his line of thinking. Cortez seems to have the OC position mastered though. I would maybe assign him to assistant GM and leave him as OC. Then bring in the type of coaches that you suggested.

Just want to rub it in a bit. :wink:

Cortez moves to GM and we/they hire a new OC. This should reduce the salary due Cortez.

That made me smile...love it :smiley:
Better them than some team from the west

Ain't gonna happen.

Cortez was lured here by a "big" 4 year contract that cedes a fair amount of control to him.

Cortez signed a four-year deal that puts him in upper echeleon - though not the highest paid - of CFL coaches.
  • Cortez's director of football operations title gives control over roster decisions - who comes on and off the 53-man roster – but general manager Bob O'Billovich retains day-to-day control over player personnel (recruiting players, negotiating contracts, running free agent camps.) Scouts still report to Obie. Cortez and Obie have a long history - including working together in Calgary - and Cortez will be heavily involved in player personnel.

from the ScratchingPost