2012 schedule

Did not realize till Stu Foord said it, Lions play Riders 5 times, looking at the schedule we play Sask 5, Edm 4, Cal 3, Wpg 2, Ham 2, Tor 2, Mtl 2. So there are teams, [4 of them]that we only play two times. That's just poor planning I think.

ex games dont count

As FYB Quoted Ex games don't count; on that front there are 10 against West teams which works out to 4-3-3 in games. So thus B.C. gets Regina 4 games - next season 4 games with Edmonton and the following season 4 games against Calgary. It's the same set up in the East.

I Agree with Lions1 that this schedule is ridiculous, playing the green riders five times while playing Calgary and Edmonton a combined seven times. WHO IS THE BRAINIAC THAT WROTE THIS SCHEDULE, and would someone at the league office make sure that person doesn't make such a lame brained, amateurish decision again?

I think most fans across the league would prefer some type of balanced schedule. Here's how that might look. Each team plays all three teams in their conference team three times, and plays two games against each team inn the other conference. That adds up to 17 games, so why not have each team play one more game against the other conference each year? We'd have an almost balanced schedule and we'd get to see one opposite conference team more than once, every other season. Or they could play a 17 game schedule and use that extra week in training camp to better train and coalesce the team before the bullets are flying for real. Why? Because all 8 CFL teams would be that much more developed, especially offensively, to start the year.

Some teams might object to the extra travel such a schedule would entail. But for crying out loud, if a team can't afford airfares they don't deserve to be a CFL football franchise. Besides, they can book all of those seats months in advance and save a lot of $$$ in the process.

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

I’m not sure what the big issue is here… the schedule format hasn’t changed in years. So what we play SK 5 times… preseason means squat! And the idea of having a balanced schedule is impossible with 8 teams and 18 games - do the math 7 into 18 doesn’t work…