2012 Predictions

On this topic you can either post what each team (or your team) will go like ill be doing or you can make player predictions exp Whitaker will Rush for over 1000 yards* make it your own thing! It's the start of training camp so I don't think its too early.

2012 East Standings:

Hamilton Tiger-Cats- 11-7
Montreal Alouettes- 10-8
Toronto Argonauts- 9-9
Winnipeg Bluebombers- 6-12

2012 West Standings:

B.C. Lions- 12-6
Calgary Stampeders- 9-9
Saskatchewan Roughriders- 8-10
Edmonton Eskimos- 7-11

(Playoff Predictions come later in season and I did not account for Ties or injuries, too random to judge.)

Explanations: Hamilton and their rebuilt offense should keep them in pace with most teams. BC is coming off of a GC Win and should maintain that momentem. Montreal is slowing down and it shows this season while Calgary with Drew Tate experiance an up and down season. The Argos despite having a reformed offense I don't believe there defense is good enough, they lost a core of their secondary and I see them struggling down the stretch. The Riders too have an up and down season with all of the new pieces jelling, i think we start off slow but get hot to the end. As for Winnipeg they lost far to many pieces on O and D to maintain a winning season. As for the Eskies you don't Trade away a franchise QB and expect to stay on top, along with losing messam they too struggle.

I'm going to do Roughrider Predictions

Durant throws for over 4000 Yards but has only a +5 TD-INT ratio
Dressler gets 1000 recieving season
Odell Willis and Brent Hawkins combine for 20 Sacks this season

Have your say! Post any predictions you want for the upcoming season (but unlike last year do not post about who is going to get injured when.. I.e Buck Pierce)

Argos go 9-9, Cory Boyd rushes for more than 1,200 yards.

Montreal wins the East and B.C. wins the West.

I think Winnipeg and Edmonton will miss the playoffs.

I will wait til the end of TC before I offer my picks.

Anyone saying WPG doesn't make the PO's, wanna put some $$ on that?

It always amazes me to see fans take into account roster changes, promotions, and new coaching staff ... for every team but the Als. To read some predictions, you'd think we were a team of 40-year-olds coming back with the exact same team as last season, when in fact we're on average no older than any other team, we've totally revamped our defense, we have a plethora of new coaches including a new DC, and we have three spots up for grabs on offense (starting fullback, both starting WR positions).

I always make my predictions just before Week 1.

But for now, I'll throw a couple out there.

1 - BC is first overall by probably 2 whole games.

2 - The east gets a winning record against the west for the first time since I think the 70s.

3 - Hank will get booed when he visits Calgary

4 - Ricky Ray will get a standing O when he steps on the field at Commonwealth.

Good predictions so far! I'll add on and say Fantuz does NOT reach 1000 years receiving , with C.Williams, Grant, Stala, and now that guy from the NFL that they drafted a few years back I can't see him getting a large amount of throws.

Also whoever starts at QB for Edmonton will not finish the season as starting QB.

Argos 9-9
Ticats 9-9
Als 14-4
Bombers 1-17

Esks 6-12
Riders 2-16
Lions 15-3
Stamps 12-6

Ray and Burris struggle early with new offenses, take a lot of heat from local press, Bombers Buck starts 8 games, finishes 4.

Eskimos wish they kept Ray, nuff said

Durant struggles all season, backups compete for his job late in season.

Stamps Tate injured after slow start, out for season, Michael Bishop signs shortly thereafter to backup Glen.

Glen never able to get anything going, Bishop is given a shot, leads Stamps on a 10 game winning streak that ends gloriously at the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto. Bishop named Grey Cup MVP

I'm not going to comment on the predictions, but you have 68 wins and 76 losses in your predicted standings. You might want to update them just a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for the double post. I might as well make my own silly predictions while I'm at it.
If you ask me how sure I am about my predictions, I am 25% sure, AT MOST, that my predictions will come true. Way too much uncertainty this early on, but I might as well just do it for fun. :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually hope I'm wrong on my predicted standings (with the exception of my Montreal Alouettes :wink: ) since I like to be surprised.


Montreal Alouettes : 12-6
Toronto Argonauts : 10-8
Hamilton Ti-Cats : 9-9
Winnipeg Blue Bombers : 8-10


B.C. Lions : 11-7
Calgary Stampeders : 9-9
Saskatchewan Roughriders : 7-11
Edmonton Eskimos : 6-12

  1. I predict that a team from the East will crossover for the first time. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers go in, but lose in the Western Semi-final.

  2. I predict the the Eskimos have trouble with their quarterback(s). Despite 1200+ yard season by Fred Stamps, the team only musters 6 wins.

  3. I predict that John Bowman of the Montreal Alouettes will lead the league in sacks, with 12.

  4. I predict that three quarterbacks; Anthony Calvillo, Travis Lulay and Ricky Ray; will pass for over 5,000 yards. Henry Burris, Darian Durant and Drew Tate will manage 4,000 yards.

Cant wait for the season to start!

I wont predict wins and losses, but I will give it a shot:


  1. Montreal
  2. Hamilton
  3. Winnipeg
  4. Toronto
    The Als just seem to find ways to win, with AC under center they will always have a shot! I like what's been done in the Hammer in the off-season.


  1. BC
  2. Sask.
  3. Calgary
  4. Edmonton

BC looks unstoppable! Looking (hoping... :slight_smile: )for a bounce back year in Regina.

I think that there may be a chance for an East crossover spot this year!

Lulay to lead the league in passing and win MOP - with his game and his weapons, what do you do to stop him?
Im thinking BC v. Montreal for the Grey Cup, in what will be a classic match.

I will not win the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge!

If anyone is wondering your wins and losses should end up being 72-72, by the way you put the Rider record backwards :stuck_out_tongue:

what a joke, you know Squat about football, soley based on this ridiculous and hilarious predictions.

god, some people should just refrain from proving to everyone else that they're stupid.

too much involved and too early to make any solid predictions..

but I do believe that the East will have a very entertaining race for first for once.

the only question is what team will be the odd ones out?

with the improvements that everyone has made.. EXCEPT Winnipeg, I'm going to say Winnipeg will be missing the playoffs.

and as far as the West.. It's going to be a good season, hard to say how the Riders will do but they certainly will be better than 5-13.. I'm saying that they'll have a winning season but not sure how many.

Esks are going to find out the hard way that Ray was their core.

Honestly you can't really give the Stamps anything yet. nothing is certain at this point.

The Lions seem to be the only team that can be accurately predicted..

So you won't be posting here anymore, then?

Just going to predict the placings not standings...



BC first overall.

AC and Lulay passing leaders
Andrew Harris rushes for 1000+ yds

I have a sneaking suspision that the guy is Joking. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

So because WPG lost a few players, we all of a sudden won't make the PO's?
This was a young team last year and made it to the Grey Cup banged up all year. Each time there was an injury to a big player, others stepped up. We have depth. Quality depth. This team will be fine, and will prove all the doubters wrong yet again. I don't see why they wouldn't challenge for first - but the same could be said for the other teams in the East as well.

I actually think the Blue Bombers WILL make the playoffs, by crossing over. Winnipeg won't be crushed. I think they definitely have a fighting chance in the East, but I think they're going to be facing an East division that's much stronger than it was last year. Montreal has a completely renewed defense, along with the same dominating offense. Hamilton has Henry Burris and a very high-level receiving corps. Toronto now has Ricky Ray and a new, very solid coaching staff.

Winnipeg can doubtlessly make the playoffs, but it's going to take everything they have.