2012 Predictions.... serious ones only please..

so what do you think will change in 2012? what will happen?

please post serious predictions, not stupid or silly ones, thanks :slight_smile:

  1. Luca Congi will not be invited back for 2012 as Milo is their new guy
  2. Claremont will not be invited back for 2012 as well
  3. Richie Hall will be let go, as will Ken Miller
  4. Makowsky will retire.

Disclaimer: I am being serious.

New Head Coach - Tom Higgins - only other coach retained will be Craig Dickenson.
Andy Fantuz will not sign with the Riders being disgusted with the disgusting collapse of the team in 2011.

If the season keeps going the way it is right now, expect lots of changes this offseason, including some veteran players being let go who we probably won't be happy to see go. I expect Taman is going to be around still, I don't want him to be, but I can't see them canning him. I think we need to bring in a back-up QB that can battle and push DD, I mean even if the back-up beats him out for the starting job then he deserves it. O-line I think we will be seeing a lot of new faces, some young draft picks starting to get their shot.

We need a lot of changes, and I think getting rid of Taman would be the best, but again I don't see it happening, he will trade away some good players this offseason and I can see us being in for another long year 2012.

Congi will be gone, Johnson will be gone only because he is an import
Simpson will go elsewhere or retire, McCullough will step up and have a great season
Makowski will retire (at least they have some good young blood in the system for the line)
Fantuz will head south again, not sure if he will be back
(not sure what Freeman has on his contract, hopefully more than this season)
Cates will retire, Bernard will start
Clermont will stay on through 2013 for a chance/hope to to be in a GC at home, then be a decoy in expansion draft
Hawkins will play 6 games
Dan Clarck will be a starter
They will draft high on a DL in the CIS draft, but not bring in a DE star thinking Hawkins will be good enough
They will draft a LB as their second pick
McKenzie will be replaced as a starter by Eddie Russ
the starting recieving corps will be Dressler, Getz, Hill, Bagg, Koch, Baker, JC
Tearrius Geoorge will ride the pine

Miller will stay on for 1 more year (I am still hoping that Dave Dickenson is persued)
Hall will be back
They will bring in a QB coach to help with DD...I pray
Bob Dyce will stay on because he is Tanam's buddy
Buratto will end up being an OC (oye)
Alex Smith will be retained...LBs have been solid the last couple years
Walker will be retained as DL coach, even though Hall will want him gone

The defense will still struggle, not having a rush again,,,lack of DE...even though even the TSN panel preaches how bad they need one this season. They again will stick with the same formations and leave the middle open all year.
The offense will look better, mainly because of a QB coach and some more youth on the line.

They will go 8-10 and finally realise they either need a new DE, or a DC who will change his strategy. They will elect to fire the DL coach to save Hall and recruit a DE. They will be competative in 2013.

Gone: Miller, Cates, Clermont, Makowsky, Simpson, Freeman (only if grabbed by the NFL, otherwise I think he will re-up).
Not sure about Richie Hall, Goodspeed, Gauthier, Paranteau, Dinwiddie (maybe to coach)

Staying and given full GM roll will be Taman. I think Hoppy will give Taman full reign, and if he doesn't I hope they get another GM who they give full reign. Who knows who they get to coach but I think it may be someone younger.

[quote="Billy_Soup"]Not sure about Richie Hall, Goodspeed, Gauthier, Paranteau, Dinwiddie (maybe to coach)

I felt the same way. Hall I tend to think will be around. I think many will say it was the lack of the right personnel more than the DC, though I still think he needed to try a 3/4 D
Goodspeed and Gauthier,...probably gone yeah
Paranteau will be back, hopefully not as a center (Clark??)
Dinwiddie I think could be a good coach...that would be cool...An assistant OC with Burrato?? I don't think he has the experience to be a QB coach (and is not far enough removed yet), but I think he might do well upstairs...that is an interesting call Billy, and I like it...good one!

Does anyone know what Freeman's contract is?

[url=http://cjme.com/story/jerrell-freeman-eyeing-grey-cup-followed-nfl/23171]http://cjme.com/story/jerrell-freeman-e ... -nfl/23171[/url]
[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/story/2011/10/03/mb-bombers-sign-boreham-winnipeg.html]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/ ... nipeg.html[/url]

Boreham is gone, so we can scratch that lol

I'd prefer a bullet in the head to Taman staying.

That seems drastic. And unproductive, as well, considering that a bullet in your head would do little to help the Riders.
Now, I would NEVER condone this, but a bullet in Taman's head.... (Joking. Admittedly tasteless, but joking nonetheless!)

Yes I was being facetious. :stuck_out_tongue: But I apologize because the thread did ask for serious posts only.

Makowsky will get elected in November in the provincial election and retire
Taman will likely be gone
Miller will retire
Fantuz will end up in Hamilton or somewhere down east
Cates will stick around
Freeman will take a shot in the NFL and wind up back here midway through next season

The Riders will either get Jones or Dickenson as their new head coach. The team will rebuild next season, end up 7-11 or 8-10 and likely cross over.

People will see the talent being signed in Edmonton and realize that Taman doesn't have the connections and he will be gone.

Austin will be brought in as a guest coach in training camp to work with DD.

New HC will be given free rein to hire his coaching staff. Hall maybe gone. We will sign a QB coach this time.

Milo is the man. Congi maybe back depending on Milos stats for FG at end of the year.

Hawkins will be injured again. Fantuz will not go to NFL but sign with Riders, big contract. Bagg will start but not finish the season, not due to injury though.

Winterpig will not have any swagger and thier fans will hide meekly in corners. Tatoo removal shops will pop up all over Winterpig.

ALS Rule and TheKillerIsMe will continue to be jerks.

RedandWhite will continue to troll this site, but will be respectful.