2012 Jerseys

As some may or may not be aware all CFL teams will be strutting a new jersey this season as a part of the celebration for the 100th issuing of the Grey Cup. Thought I would start I thread so it could be discussed a bit, or info shared if anyone has anything. They were supposed to be out in February, but I guess there was a delay. All I have heard is that they will be ready before draft day (May 3). There are rumors each club will have a new logo.

I had a thread a year and a half ago in the main CFL forum that has been reserected and then died off numerous times but :frowning: lol but so far no official announcement, if you Wiki the 2012 CFL season it says that everyteam will be getting new digs but they won't be drastic, not sure about the logo change though.

A friend said he has seen the new Argo and Bomber diggs, and they were both new logos...not like out of right field total change, but new none the less.

Has anyone heard anything new on this? I'm very curious to see if they'll change and what they'd look like... normally we would have heard something about this by now?

Well, they came out with a special edition jersey today and it is superb! It is black with green trim and the numbers are black ad well with green trim. The Rider logo is watermarked all over the lettering and is an amazing touch. I am hoping that is incorporated into the gameday jersey.

[url=http://shop.riderville.com/men/jerseys/exclusive-fan-jersey.html]http://shop.riderville.com/men/jerseys/ ... ersey.html[/url]

The Official Riderstore Twitter account, the offical CFL account and CFL on TSN twitter account have all confirmed that the Riders aswell as the Rest of the CFL are getting new jerseys from REEBOK, if they look like the fans ones posted above thad be cool but there will be sneak peaks in the coming weeks.

yes, we know that Reebok is providing new jerseys for the CFL in commemoration of the 100th GC. It is just not known when they will be released. All that has ever been said by the CFL is that it would be prior to draft day. As that is May 3rd, I would anticipate April 27th. It seems to me that potential profits are being left on the floor here. These should have been either out before the end of March as I am sure there will be a rush on the demand. I would think 2nd and 3rd wave rushes for the new gear will be decreased if said consumers can not get them until after the season starts.

Personally I think those jerseys are ugly as sin and will not be buying one. But I am not really into those style of jerseys (grey cup commeratives, fake fan jerseys, etc)

Black on black ... hrmm ... what's the point?

That thing is butt.

that is NOT the new jersey.

that's some ugly fan jerseys..

As much as I hope we use our vintage jerses as our full time jerseys (Worn at most Labour Day classics) and 2010 West Final in Calgary ) I want us to bring back a black altrenate jersey, not as plain as the last but the black jerseys were tight in my opinion. Also I think now a days with free agency your better off just buying a fan jersey cause Im running outta ideas of what to do with my green Fantuz jersey :expressionless:

i see nothing wrong with flaunting the Andy Jersey. It would have been different if he had not gone home, and not done it with some class.

Well I feel alot better! haha I’m hoping to attend the Hamilton/Sask game in July when Andy returns to Riderville, glad to know I wouldn’t get beaked to much haha :cowboy: :rockin:

Never said it was the new jersey.

Said it would be nice if they incorporated some of the features of it into the new J's league wide...i love the watermarking in the lettering, and it also makes it harder for unofficial CFL distributors to make #d gamedays for people.

I hate the watermarking in the lettering. I like simple and traditional.

And that's exactly why not everybody will like the new jerseys, on one hand you have your traditionalists who want the green and white on a jersey and there good to go on the other you have this "new age" jersey technology (see new Seattle Seahawks uniforms of the NFL) and people want to move that direction, personally Ill be okay with anything as long as they look cool 8)

[url=http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2012/04/23/riders-to-unveil-new-jerseys-may-2/]http://blogs.leaderpost.com/2012/04/23/ ... eys-may-2/[/url]

May 2nd