2012 Jersey Redesign Poll

It seems that people are very divided in the other thread. Let's see how the votes add up.

I think you need a option for "Dont hate them but I also Dont love them" or something like that

I'm down with it. :thup:

Lookin' sharp Hammy, lookin' good.

Yeah, I like them but think they're not as good as the older ones, and could have and should have been better (which of course is completely subjective)

I like the simplicity. To me, it looks like a good combo of old school with modern appeal. Great job!

Classic football uniform...

That type thing doesn't ever go out of style in this game...

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Nice uniform. I will wait and get a real game worn jersey at the locker room sale..........

Wait till you see Sammy running for a TD in the new uni and it will become a winner fast. :thup: :wink:

I love it.

Exactly !

The entire uniform is PERFECT !

I'm so glad to see the end of those hideous pants with that "neck-tie" thingy on the side... :x

These new uniforms should last for years and years with no changes needed. This is one of the things that are important when it comes to keeping young fans well into their teens and into adulthood. Sure the play of the team is important but the stable look and brand are also huge. Most of the storied franchises in all sports don't mess with certain classic "looks" eg: Yankees, Cubs, Bruins, Canadiens, 49'ers, Dolphins ... and the list goes on.

So, yeah, congrats on the new uniforms! Hopefully they will inspire the whole team to perform brilliantly !

Cheers All ! :slight_smile:

i wasnt sold on the new uniforms with the pics taken with henry and andy to be honest, but after seeing it on jamal johnson in the new ticats commercial here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8_lV4W5dlI it gave me a better view of how it will look on feild and while moving, looks so sweet, when i see this uni it reminds me of the good old joe montford days!