2012 Invoices Are In The Mail

I just happened to log into my season ticket account on the Ti-Cats website, and apparently there's an invoice there for my seasons for the upcoming 2012 season.

Once again, they're pairing this year's playoff ticket with the price of your 2012 tickets, so I'll be paying the same per game price as I did last year with an additional game (the full 10 in 2012 plus playoffs this year), but I'm confused. I thought this year's playoff game was included in the 2011 season price I paid last year to offset the fact we had to give up this Sunday's game for Touchdown Atlantic II?

Regardless, I'm content with paying 2 bills (my seat's in the Reds) for 2012 AND 2014... plus $20 extra for playoffs. :slight_smile:

Wait - there's a playoff game at IWS this year???!!! Are you sure this isn't Tom's lingere leauge football?