2012 International Bowl

[On February 1st], America’s top high school football players will take on the best high school-aged players from around the world. The 2011 U-19 National Team, featuring players committed to top NCAA FBS schools, will face a IFAF World Team made up of the top players from outside the United States.

Here I thought crappy schools in the US had found some other sucker then Rogers to give them boatloads of cash for a meaningless football game.,
Other then the BSC National Championship game... What the hell is the point of all of the other bowl games I really dont understand that part of American culture. Like after you win the Thrifty Car Rental Bowl...Do you run around the stadium yelling... Were no. 23, Were #23... and if you had lost that game... youd be number 24... Like who cares!!!!!

The point is money, one more game to play at a time of year when people are inside at the holidays and in front of the tely.

Ya Earl those High-Schoolers holding an exhibition game will certainly generate a boat load of cash. I'm thinking hundreds of millions of dollars they can bring in ..but how dare they make any money to spend on equipment grants and the such especially during the luxurious February 1st Holidays ( dunno what holidays your referring to) ok end of sarcastic response cause i know it was just your quick jab at an attempt to bash another league

Damn right it's all about money in few greedy hands more than anything else.

I've talked about about the corruption in the NCAA in general in several other posts already.

Basically, as led by football and in some pockets college basketball, it's all a sham and scam for more folks than ever to make tax-subsidized income, and also obtain all the tax-free benefits (i.e. food, travel, special event exclusive access, top NCAA play-by-play announcer and analyst Kirk Herbstreit had his kids play keep-away with Oregon players at the Rose Bowl after the media were shoo'ed away after 15 minutes except of course for ESPN)
, under the guise of "student athleticism" and so forth:

[url=http://www.oregonlive.com/sports/oregonian/john_canzano/index.ssf/2011/12/canzano_at_espn_money_talks_jo.html]http://www.oregonlive.com/sports/oregon ... ks_jo.html[/url]

After scandals especially uncovered since 2010 as including Jeremiah Masoli/Oregon, Reggie Bush/USC, Terrell Pryor/Ohio State, the University of Miami, Cam Newton/Auburn, and Penn State I think we get more than the idea to have only scratched the surface of the level of corruption associated with this cash-generating machine as dominated now in our media by ESPN.

What has yet to hit our biased media down here with its agenda (i.e. The Walt Disney Company as owns ESPN) is how on earth in a prolonged recession is it still a priority for a university and wealthy alumni to spend record amounts of money on all the frills and benefits associated with these games instead of scaling down and re-allocating some of that money to education at those schools?

It's not like a bowl game does not bring a pay-day also for the schools anyway, but the schools are all behaving as if no recession ever took place as more students than ever struggle with their debts.

It is so sad how now the high schoolers have gotten into the cash grab mentality.
Not to knock the good old US and A, but why is it every good intention and sport has been turned into cash, a business?
That is pathetic.

Not bashing anything at all Just point out a fact here, that's all. Bowl games generate big money for many people and the US system will not, IMHO, get rid of bowl games that some people may think are not important or are irrelevant. As well, many of these bowl games have long histories and that is respected by many which is super IMHO.

How do you get that is bashing? :? :? :? :? :?

How in the world ... ugghhhh THIS IS NOT AN NCAA BOWL GAME

This is not a NCAA game this is a group of high-school kids getting a chance of a lifetime ..yes there needs to be some money made you think it will be cheap top fly all these kids to 1 location from all over ..

This is also an event being put on by an organization that also makes donations to kids playing football (with equipment and fields to play on and more)

There is No big TV deal, tickets are 10 bucks and high school kids from around the world get to play in a game of a lifetime
Money Grab ?

I really don't see the cash grab in this ..

Paolo went off on a NCAA rant when they are not even involved in this ...altho i bet a few teams may be on the watch for a prospect or 2

so where is the cash grab?

You got me there dawg, my bad for not reading, I was assuming incorrectly this was a college game. :oops: :oops:

The International Bowl is team made up of majority CIS FOOTBALL players which isnt a fair to USA high school players…They win it every year but the international football trys to overmatch USA in this one

Dawg, I knew it was a high school game, but the money machine down here via ESPN has already started into the high school players for sake of grooming them via their NCAA cash cow.

Football at the high school level in the top states for recruits, FL, TX, CA, PA, and OH, is often beyond corrupt as well.

I'm fine if most of the proceeds indeed go to charity with the rest to expenses though.

Good for them .. get the kids ready for what will eventually happen if they are good enough to play college ball and then into the NFL .. good life lesson on what they are about to face ..

plus i don't know why people use terms like "money machine" isn't that the point ?

If the CFL and Canadian schools made even close to half of what is made in the USA then the same things would be happening there

Wow. I posted this link so that we could learn a little bit about our young football players, and potential future non-imports. I wasn't expecting it to turn into (yet) a(nother) debate about the NCAA machine.

If we're going to take in that direction, though, I don't think this competition is any worse than the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships that just wrapped up in Alberta.

plus i don't know why people use terms like "money machine" isn't that the point ?
It's exactly the point. Compare the amount of money the non-players are getting as opposed to the players. And it is no doubt a machine of the financial interests as fueled by the media.

Here's a question: It's called the "U-19" national team playing "high school aged" players from around the world.. ( Mainly Canada) What is High School age in Canada? and why are most of the players already playing in CIS?

Some kids can enter university at 17, and most will be at most 18. Isn't it that way in the US too?

It's the same in the US Pi-Cat. It is also not uncommon in athletic circles for players to be redshirted for one year in high school so as to allow another year of development so that they can court more programs for scholarships. That's how you end up with a 19-year old college freshman sometimes.

Then in college ball as well it is common for players to be redshirted for a year again even aside from medical redshirts.