2012 in Review

Well that wraps up a rollercoaster season which consisted of a 3-0 start, an 0-5 slide, a 5-1 run and an 0-4 finish. I do believe were heading in the right direction. We made some solid moves in the offseason which inlcuded our OLine and finding a Star Runningback. 5-13 to 8-10 I'll take it, we won divisional games which is key in the CFL (obviously)

Anyways I'm pumped for 2013 I think were going to be more consistant. Chamblin will have these guys ready, Taman will get us the pieces we need.

Offensive MVP

Kory Sheets/Weston Dressler

Defensive MVP

Tyron Brackenridge

Team needs going into 2013:
DLinemen (Mitchell is a free agent?)
Lock down corner

Thanks to the Riders for a more enjoyable 2012 season, big thanks to the fans we were great all year!

Have your thoughts on 2012 post it here!

Pour ma part, je me demande si les Roughriders ne devraient pas aussi regarder une fois de plus leur brigade de receveurs. il y a de bons éléments, mais il me semble qu’il y a encore des points d’interrogation. Heargraves n’était pas aussi efficace qu’il l’a été avec Winnipeg. Getzlaf a eu une saison ordinaire, mais ça pourrait n’être qu’une saison ordinaire parmi quelques bonnes saisons. Smith est un excellent prospect. Pour une fois, Carr a joué à la hauteur de son talent, mais lorsqu’on regarde sa saison, il me semble avoir confirmé qu’il n’est pas constant. Tantôt il est génial, tantôt il ne veut pas jouer, un peu comme Prechae Rodriguez. Ça peut passer dans une équipe qui se redresse, mais ça ne peut pas passer pour une équipe championne.

Lorsque les Roughriders avaient Fantuz, Dressler, Bagg, Getzlaf et Clermont, ils étaient défensivement plus difficiles à couvrir car le gros jeu pouvait venir de n’importe qui. Avec la brigade actuelle, la couverture du jeu aérien s’est un peu simplifiée pour les adversaires.

Agreed. Offensively the receiving corps was not very deep. I've been saying this for a while.

Dressler and Getzlaf 1 and 2.

After that
Jock Sanders emerged at one point in a wing back type role, but then got hurt.
Taj Smith took a while to take that no 3 target role but only really seemed to step up after no one else made much effort.
Carr made some big plays today and a couple others during the season but was a no show far too often for my liking
Justin Harper (who? ... ohh yeah, THAT guy) turned everyone's heads in camp and did squat once the season started.
Brooks Foster had a great first game and did nothing after that.
Sisco, not sure why so many people keep blowing this guy's horn. He's hung around for like 3 years now and done absolutely nothing.
Hargreaves was invisible.
McHenry, I love the guy, full points for effort but does he really scare a single DB in this league?
TJ Harris - already gone. Why was he even here? joke and probably the worst signing of the year.
Bagg - should he recover from wrecking the other knee, I find it hard to believe that come 2013 TC he will be able to get close to the form that he had the last time that he played full tilt mid-2010. I will be shocked if he is ever an effective player again.

I called it when it happened. Kicking Cary Koch to the curb was plain stupidity. How valuable would he have been to the Riders this year? He's exactly what the offense needed, a reliable, clutch 3rd target for Durant.

A rebuilding year that showed a lot of promise at times and a lot of head scratching at times too. Much better then 2011. On the right track, changes still need to be made but I think they will be made. Hope they make it to the GC next year.


I agree. Kicking Koch around and watching him leave was a big mistake. We've had 2-3 seasons without 3-4 sharp receivers.

I am still pissed that we traded O'Donnell away so quickly? He couldn;t go and sign anywhere so we had more time? A high Cdn draft choice is worth more than import receiver. Taman should have made this kid wait instead of being so impatient.

Lots of good signing and talent brought in. Not saying Taman is a bust. I'm happy with the job done. But you need to mention good things and bad. Xavier Fulton is likely a swap for Hugh Charles (both were for future CDN draft choices). So both teams did well with their respective player. Cory Sheets, Ty Brack, Maze............plenty of good signings.

Would love to see DBs who can play man and bump the recievers on the line of scrimmage. Some guys who can or will try for interceptions would be good too. We need to be much more agressive on D.

I agree...I believe that is coaching though. Guys like Russ, Patrick and Collins are very aggressive players if you let em be.

I think your right as it has been like this for years with many different players. Hope Chamblin changes this. It sounded like Hall and him didn't agree on some aspects of the D based on a comment he made earlier in the year.

It was a re-tooling year. and I think they did a pretty good job. There were some questionables, like O’Donnell and Koch which anyone can say the what ifs or if this or if that, so lets state some knowns.

We need to improve on
DL - Willis was good, but we need more than one guy to carry the load on the line.
WR - Still need a good dependable 2nd / 3rd / 4th, as I’m thinking we only have 1 right now. Although, Taj Smith had a pretty decent year if you ask me. And I’m starting to be doubtful on the BAGG-wagon. =(… Is Bamba a viable option for a starter?
DB - Need a #1 cover guy who will lock down the side he is on. Also why did it seem like our bump and run was more of Olay and release ? I’m starting to set sail on Hall and his D schemes.
SP Teams - I’d like more creativity here on the calling. Lets see reverses on kickoffs or punts. Lets see a fake punt with some trickery. Also lets see this revolving door of kickers and punters stop.