2012 Home Games Count & IWS Close Date?

I've been asked this a few times so I figure why not raise the question on the TC forum.

With the 2012 season ticket renewal push happening now and 2012 apparently being the last year at IWS. Can anyone confirm how many games will be played at IWS in 2012?

I know the schedule usually comes out in early 2012, but there has to be some tentative schedule being discussed now. Especially given that it appears IWS will be closed sometime late 2012. So alternate sites planning must be in discussions now.

I maybe wrong but I don't believe the Ticats will be playing a full 2012 season at IWS stadium given that it would be difficult & costly to tare down a stadium Nov/Dec and then break ground in the new stadium in Jan 2013. Granted if they were building at a new location other then IWS, then none of this would matter... :slight_smile:


Maybe they plan A front heavy home Sheduale. No games at home in October or November? That would bring up the prospect
of where to play a home playoff game I suppose.

I was under the impression that IWS was going to be torn down immediately following the 2012 season.

Here is Bob’s twitter response to the same question…

@BoxJBoys @TicatsPR @Ticats @CFL Believe all home games will be at IW in 2012. No Moncton adventure this year.

That's always what I heard. Full 2012 at Ivor Wynne then demolish after the season. Maybe immediately following our last home game or during. :slight_smile:

Instead of shirts off our backs, it's bring your own screwdriver and take your seat with you. lol

Jokes aside, Scott Mitchell mentioned around mid-summer-ish that no news of where they'd play in 2013 would come out until the new year.