2012 Head Coach Rumblings

I was putting Higgins name out there a few months ago and am glad that they are considering him. I think he would make a great HC for the Riders - a guy they could count on for a long time. I think the stability of the Riders organization would be a drawing card.

Why did Hamilton can MB? Did they want to make an opening for GM?

I think that Belfeuille might do alright in Riderville if he is offered the job.

because the team felt he underachieved and if anything regressed. They were far too inconsistent. I do not think he will be a HC this season, though I could see him ending up as an OC somewhere.

Oh, and apparently Bomber DC Tim Burke will be interviewed.

I still think it will be Chamblin...and I am not sure I like that idea.

Now that there is than us looking for a head coach, the more I think about it the more I like it is that we have the right person to become head coach here and that person is Craig Dickinson, he has experience and contacts in both the CFL and NFL so that he can bring in some new coaching blood in stead of recycling the old guys.

please don't hire Marcel in Saskatchewan.. you want to go backwards in progression... that's what you do!

As I understand it, Chamblin was Taman's first choice last go-around, but he got overruled and Marshall got hired.

Chamblin being Taman's first choice gives me enough reason to not want him right there. And then we add on Hamilton's defensive woes on top of that (Bagg in pass cover...really?), and I see yet another nightmare scenario coming true.

As for Bellefuille, we've had him in Sask. I thought his play calling was a bit predictable, though I do think he was better than Berry. (That's not setting the bar very high). I'm just not sure about him.

Milanovich signing so soon after the season in TO just makes me think that either Taman was asleep at the switch, and let this one get away from him, or else that Milanovich made it clear that he didn't want to work for Taman. Neither option makes the GM look good. Both of these ideas are nothing but speculation, of course. Its just what comes to my mind when I play out the scenarios.

On the other hand, Chris Jones likely burned his bridge in Calgary, and TO made a pretty strong statement that would make it difficult for him to be hired in that town, so he might be available. Question is, after this incident, do we want him?

I'd like to see Dave Dickenson, but I think general consensus is probably right, and he isn't going to leave Calgary. Shame that.

To be honest, I think Taman let our best prospective future coaches walk away last year. Crandell would have made an awesome OC for Durant, and would have stayed in Regina for the job, but then got offered the promotion in Edmonton, and who can blame him for taking it. As for HC, well, look at what Kavis Reed did in Edmonton, as well. Big turnaround there. And he showed leadership in Regina after the 1st GC loss to Montreal, when he took the bullet and refused to throw his team under the bus. Why didn't we pick up on that and keep him around? Oh, yeah. Daley. Taman's buddy.

Taman may have made some decent player acquisitions this season, but he also made some bonehead moves (whether his doing or not, I don't know), and overall, he's done more to make me mistrust him than trust him. Who's he gonna get? Who knows. But I find myself wondering if his own career depends on getting lucky with this call.

Whatever they do ( as long as it's not RH) - they better do it quick. I think just having gone through the process last year they should be in a pretty good position to make a well educated decision before the end of the year. Wait any longer and we may have RH as our only option.

Well stated. I could see Bellefeuille in Sask as the OC because he has always established a good running game, and with Bob Dyce acting as passing coordinator it could become a very balanced tandem. Bob Dyce in himself has a good shot at becoming the OC, but I think pitting the 2 together could produce great results.

As for Scott Milanovich, the team had not even sat down with him. They likely had phone conversations, but that is it. I would suspect Milanovich likely had a sour taste in his mouth from the club trying to force Berry on him the last go around. It was always said the Milanovich never made the Rider's short list a year ago because they did not have the same vision for the club and its staff...reading between the lines I would say someone...Tanam or Miller, but more likely both, stated that they wanted to see Berry stick around because DD and the O had seen too many OCs over the past couple of years, and Milanovich likely said if I am HC I need final say in my coaching staff. I can see both sides arguments, but it still is unfortunate the club missed out on him, because I do feel he will do well.

You can't blame Scott for jumping at an opportunity seeing as his last go with the Riders they did not see eye to eye. You also can't blame the Riders for wanting to try to bring in a new HC a year ago that was able to work with most of the in place staff, seeing as they had been to 2 straight cups they likely did not have a big desire for sweeping changes.

I said it then and I will say it again, I am still pissed that Kavis Reed ended up as the fall guy a couple years back, because he could have stepped up last season.

And in sticking to the new Rider hiearchy schemes, they could answer to the O line coach just so there is no confusion when they are butting heads on play calls. :lol:

yes, but have a RB coach or a WR coach as an assistant OC is very common. Many teams do it. The Riders have done it for a while now. While I question why Dyce could not seem to get receivers to step into the ball all season his passing game coordination was still pretty good...it was just relied on too much (ie lack of running attack. I still think the O-line is not too bad, the team is just too one dimensional by passing too much, and poorly utilizing runs (ie running Cates outside is pointless, and running up the gut draws in LBs, but then they don't attack 10 yards over the middle).

I just hope they manage to land the new HC before Christmas.

good read:

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Taman+trusts+process+determine+head+coach/5805565/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Taman+ ... story.html[/url]

And though I started its own thread:

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Luring+Kent+Austin+possible+should+Riders+list+priorities/5804999/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/L ... story.html[/url]

Austin may be a TiCat candidate

Well with all these coaching aquisitions and dealings across the CFL, the fact that Sask isn't mentioned in one of them makes me a bit nervous. Is Taman doing anything or what? There hasn't been any news since before the GC. For some reason I keep picturing Taman in his grubby sweat pants, unshaven, doing an interview saying how they missed out on a couple people that he "Really" wanted!!

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Austin+Riders+coach+Taman/5820995/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/A ... story.html[/url]

Riders gain permission from Cornell to talk to Austin. Note that there are also some rumors that Austin may be getting offers from other bigger NCAA locations...wonder if Penn State is looking?

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Permission+granted+talk+Mike+Benevides/5817469/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/P ... story.html[/url]

They have also apparently gained permission to talk to Mike Benevides, though you have to think he is a lead candidate in BC as well.

One other name that would be interesting to see thrown into the mix would be Brian Towriss. I know many years ago he was interviewed and turned it down, but with the GC coming to town you have to wonder if this might lure him away from the UofS. He also would be able to retire with full benefits at this point, so going to the CFL would just be icing for him. He is I think about 55, so could still coach anywhere for a while yet.

Lots of rumblings.

Austin has been a CFL head coach. You really think he might want to do that again. But at least we have permission and they'll kick tires around.

Too many non-obvious choices for head coach that this will get second guessed for a long while. There are no superstar obvious candidates. There are also 3 teams looking and after they get hired then they need to assemble staffs and it will get more clouded.

hence the term rumblings

Yesterday the Riders interviewed head coaching candidate number 6 - Dave Dickenson. This is getting to be worse than the NDP federal leadership race. Maybe it would be easier if they had an all candidate debate for all prospective HCs. If nothing else it would be more entertaining than sitting around waiting for the Riders to make a move.

I'd rather they take they're time and find a guy that doesn't fit the Rider system and get canned mid way through season, because truth is I feel bad for Marshall, him being hired here and being fired he hasn't found another coaching job. Lets take the time and find the RIGHT guy. For all we know Scott can be a total bust in toronto like theyre past 5 coaches or more.

Take their time? They've had since halfway through last season to start evaluating potential head coaches. Plus they had the input from last years HC interviews. I'm worried we are going to over think this whole deal right into RH being named the Rider HC because all the other candidates have been signed.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/kent-austin-dictates-roughriders-timing]http://www.cfl.ca/article/kent-austin-d ... ers-timing[/url]

Don't coaching salaries count against the salary cap?

…how is throwing gobs of money at a HC ‘negotiating finesse’? wouldn’t signing him for next to nothing define that term?