2012 Head Coach Rumblings

We seem to have a couple threads starting to talk about head coaches candidates...figure may as will be its own thread as it will likely sit vacant for at least a month.

Tanam is apparently talking with Austin, or will be, so that is a great sign. Pretty decent article:

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Busy+season+Riders+Brendan+Taman/5735026/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Busy+s ... story.html[/url]

Jones is likely a candidate, though as I have said elsewhere...the antics that his D tends to continually have on field is a bright red flag for me.

Chamblin is felt to be a leading candidate, though I feel his D underachieves, so I really question this.

O'Shea is apparently being interviewed, and while this surprised me the more I think about the O'Shea potential the more I like it...still not my top choice, but a great place to start interviewing. even bringing him on as an OC (with the new HC blessing this time!!!!!!!!!) would be interesting. He seams to be a good decision maker, because most of his ST tactics work out well, and his ST players must eat up his words, because they are usually pretty solid... so even as a HC it may be a good fit. he has always seemed to put the best ST in the league on the field, so he definitely deserves a look. I like the fact that he is like 40, and that he has shown a lot of creativity with the ST...therefore, I tend to think he would want a very mixed playbook out of his OC. Being a good HC has less to do with your technical abilities and more psychology...the ability to get people to buy into what you are saying...to soak it in...and the ability to make concise decisions...he seems to fit these roles...solid coordinators would round it all off.

now it says that there is a candidate from every team, plus others...

  • I would suspect Milanovich, but he has turned it down before.
  • I suspect both Jones and Dickenson from the Stamps...Jones was passed on before, so I suspect it would be the case again.
  • you all know my thoughts on Dave
  • from the Esks...Stubler? oye
  • Not sure who they would key in on from the Bombers
  • from BC...Shivers (that would be frickin hilarious)...Chapdelaine?

I know there have been several other names splashed around...Tom Higgins, Dunigan, a few from south of the Border...

I am hoping hard that it is anyone but Jones. He is to much of a hard as s coach IMO, and would get the same response from this Rider crew that Marshall and Berry Got. Taman has to keep in mind what these players are use to, and what has motivated them in the past, which is a players coach, and at least find the best one of that variety available. Yeh I know
" You're a pro and should adapt to whoever is brought in", but it aint going to happen with this somewhat verteran laden roster. They proved last year that if they don't get their way, they have a tendancy to give 80% instead of 110%. It's a lot easier to adapt ONE coach to the roster, than to adapt a roster of 46 or whatever it is, to a ONE coach.

In all honesty, I really REALLY like the thought of Mike O'Shea as HC... New look and as you say he just needs to get people to buy into whatever systems... With good OC / DC I can see O'Shea being a great HC.

Although I wouldn't mind seeing Dave Dickenson as our HC either, I just think O'Shea would be better. I hope they do have good extensive talks with him.

a head coach is only as good as the total coaching package that he surounds himself with, look at the special teams the last 2 years the Daley verses Dickinson ( the only bright spot this year ) with the Berry the O C both years to start the seasons and not much different in player personell.
I still prefer an offensive style of head coach such as a Dickinson but its the whole coaching package that counts.

:P : protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs :twisted: and this is what we were NOT doing :oops:

I sure hope that that Chamblin guy from Hamilton doesn't come anywhere near Riders as well. That defense looks very, well, Rider like.

Totally agree with the above few posts. And as far as O'Shea...I am just liking it more every time I think about it.

I don't want O'Shea based purely on his playing career. I hated him. He was a cheap SOB who didn't really have any regard for the rules or his opponents. Stay in T.O. Mike. Also he is far too inexperienced as a coach in my opinion.

Agree with you totally. I am surprised he is even in Taman's radar screen for our HC. Maybe he just needs someone to invite in for a practise interview.

I sure hope Tim Burke is high on Tamans list. He has been the co-ordinator of the last 3 eastern Grey Cup reps, and has won 2 of them with 1 yet to come.


Milanovich was snatched up by Toronto soooooo what are we looking at now? I know a few Coordinators across the league but not to many from the East. I just wanted to know now that Scott Milanovich is gone what are we looking at? The sooner we get a coach the sooner we can resign guys like Fantuz ect ect ect.

how does Cory Chamblin as HC and Rick Worman as OC sound ? :thdn:

8) Protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of God in theirs :twisted:

Jones is also off the market...signed in TO.

I would be very surprised, pleasantly mind you, if Cory Chamblin isn't the new Head Coach. He was an assistant with Taman in Winnipeg, and that's just the way Taman roles, if he has any past relationship with a guy, he is it, no matter how little success the guy has had.

Champblin was apparently Tanam's choice last year, so I would not be shocked if he is in the top 3 contenders. I do not think he is the right guy purely because I tend to think that his D underachieves, as did Marshall's.

Seeing as the Bombers just S-canned Jamie Barresi as OC, perhaps he will get hired...lol

It is just a shame that they could not convice Scott Milanovich last year when thaey tried inking him. I always felt that he probably refused the job because of the Berry as OC clause that most feel was in place...and Kudos to him...he saw Miller overshadowing and didn't like not being able to pick his own staff (as a OC, he would likely be picky about an OC), and simply walked away with a handshake. He will likely be a solid coach.

Bellefeuille's been canned in Hamilton...perhaps Chamblin stays put in a new role there? I'm not sold on him coming to SSK as HC.

I agree, and WOW...some major changes between seasons this year! New HC in Sask, Hamilton, TO, and likely BC!

Oh, I also now there have been some rumblings that Higgins is being considered, and I know he has expressed interest in the past...thoughts? I mean, he knows the refs...so that is a bonus, and he has probably seen as much game footage replayed as anyone over the past couple of years, so likely has a solid grasp on teams holes. Not sure how I feel abnout this potential, but it is another interesting rumbling at minimum

After what's transpired over the last couple of days, I'm thinking Riders will be welcoming Richie Hall as their new H.C. Milanovich is out, Jones appears to be out and Chamblin may also be out, ie. all getting other offers better than their current situation. I'm thinking that with this current group of Riders this may not be that bad of a thing. They have proven they will not play for a hard a ss coach and seem to relish familiarity and friendliness at that position. Co-ordinator and positional coaches are by far more important than H.C. in this situation IMO if it is Hall who ends up getting it, as the respect and desire to play for him are already in place IMO.

good god no. if they Hire Hall as HC we may as well gift wrap our playoffs and give it to everyone else.. :roll: :thdn: