Its been awhile since ive posted but read lots withever off season come the hope for a better year ahead and i think this year is no different however heres my thoughts. id like to commend mr young and the staff for the moves that they made for this year. In my mind they are doing everything in there power to make this year a success as in previous years with that being said i think another year of nine and nine or even ten and 8 will not be a option. With the team not being here next year i feel its very important that they have a first palce finish and nothing short of a grey cup appearance would be a dissapointment.
Heres looking forward to a very successful year behind the cats 100% GO CATS GO

Don't hold your breath!

The closer we get to the start of the season, and the more I see the team on the practice field, the more excited I get. I was steadfastly against the Burris trade, hated that the team cut Cobourne and Baggs, and was very unsure if firing Bellefeuille was the right move. I think an 11-7 record or above and Grey Cup appearance is the bare minimum that this team must accomplish for this season to be a success. Last week, I probably wouldn't have thought that was possible. I do now. I have a very good feeling about this upcoming season.