2012 Grey Cup or season is a failure!

No other result but a Championship is acceptable for a city that has supported this team through 22 years of coming up short!

4-14 to grey cup finalists.. and u are demanding a cup in year 3 of our rebuild... did you honestly at the start of 2011 believe we would have been in the grey cup..would it be nice if we won in 2012.. sure, but to me and i think most fans of the team, we'd be happy with a succesful above .500 season.. first place? sure that would rule,... grey cup? sure that would be awesome but to say it would be a failure with no cup.. too far.

i just want to see some consistency..10-8 again? awesome cuz honestly how many of us expected that in june

[quote=“TheKillerIsMe”]4-14 to grey cup finalists… and u are demanding a cup in year 3 of our rebuild… did you honestly at the start of 2011 believe we would have been in the grey cup…would it be nice if we won in 2012… sure, but to me and i think most fans of the team, we’d be happy with a succesful above .500 season… first place? sure that would rule,… grey cup? sure that would be awesome but to say it would be a failure with no cup… too far.

i just want to see some consistency…10-8 again? awesome cuz honestly how many of us expected that in june[/quote

We knew we were going to be better than Toronto, Hamilton was probably going to be on par with us,so making the East final wasn’t a shock. Winning it,was nice and we were under dogs in the Cup final. No more excuses this year,get it done!

You do recall that all the so-called experts had picked the Bombers to finish out of the play-offs in 2011.

I agree with that Quote Blue Blood and the same could/was said for the Eskimos too so to speak. So thus I agree also with TheKiller; both of our teams we cheer for went as far as they could and were stopped by the Lions. Next season is a catch 22 as I also would like another 11-7 - 12-6 and/or first place. But seriously we don't know what's in store; three teams in the West tied at 11-7, two in the East at 10-8. One thing I consider is two of these five teams will fall (perhaps?) in the standings for 2012; I just hope it's not Edmonton and/or like wise Winnipeg. Expectations: setting the bar too high.

Every season is different and this statement can apply to each team in the league. New coaches here and there, new players here and there, players leaving here and there. No team is immune to this, including the Grey Cup champs. Every team will be making changes in hopes that they get to be the ones to win the cup next year. In the east it should be an interesting season. Here we've got the questions on offense. I think the defense should be just as good next year, maybe even better as the players have even more experience under their belts and should be that much hungrier after getting so close to the cup. In Argoland the Milanovich/Jones team seem to be an instant upgrade over Barker and Garber/Steinhauer and should be better than they've shown this year. Where do the Als go from here? Trestman loses his asst HC and OC, could lose a few more if Milanovich brings anyone over and the Als luster was fading for the first time under his regime. Does AC return and was last year an anomaly for him or is he truly on the decline? Who takes over for the Ticats and how do they come out? It's easy to lose perspective and expect a much better record and a grey cup next year, but there are 7 other teams we'll have to beat.

...A lot will depend on what we do in the off-season....This team is close...but close ain't good enough for a lot of die-hard fans in the Peg....Who we hire as offensive co-ordinator will be a big step to another Cup appearance, along with a few tweaks to a couple of positions...(kicking, O Line, and special teams will have to get better) IF we attain that i don't see why this team can't bring a Cup home in 2012...AND finally change that acrid stench of failure to the sweet smell of success... :thup: :rockin:

For Buck's sake, they need to win in the next year or two, he won't last much longer than that, and he's their best hope for a cup now. In a couple years though, Brink will probably be the starter and who knows how that will go.

Sorry, but I agree. What happened 2 years ago doesn't mean crap. We just went to the Grey Cup with a young and inexperienced team. I was fine with whatever happened this year, but next year for me it is champions or bust.
In my mind we have a great chance of coming out of the division for the next few years, we just have to win that last game for once!

I would agree that sooner the better. You don't want to end up wasting that Defense, which will likely be torn apart, a bit at least, just based on the salary cap, after next year when Most of these current contracts are up for renewal. Everyone is going to feel they deserve a raise and mathematics alone will dictate that that can't be accomplished.

....Certainly the sooner the better agreed....BUT i disagree with your take on the D being 'torn' apart...Mont. is still hanging in there at the top of the east division because they can recruit...Popp does a masterful job BUT he has his equal in Joe Mack ,whom i have every confidence in, in replacing lost talent...This has been proven out this year with our defence...We have a unit that can miss a piece and not regress because we have a player of equal talent ready in the wings....When this has been extended to the offence next year we will be a very formidable opponent ...Teams who do not recruit/replace on a high level will fall by the wayside...Mack has just begun :wink:

I'm not sure the D will get completely torn apart. There may be a loss here and there to another team willing to pay a premium or injury, but consider..

  1. if Doug Brown is indeed calling it a career as he has said he has, he's probably one of the better paid players on the team. Since he's likely to be replaced by a younger and therefor lower paid player (at maybe even 1/2 his current salary or less) that gives the team some extra money to spread around
  2. Mack has said this team is well below the salary cap which gives them even more financial room to accommodate a few pay raises
  3. Mack doesn't go out and eat up salary cap space by overpaying for vets and castoffs from other teams in FA unlike some other teams
    All things considered I think this team should be in good shape to retain all the key players that want to be a bomber for the foreseeable future.

Yeh, but to build an offence that can compliment the current D is going to take money. Master Mack is going to have to shave somewhere, and I would assume that will have to come from the Defence. That's why I tend to agree with the topic, It's Bomber time next year, as I assume most are still under contract for relatively less than they will command come 2013.

Same holds true for 2013!!!

If the Argos were able to win the GC last year :roll: , then I believe any team with any personnel should be able to win this year.

As Maxwell Smart would say "we ........ missed by ....that much " On to 2014, I have a feeling this thread may have to be bumped up a few more times :roll:

....'Failure' is putting a light spin on it kasps.. :lol: ...Thank goodness '2013' is just about in the rear view mirror.. :wink:

Well, after the way this season has unfolded and all the uncertainty for next ,the bombers are most certainly going to have fewer people witness it next year with this move


WOW ......Please let TNSE run this sinking ship. They should be begging fans to come back next year and reducing prices on EVERYTHING for the NOV 2nd game !