2012 Grey Cup game

I know I'm way early, and this is no prediction, and I am no predictor, but . . .

I've got a feeling, or a hunch, that we could see BC and Winnipeg in this year's cup--just the way these two teams are playing right now. What an asskicking good game that would be. Both teams have good and tough defenses, and both have offenses that can light it up. Of course they both have to win their way to the game, but I think it would be a very good matchup, and a very entertaining game. I'm kind of wishing for it to happen, and I'm no particular fan of either team, just a fan of excellent CFL competition in our showcase football championship.

so are you saying lions bombers this year or 2012?
i had predicted lions ticats prior to season start for this year.

This year for me I Quoted Calgary vs Montreal somewhere in a thread.
2012: I'll say Edmonton vs Winnipeg

No way it'll be Edmonton, not capable of beating BC

BC vs Saskatchewan

Oops, I meant to say 2011 Grey Cup Game. My inner self must have wanted to SKIP or FORGET this 2011 season for reasons only a Rider fan could understand. My apologies.