2012 Facts Figures Record Book

Any release date for the 2012 Facts Figures Record book? It'll be my first year ordering it via the website but it hasn't been put up there yet. Slowly I'm tracking down the old ones that came out before I starting collecting them. Waiting on a 1987 and 1988 edition to come up on eBay.

IMHO it's stupid that these books are always available no earlier than about the 4th or 5th week into the season!

They used to be available during training camp. The book market being what it is has led to changes but I still want a copy on my shelf to refer to every year.

On the positive they have made improvements to it recently and it really is a great resource for the CFL fan.

PDF copy of the 2012 book is available at http://cflmedia.ca/index.php

I completely agree that they have made great improvements to the book BUT there IMHO is no excuse for them not to have it available at the beginning at the season. What kind of gets me as well is, I have NEVER once seen it available at Commonwealth Stadium and the Eskimos store but that has nothing to do with the CFL and everything to do with the Edmonton Eskimos. Just an odd thing that I've always notice.


The 2012 Facts Figures & Records has been available through the CFL store for a few weeks. I had no problem with the $24.95 price but I felt the $15.00 shipping charge was a little high. In the past week the shipping charge has been reduced to $5.00

For an even better price, you may want to check out Chapters-Indigo. The book started to sell here a few days ago.