2012 draft signing updates

Many 2012 draftees and rookie free agents returned to University for their final season. Below is the draft if anyone has any updates on players that were drafted or rookie free agents from 2012 let us know.



Players of note from last years draft who went back to University in 2012:

DB ADAM BERGER out of SFU 3rd round draft pick with the stamps signed in January 2013.

KYLE QUINLAN AND KYLE GRAVES both were rookie free agents for the ALs in 2012 and have been signed to a contract for 2013 season

BILLY GREENE - Is making the move to FB/TE but has yet to be signed by anyone. I find that kind of odd that no one has signed him yet as he attention last year for TC invites but as a FB and not a QB and decided not to go. I asked this question on The Krown Canadian Countdown Facebook page and was told Montreal is interested but nothing official yet.

ISMAEL BAMBA - Spent most of last season on the Riders Practice roster played in one game and has been released by the Riders after the 2012 season. Someone on a thread said Edmonton is interested but have not seen anything official. The ESKS did have former Toronto draft pick STEVEN TURNER on the PR in 2012 as a kick returner. TURNER returned 3 punts and 3 kick offs for TDs while at Bishops. So bringing in Bamba would make sense if they are attempting to use a non import as a return specialist.

BRYCE MCCALL - was rated as high as 7th last year but went undrafted and was not in any CFL camp but the Riders were quick to sign him as a rookie FA for 2013.

Teague Sherman - also undrafted last year was 2012 All Canadian Safety from Manitoba signed with the BBs on DEC 13, 2012