2012 Could Be CFL's Best Year Yet

You've got new young talented QB's in the west.
You've got veterean star QB's in the east.
You've got 5 or 6 teams who are legitimate Grey Cup conteders.

The league has been still garnering headlines even in the middle of hockey season.
The east finally will be a dog fight from start to finish.
And the west will be the usual shoot out.
And to top it off you've got the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto.

I predict record TV ratings and attendance for the league in 2012.
And with the new TV deal and expansion around the corner, this league
is only going to get stronger and stronger.


just have the Riders in First place and a Western Final and we'll be good! :lol:

You have hit the bingo button on the topic in hand there Benji. Last year I was intrigued with the turnaround in Edmonton; this season just 4/5 months away will be upbeat as well with what has happened thus far, let alone free agency yet to come. One thing to mention is Montreal/Winnipeg are going to be strong (one would think); but on the otherhand Hamilton/Toronto are gonna be a gunnin to prove otherwise. For the West the Lions should/will be pickin up where they left off and thus should take first place. Edmonton/Roughriders/Stampeders; tough to say where they will finish, I hope all goes well with the Eskimo Empire though.

Can you imagine the hype for Ray going back to Edmonton?
Or Burris back to Calgary?
There's going to be alot of big games this season that used to be ho hum games.

Not sure having the Grey Cup in Toronto is a positive. Should be in a City that supports the CFL.

I think the Toronto/Edmonton game at Commonwealth will be huge; knowing that Ray can light it up like he's done so many times before, only this time (MAYBE) it will be in an Argo uniform. The talk show after the game could be off the wall if Toronto cake walks over Edmonton. As for Burris; same thing I would guess at McMahon to see the Huffer red as a beet. Priceless to say the least.

no flutie
no dunigan
no moon
no fernandez
no gizmo
no pinball

no best year ever

Best year this century maybe

no abendschan either....sigh
And I must add; David Gilmour is brilliant for his work on Echoes too.

I disagree. Those names are all in the past. Great names though they are, they are still history. Remember when those guys were playing, no one thought they could ever top Theismann, Lancaster, Brock, and Tony Gabriel. And those guys, in their time, had to live up to the generation before, and on and on.

We have plenty of talent in the CFL to supplant the old names, but I don't think that's the point. I think what the OP is getting at is that the off-season moves will create some pretty good rivalries and marketing opportunities in spots where they didn't necessarily exist before. This will add excitement and drama to the season.

Personally, I think he may just be right about this. I look forward to a great season.

Benji, you are correct. Last year, in my opinion, wasn't great but 2012 promises to be a great season for the CFL. This off-season has been one of the more active ones. We have yet to reach free agency either, so that's another thing to look forward. The 2012 draft is supposed to be very strong and teams will be unveiling new uniforms at that time.

Overall, great off-season.

If we can't add more teams yet at least changing around some of the players will add some spice Geroy.
We also got a new stadium in Winnipeg.
New life in Hamilton and Toronto.
CFL is geared up for a big year in 2012.

All of this could be derailed if the CFL continues to evolve into the punt,punt punt, fumble,penalty,field goal football that it has become over the last ten years... Is it possible that the NFL is actually higher scoring then the CFL now?
I don't expect every game to be the East Semi-final... but I'm sick of sitting around watching games that have more field goals then TDs... I'm sick of watching 10 punts in one half of football (often glorified turnovers because of no yards calls combined with terrible kicks) I am also sick of watching offenses that only throw passes under 10 yards.
Take me back more to that 80s and 90s CFL when the average pass attempt was more then 10 yards.Id rather see a QB throw a 30 yard int...then watch some lame ass punter kick the ball 35 yards only to give up 5 on no yards. Lets hope that the Argos are actually an exciting team this season too... It's been tourcher watching them of late.

People tend to equate best ever to the era that “they” were in their own prime.
Thats why our parents music was better than ours in their eyes
ours is the best in our prime
for those with kids your music is so much better.

and the beat goes on.

2012 is gonna be great.
so was 1982.

a few more reasons why 2012 will be interesting to me;

new stadium in winnipeg with sell-outs every game
last season for ivor wynne stadium
all lions home games at BC place

the league is slowly getting a facelift.

There better be a Grey Cup rematch to open the regular season. Both Winnipeg and BC will be starting their first full seasons at their new stadiums, pick one! (In my opinion, it should be BC Place since the Bombers will probably start their first few on the road)

Will be scarry to see how much 200 million will actually give you... BMO was buily for 70 and look at the joke that stadium is.... Meanwhile they spent a total of 900 million(2012 dollars) on BC Place. I hope that the new stadium isn't some craphole like BMO (basicly a glorified high school stadium)

I agree lots to look forward to in 2012!!! Should be a good year hope to see Calgary and Toronto do well in their conferences.

What makes a Grey Cup is not the host city but the people who attend and the teams that participate and after 2 consecutive cups out West it is time to move it. Anyway with new stadiums in Winnipeg, Hamilton and Ottawa. You probably won't see another GC in Toronto in 10 years.

Having been to many Grey Cups and in all but 2 of the CFL cities, I can tell you from first hand knowledge that the host city is a major factor in the Festival. I understand all of the reasons why Toronto is the site for the centennial game but if the city doesn't embrace it, it will not go down as a great Festival.

Any CFL season is a great season but I dunno if it'll be the best. What it likely will be is the hardest to predict. With so many HC and QB changes, nobody really knows how it'll all sort out.