2012 champion probabilities

Sour grapes? How so? I wrote off the Argos as even a playoff team a few weeks ago so why would I be bitter Montreal beat them? The Als should have beat them and handily that's my point. As for Edmonton I wouldn't bet on them coming out of the east but I wouldn't bet against it either.

People underestimate how difficult it is to go on the road all the way through the playoffs. I don't think it's a coincidence that no cross over team has made it to the Grey Cup. There's been some very good teams that have crossed over and failed miserably. I can't see Edmonton winning in Toronto and Montreal.

The east does look especially weak this year though. Usually at least Montreal is a solid team and provides a huge challenge for a crossover team, but this year they have only been mediocre. Compared to other years when teams have crossed over it seems much more likely that a west team could make the GC through the east this year (sask or edm).

In 2009, BC played a 15-3 Als team in the east final. In 2008, the Esks played in the east final against an 11-7 Als team with the highest scoring offence and 2nd best defence in terms of points allowed.

Montreal is hurting and may be ripe for the picking come the east final. If, big if, Toronto makes the playoffs you could send a PeeWee team out there and the Argos would get blown out. This year is the best chance I've seen for an all West final.

There is a long history of teams getting on a roll and riding the wave to the Grey Cup. The 2011 Lions and the 2007 Riders are prime examples. Sometimes it takes awhile for teams to discover their chemistry. I'm not saying that the Eskimos are that team, at least not yet. I am saying that the Eskimos have momentum on their side now and Mo is a great asset for any team, particularly down the stretch.

If you were psychic you wouldn't have to wait until next month so I guess that means......

That is why I'd like to see the Western Final [and Eastern] playoff format changed to the best out of three. I'd love to see that.

I've only just become aware of the possibility I have the gift. I can see myself the day after the Grey Cup and I look preety happy so..........

If Montreal finishes in forst, that will give them an extra week of rest. Green is due back within a week or two. Anderson who is out with a concussion will be day to day. They have Jennings who filled in nicely after Anderson went done.

London is out for the rest of the season, but would not rule out the Als advancing just yet.

should have, could have.... no Green, no Whitaker. London goes down and then Anderson. As D/P said, the Als have not had their full starting O since week 6.

With Green do back within the next week or two and Jennings filling in nicely last week against the Argos, the Als are not out of advancing in the playoffs just yet.

I was right after all. I suspected all along you were a Lions fan. Welcome aboard dcmoses. There is always room for one more. :rockin:

You must remember, once the playoffs start, A.C. will start playing like a 20 yr old.:slight_smile:

Good he was still playing college ball then, he really didn't blossom until he was 27.

Here are the probabilities of each team to win the Grey Cup, in terms of Infinite Improbability.

B.C. Lions: “Probability factor of 1 to 1...anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.?

Calgary Stampeders: “Good God, it looks just like the seafront at Southend.?

Saskatchewan Roughriders: “You mean the way the sea stays steady as a rock and the buildings keep washing up and down? Yes, I thought that was odd...?

Montreal Alouettes: “There’s an infinite number of monkeys outside who want to talk to us about this script for Hamlet they’ve worked out.?

Edmonton Eskimos: “Bright idea of mine, to find a passing spaceship and get rescued by it.?

Toronto Argonauts: “Ask that man over there.? “The one with the five heads, crawling up the wall??

Hamilton Tiger-Cats: “My legs are drifting off into the sunset. Hell, my left arm’s come off too, how am I going to operate my digital watch now??

Winnipeg Blue Bombers: “Two to the power of 267,709 to 1 against, possibly much higher.?

*Note: The Infinite Improbability Drive is a wonderful new method of crossing vast interstellar distances in a mere nothingth of a second, without all that tedious mucking about in hyperspace.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Great, AC is one of the worst playoff QB's in CFL history. That should guarantee an Edmonton victory.

Only one problem with that (and mine as well), only 2 teams have repeated as grey Cup Champions in the last 29 years. 12 times teams have appeared in 2 or more Grey Cup games over that time. So most probable BC wins the west and loses the Grey Cup game which would make Montreal and Edmonton the favourites.

I must be missing something, why do you say that?

The crossover rule should be abolished.It makes ridicule of CFL format and scheduling.True,it creates different angles of interest,but why should Hamilton play Toronto four times,and yet be going for the very same playoff spot as teams it plays twice like Edmonton and Saskatchewan.Just an example.

Theory is that the hottest team often wins championship in the second half of the season. This happens more often than not but not always. 6 games have concluded in the second half so far and hottest teams are as follows.

Bc 5-1. Calgary 4-2. Saskatchewan 4-2. Montreal 3-3. Toronto 2-4. Edmonton 2-4. Hamilton 2-4. Winnipeg 2-4.

Edmonton plays TO TO Argos winner
Argos play Montreal TO Argos winner

Sask play Calgary Sask winner
Sask play BC BC winner in very close game

Grey Cup
BC @ Toronto BC pulls out in front, then more,and more, But that dam Ray keeps coming back.
I'ts now close game!! Argo fumble! Lions put it away
BC two time champs.

             Now thats today not taking into account major injuries in the final 3 weeks. <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->