2012 CFL Schedule

Our internet provider - Century Link - doesn't carry ESPN3, so I had to watch on one of the "illegal" sites.

So getting off work early to go to the game is not an important enough reason? We do it all the time for games!

So exactly which weekday afternoon home games starting at 4pm or 1pm other than labour day that happen all the time did you leave work early for?
All start times on the schedule for home dates in Hamilton start at 7pm except Sat.'s, Sun.'s. And Labour Day.

Every weekday game due to travel distance!

Ok I will try another perspective on the 2012 TSN TV schedule.

Once again all games are on TSN (yippee!), and I presume the Friday night games will have a TSN 'Gladiator of the Game' getting a watch. With four double header Friday night games, there are 23 games on Friday nights.

The counts by team are
BC 8
Edmonton 8
Winnipeg 8
Hamilton 6
Montreal 6
Calgary 5
Toronto 3
Saskatchewan 2

Guess Toronto and Saskatchewan players will have to buy their own watches.

Now I am going to be in the stands at IWS for a few of these but here is the Friday night lineup from TSN.

Friday, June 29 Saskatchewan at Hamilton 7pm
Friday, June 29 Winnipeg at BC 10pm
Friday, July 6 Winnipeg at Montreal 7pm
Friday, July 6 Hamilton at BC 10pm
Friday, July 13 Winnipeg at Edmonton 9pm
Friday, July 20 Edmonton at BC 10pm
Friday, July 27 Toronto at Montreal 7:30pm
Friday, August 3 Montreal at Winnipeg 8:30pm
Friday, August 10 Saskatchewan at Edmonton 9:30pm
Friday, August 17 Montreal at Edmonton 9pm
Friday, August 24 BC at Winnipeg 8pm
Friday, August 31 BC at Montreal 7:30pm
Friday, September 7 Calgary at Edmonton 9pm
Friday, September 14 Winnipeg at Calgary 9pm
Friday, September 21 Hamilton at Winnipeg 8pm
Friday, September 28 Montreal at Hamilton 7pm
Friday, September 28 Edmonton at Calgary 10pm
Friday, October 5 Hamilton at Edmonton 7pm
Friday, October 12 BC at Hamilton 7:30pm
Friday, October 19 Winnipeg at Toronto 7pm
Friday, October 19 Edmonton at BC 10pm
Friday, October 26 BC at Calgary 9pm
Friday, November 2 Calgary at Edmonton 9pm

Oskee wee wee

Oops - I just remembered that it is now Wendy's Friday Night Football, and the watches stopped a couple of years ago.
I think the off season is too too long.

Oh well, we all know that no Argos would have won the watch in 2012 anyway!

I am still looking forward to a great 2012 season, and no complaints yet about the schedule.

Oskee wee wee.

The watches actually resumed at some point last year. Joe Lobendahn of Winnipeg got one for the game where he stripped the ball from Chris Williams at the goal line.

You mean the game where they interfered with Williams' attempt to pick up the ball? :lol:

That's the play... my therapist just recently rid me of the demons from that day, now you guys have undone EVERYTHING she has done :cry:

I want to know when the Ti-Cats first practice is going to be. I'd like to see Tigertown come out and try to squeeze every second out of Ivor Wynne before she's gone.

But it's not like they are moving to a different site. The site for football has been there forever, it's just the stands that date back to 1971 and 1959. I think if they had decided to build the stadium somewhere else then the last season at IWS may have been something nostalgic and special but no so much now they are playing at the same site.
But I suppose it's like having your house torn down and then building a new one on the old site.

Those stands were witness to the 1972 and 1986 Grey cup and 1998 and '99 seasons and so many great Tiger cat memories. Yes, it will be the same location but not the same stadium.

Sorry to be so sentimental, but I'm going to miss the old girl and all that she represented in the history of this team.

Yes some memorable moments, still remember my first CFL game, sat in the East end zone $2 seats, Garney Henley catching a pass on the sideline and the Ref calling him out of bounds, the crowd jumping up and booing, it was scary for a young kid. Great memories, but not sorry the bench seats will be gone forever. :smiley:

I hear ya Mike. I am a tall person (6' 4") and I was not comfortable with either the benches or the seats (not enough leg room).

But, I still loved every moment there.

Those stands were witness to the 1972 and 1996 Grey cup


Would like to forget the 96 game

Thank you for the correction, 2AW.

Actually, Mike, the day of the 1996 Grey cup game in Hamilton my father, who was sick was taken into ICU at the General hospital in Hamilton. It was not one of those great days for the family. He did eventually recover from it.

Since then, whenever I see footage of that game, I recall that day with so many conflicting emotions.

That and work the next day. I'm not as young as I used to be and usually don't get home until after 11 for those game lol. Also it isn't always easy for my boyfriend to get those nights off so sometimes he can't make those.

Between the 3rd and 4th quarter Chris Cuthbert says "Hello" to my dad. At the time he was in hospital and the family had snuck in some beer for "The Game". We were "shocked". We had seen the piece Mike Anscombe had done on the lead up to the 60th anniversary of Sarnia's GC win and didn't know Chris had called as well to talk to him.

In 2005 I met Chris in the elevator at Ivor Wynne, introduced myself and said Thank You, because dad seemed to perk up after that and actually lived another 4 years. (he had cancer and wasn't expected to live more than a few months)

Chris, the gentleman that he is said,"No, thank you and your mom". "It was my first GC game broadcast and I wanted something to tie me to the game... I think I talked more to your mom than your dad". (I sure don't find that hard to believe...lol)