2012 CFL Schedule

It’s supposed to be released today so stay tuned…

They are already talking about their home opener being against the Cats on riderfans...

Ticats will open season at home against Saskatchewan.

My bad, some are now saying that first game is in Regina.

You were right the first time.

The schedule: http://www.cfl.ca/schedule/year/2012/time_zone/0

The news release: http://www.cfl.ca/article/2012-cfl-schedule-is-here

Full opening wekend: » Saskatchewan at Hamilton - Jun 29 » Winnipeg at BC - Jun 29 » Toronto at Edmonton - Jun 30 » Montreal at Calgary Jul 01

Labour day game is back!

Last game of the season, Thursday November 1 in Toronto, could be a doozy!

Can't wait

Not too bad, but I hate Thursday night games.

Could be worse, Toronto has two Monday home games and a Wednesday home game.

Yes, they have to play around the major tennant the Jays.

Thanksgiving week-end is an away game on the Friday in Edmonton.
For that I (and my wife!) give thanks. I will not be tied up on the week-end itself this year.

I have already downloaded the schedule into Outlook from that schedule page and have started booking the days.

Oskee wee wee

The coaches must be jumping for joy with this schedule. It’s unbelievably good, with not a single week where the schedule puts the Cats at any serious disadvantage.

Why do you hate Thursday night games, Banshee? Children to get ready for school

the next day? If so, I can understand your problem. Otherwise, I don't mind some

Thursday night games. Of course, my kids are all grown up and have been attending

Ticat games at home and away for years.

I don't suppose if anyone knows if we down here in the States will be able to see every game this season on ESPN3 again...

If not on ESPN3, we usually find links for fans to watch and post them in the game day threads

I am not someone that looks for conspiracies, ... but if I were ...

... my question would be:

Why do the schedule makers favour Toronto (and to a lesser extent Montreal & Winterpeg) with earlier start times of games when playing in Western cities? When dealing with time zone changes, the later the start time the greater the disadvantage for eastern teams ... based on the schedule, Toronto, Montreal and Winnipeg all have easier schedules than Hamilton.


Jun 30 Toronto @ Edmonton 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Jul 13 Winnipeg @ Edmonton 9:00 Eastern Time
Oct 05 Hamilton @ Edmonton 9:00 PM Eastern Time
Aug 17 Montreal @ Edmonton 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Sep 8 Montreal @ BC 4:00 PM Eastern Time
Sep 15 Toronto @ BC 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Jul 6 Hamilton @ BC 10:00 PM Eastern Time

Jul 28 Hamilton @ Sask 6:00 PM Eastern Time
Sep 2 Winnipeg @ Sask 4:00 PM Eastern Time
Oct 20 Montreal @ Sask 3:30 PM Eastern Time
Oct 27 Toronto @ Sask 4:00 PM Eastern Time

Sep 29 Toronto @ Winnipeg 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Aug 16 Hamilton @ Winnipeg 8:00 PM Eastern Time
Sep 21 Hamilton @ Winnipeg 8:00 PM Eastern Time
Aug 3 Montreal @ Winnipeg 8:30 PM Eastern Time
Nov 3 Montreal @ Winnipeg 3:00 PM Eastern Time

  • all game times in Calgary involving eastern teams are 7:00 PM Eastern time.

DVD :?

The Wpg and Sask game times are irrelevant as they are about the same time eastern teams play their own home games (8 p.m. is insignificantly different than 7 or 7:30, etc.). The only places where one could argue there is an unfair disadvantage are Hamilton's 10 p.m. start time in B.C. and the fact that the Argos play two hours earlier than the other eastern teams in Edmonton. Not a big deal, and I for one am glad that for once all of the eastern teams are not playing in B.C. at 10 or 10:30.

The July 6th start at 10pm EST in B.C. is a Friday night which in B.C. time is 7pm PST
To start an afternoon game at 4pm PST on a friday would make for a pretty empty B.C. Place.

Why? Do the football fansin B.C. make other things more important than football?

Because I would say that most fans would still be at work at 4pm Friday.
That just might be more important.