2012 CFL Free Agents

Following is an unofficial Free Agent list from CFL Daily.

I don`t consider it that strong a list - Fantusz will cost a fortune and players such as Hickman and Medlock will probably be trying the NFL.

If I was Jim Popp 3 names would be of interest:

DL Etienne Legare - Edm.
DB / Kick Returner Tristan Jackson - Sask.
DB Byron Parker - Tor. - I would go hard after him with the Dwight Anderson money.

2012 CFL Free Agents
Please Note: This list is unofficial until otherwise noted.
**Additions - E-Mail tylerbieber@cfldaily.ca

FB Jamaal Lee
WR Paris Jackson
OL Andrew Jones
OL Angus Reid
DL Aaron Hunt
DL Khalif Mitchell
LB Anton McKenzie
DB Dante Marsh
DB Ryan Phillips
K Paul McCallum

RB Calvin McCarty
RB Hugh Charles
FB Mathieu Bertrand
WR Andrew Nowacki
OL Kyle Koch
DL Greg Peach
DL Etienne Legare
LB Rod Davis
DB Delroy Clarke
K Derek Schiavone

WR Arjei Franklin
OL Tim O'Neill
LB Brandon Isaac
LB Marc Calixte
P Burke Dales

QB Ryan Dinwiddie
RB Wes Cates
RB Stu Foord
RB Graeme Bell
WR Cary Koch
WR Andy Fantuz
WR Jason Clermont
OL Marc Parenteau
DL Brent Hawkins
LB Barrin Simpson
LB Jerrell Freeman
DB Nick Graham
DB Leron Mitchell
DB Tristan Jackson
P Eddie Johnson

QB Buck Pierce
QB Joey Elliott
QB Alex Brink
WR Greg Carr
WR Aaron Hargreaves
OL Brendon LaBatte
OL Steve Morley
OL Glenn January
OL Andre Douglas
LS Chris Cvetkovic
DL Don Oramasionwu
DB Ian Logan
DB Brady Browne

OL Simeon Rottier
DL Justin Hickman
K Justin Medlock

WR Eric Deslauriers
OL Scott Flory
DL Jeff Robertshaw
DL Jeremaine McElveen
LB Marc-Olivier Brouillette
DB Etienne Boulay
DB Mark Estelle
DB Paul Woldu

QB Dalton Bell
WR Maurice Mann
OL Taylor Robertson
OL Rob Murphy
OL Dominic Picard
DL Alex Buzbee
LB Jason Pottinger
LB Jordan Younger
LB Kevin Eiben
LB Ejiro Kuale
DB Byron Parker
DB Willie Pile

Players such as DLs Khalif Mitchell-B.C.- and Justin Hickman-Ham.- would be of great help to the Als but,unfortunately,they will either try the NFL or resign with their respective team.

Amongst the potential free agents, I hope that the following players will still be available/free on February 16,2012 and the Als will do the outmost to sign one or a few of them.

Etienne Légaré-from Edm.- DT,6.3,261 and 28 years old. We definitely need a good non-import DT.J.P. Bekasiak and Etienne Légaré would be great/give us more depth/option.

Calvin McCarty-from Edm.-RB,5.10,215 and 27 years old or Stuart Foord-from Sask-.RB,5.11,195 and 26 years old. Both of these non-imports are good RBs and both catch the ball well. Good on special teams. Would give us depth if Brandon Whitaker is out for a few plays. Sign 1 of them and release Dahrran Diedrick,who will be 33 on January 11,2012.

Ian Logan-from Winnipeg-, S,5.9,196 and 29 years old. We need a good safety,particularly that Etienne Boulay health remains a ???.

Arjei Franklin-from Calgary-. WR,5.9,190 and 29 years old. We need depth at WR.

These are my main/major wishes for 2012 free agency.


I agree about Logan, Richard, he really impressed me at safety in Winnipeg this past season. Mind you, when you're playing between Hefney and Suber, that sure makes a safety's job a lot easier.

I'd also take a look at Greg Peach and Rod Davis from Edmonton.

here is the official list...

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/2012-cfl-potential-free-agents-list]http://www.cfl.ca/article/2012-cfl-pote ... gents-list[/url]

Its funny seeing Cahoon, Proulx and Fontaine on it!

Interesting that Bourke isn't on the ALS FA list...when he should be....

He did confirmed in a Q&A this summer thru the Alouettes twitter that he was in his option year...probably means the Als re-signed him somewhere during the season but it wasn't publicized...

Herb in the Gazette has confirmed Bourke resigned during the season. It could have been after he suffered his injury, which would have been an awkward time to announce it.

I see Walter Spencer is on the revised list. While it would be easy to dismiss him because of his age, I didn`t realize until I just looked but he led the team with 19 special team tackles. All the more amazing considering his comeback from the stabbing.

I like Etienne Legare.

Early in December 2011, I wrote " I hope that players such as Etienne Légaré, Calvin McCarty and Ian logan,amongst other potential free agents, would be free when free agency open on february 16,2012."

Well, these 3 players have all been signed by their team,although the signing of McCarty has not been confirmed by Edmonton,yet; Etienne Légaré signing was announced today. I definitely wished that he would be free and that we would sign him.

It has definitely been a dull off-season for the Als/its fans. I wonder when will Jim Popp announce the signings of some of our potential free agents or when will the coaching staff be decided/announced.


There is little player movement now with the SMS.