2012 CFL Canadian Draft recap show with Jenn & Matt  

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This week on show 2 of 2012, Jenn Annis talks with National Post sports reporter Matt Scianitti about the 2012 CFL Canadian Draft in full detail and detail who got drafted by which team, trades that materialized and which players may be playing in the pros this season.

Oh yeah the show where they call Jim Popp useless and wonder why he bothered showing up for the draft...balls of steel LOL

Congrats on your 6 year anniversary today. :wink:

Not everyone has great draft every year. Its ok to have an off year

Should change the name to Clown Radio. And as a fan I'm very happy with our draft of Lavoie, Adebayo, Sean Whyte and Ryan White.

Is someone else's option okay to have?

Opinions are awesome. Tossing around stuff like "Jim Popp should have not bottered to show up", laughing at him or stating down right lies like" he's not interested" is not fair game in the case of a guy who's draft record is spectacular, every single NI starter in Montreal was drafted and developed by him and his team. There isn't another club in the league that can boast to that.

So as far as I'm concerned if you come in hour house after treating our GM poorly and Jim"s busted his nuts for this club for 16 years and has always been welcoming of anyone asking him questions btw. You should expect getting the same back. And how can you even make a MILDLY educated guess about a team's success when you don't even know the name yet seen half of these guys play ? At least if your going to do a draft analysis bring in one of the Ridley guys or Forde and the host can ask questions instead of cutting the guest off and making stupid comments.


Touchee. Thanks foe the feedback

So you’ll add someone to your Foe list just for telling the truth? All you do here is promote your radio show, you don’t actually participate in any forum discussion, and what’s worse, your show substitutes ad hominem attacks and speculation for reasonable debate and discussion.

Never thought about it but you're absolutely right. Every NI starter we have is a product of our own system. I don't get why people give Popp flack for his draft choices when his track record is pretty damn stellar, barring the 2007 season when he was stretched too thin as both GM and HC.

I'm giving the benefit of the doubt that it was a typo and he/she meant "for". I'll encourage any show that support the CFL and young artists. I think their concept is great. The host is unbearable and lacks professionalism.

Fair enough. RougeRadio, my apologies if that was indeed a typo.

When football returned to montreal, Popp literally improved the quality of the league with all the players he was bringing in that then spread out to other teams when they got too pricey or too whiney and helped make them more competitive (aka 2001 bombers,2003 and 2005 eskies,2006 lions, and so on.)

Same with coaching. Maciocia, Berry,Barker,Berry,Taffe,Milanovich and that's just HC... There were years where Edmonton would come and poach our players. Jim is in a a class all of his own. Popp and Buono will be inducted to HOF on their very first ballot...

Buono has the credit of having been HC and GM while Jim only delved one year as a HC. The 2003 and 2005 grey cups should have 'eskimos' replaced by 'alouettes' next to edmonton. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do this because i love Canadian football dearly. i make no money off this and it costs me money and hours every week. I am making no excuses and want a professional product and to excell football in Canada. So sorry for offending and have a great weekend

Yeah terrible draft !

Pick Player Pos School Team
Round 2
11 Lavoie, Patrick RB Laval Montreal Alouettes
Round 3
18 Adebayo, Bo DL Western Kentucky Montreal Alouettes
Round 4
26 Milton, Lance DB UBC Montreal Alouettes
Round 5
34 Roy, Bryn LB Texas A&M Commerce Montreal Alouettes
Round 6
42 Parker, Keynan DB Oregon State Montreal Alouettes ( NCAA Junior still in school)
44 White, Ryan OL Bishop's Montreal Alouettes via EDM

Add to that

5 Pall, Ameet DL Wofford College Calgary Stampeders

Yeah terrible draft by Jim and the boys. No first round pick and the Als have five of five available picks of this year's draft who made the team and the fifth overall picked they got for free from Calgary.

Zuchini and Jenn should invite Jim and apologize on air :slight_smile:

Very good success rate at getting draft picks into the lineup this year. We'll have to see how things pan out, but there is nothing to indicate this was an off-year for drafting. Quite the opposite.

Quite an interesting beginning to the season already. Boy i love OUR game