2012 Canadian Draft

I have already hyped Charbonneau the Sherbrooke receiver as my choice for the Als in the upcoming Canadian draft. Today's TSN has a feature on G Aprile, Queen's star receiver, who ranks just below Charbonneau in the receiving stats in 2011. Aprile actually is ahead of the latter in average reception yards per catch of 19.2 vs 16.1 for Charbonneau ,who did lead the two in TD receptions(8). However it was Aprile who led the league in the return dept. He averaged 36.5 ypc in kick returns and, 20.5 ypc re punt returns. Our team's prior needs ( in my opinion ) are for a Canadian receiver and, most important a return specialist of any nationality. There CIS stars should merit consideration in the upcoming draft!!!

Note: The writeup on Aprile was from last year's e camp players news.

Pour ce que les Alouettes font avec leurs receveurs canadiens, je ne crois pas qu'ils vont se précipiter.

Ils ont levé le nez sur Gore, Watson, Foster et Watt en 2010. Il faut remarquer que nous avions alors le meilleur groupe de receveurs avec les Roughriders, alors peut-être avions-nous des besoins ailleurs? Mais voyant Cahoon vieillir et le non usage total de Desriveaux, on aurait pu s'attendre à ce qu'un de ceux-là se retrouve chez nous. Ça n'a pas été le cas.

Autant que les gars d'ici se retrouvent avec des équipes qui veulent les faire jouer.

One of the things that Popp has mentioned this off-season is the possibility of dropping an import receiver and using that spot on defense. This would bring Deslauriers into the picture as the 5th receiver.

I remember there were arguments here last year that London`s production did not warrant an import spot that could better be utilized on offense.

If the Als do in fact go the Deslauriers route a backup definitely would have to be acquired. Richard has mentioned Arjei Franklin and I thought it might be Matt Carter who just signed with Edmonton.

The draft is a possibility, although it would be tough for a rookie to break into the Als complicated offense.

As the fourth receiver, not the fifth. Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter, because I believe the idea is to add an import starter on defense. Deslauriers would be the fourth receiver with Richardson, Green, and Bratton.

I remember there were arguments here last year that London`s production did not warrant an import spot that could better be utilized on offense.
He did fine last season IMO. Remember, Richardson had a crazy-good year statistically. There's only one ball to go around. ;)
The draft is a possibility, although it would be tough for a rookie to break into the Als complicated offense.
Exactly. And even more so in a year when we have a new OC who might be adding his own wrinkles to the established system. With all the pre-snap motion, option reads, and QB audibles, I'd wager this is one of the most complicated offenses in the league. A rookie isn't going to just walk in and perform at a high level.

And I see London developping into one of the premier receivers in the league. He needs, however, to be more consistent. Sometimes the throw is hurried, and the receiver has to be acrobatic to make the catch, much like he did against Edmonton last season. I believe he has the athleticism to do so.

The problem I see with Deslauriers is inconsistency. In one game, he can make an incredible catch, but on the next play drop a pass right in the bread basket. To crack the starting lineup on the Als, consistency is the key.

There has been much discussion on this forum about the possibility of a 3/4 D this season (of which I am not a fan), but we still don't know what kind of O we'll have. Are we still going with the so-called West Coast O? Will there be a better and more diversified run game? More screens/options...? Will AD be getting more reps (meaningful ones, that is!)? And, if AD is in the mix, this almost of necessity changes the O schemes, considering his skills. So, I am looking forward to TC to see what our new OC brings to the table.

I see not so much about catching consistency as about route-running consistency. Here's a guy with height and speed who never seems to be open more than once or twice per calendar year (exaggeration, obvs, but you get my point). Now, part of that is playing the wide-side receiver position on the field, the longest to throw to from the pocket. But in years past, even that wide-side WR was good for 400 or 500 yards per season (I'm thinking specifically of Sylvain Girard). Deslauriers needs to work on his route-running IMO. He has to be stronger coming out of his breaks, he has to learn how to stem receivers inside or out to create separation, and he has to do it game after game, even if he's only on the field for one out of every three offensive plays. He should watch film of guys like Cahoon and Watkins, smaller receivers who had to be strong route-runners to create enough separation to catch passes. He also needs to work on getting off DB jams at the line -- some upper-body workouts would help him win more contested catches.

The Als ended the season with their 19 imports (not counting QBs) as follows:

OL - McCuller
Receivers - Richardson, Green, Bratton, London (Deslauriers was the 5th receiver)
RB- Whitaker
Returner - Maypray

DL - Bowman, Stewart, Wilson, Hopkins, Jones
LB - Cox, Ferri, Woods
DB - Parker, Williams, Dix, Laybourne

With Bourke back McCuller will not be needed. Normally Trestman would use that spot for a receiver (Watkins before he was injured), but the possibility exists that he will continue to use Deslauriers and use the import spot for an extra defensive player.

On the D-line Wilson and Stewart are gone and Jones is on the bubble. Replacements could be Hunt, Montgomery, and Rod Davis as a rush end.

At LB we will have Cox, Ferri, Guzman, and Restelli if the defense gets the extra import. Bear might have to go back to the Woods, although the females watching the game with us had a thing for him.

At DB we will have Dwight Anderson and Jerald Brown back in the mix and Vince Anderson is also an intriguing prospect.

I'm not sure sheldon that I like the talk of Rod Davis at rush end. . . I think he's better suited to MLB, whether we go 3/4 or 4/3.

I wouldn`t have even known about his being able to play rush end, other than the fact that Popp mentioned it in one of the CJAD interviews. A Journal de Montreal story yesterday said that Popp called him right at the start of free agency and that Trestman really wanted him.

This is just a personal assumption, but I get the feeling Trestman has really been upset with the Als late season defensive performance and has made defense an off-season priority. It might even have affected his career opportunities, the NFL pegging him as an offensive co-ordinator, rather than a head coach capable of overseeing the 3 phases of the game.

Well when you run a true 4-3 we'll have four big bodies on the line when we run a 3-4 you might have Davis or any number of guys move up to the edge. But he's not an every down DE. There is all kinds of things on the net for people to understand formations. just google it people.

Agreed. There were, however, several occasions last season and in previous seasons where he was indeed open and simply dropped the ball. Anyone aspiring to be a starter has to make those catches. Otherwise the QB, understandably, will make another read to a more reliable receiver. Deslauriers has made plays on STs and contributed in other ways to the Als' success, but I'm sure he would like to be a premier receiver.

So, Eric, better route running and better hands are what you need!

While there is no question the D was a problem last season and seems to have been addressed so far this off season another area for concern is the ST unit.
I look forward to seeing how they handle this unit come TC.

In answer to a question about Marcus Brady (forget which interview) Deslauriers said he is someone who likes to open things up and try new things. The question is how much leeway will Trestman allow him. Brady can gameplan some innovative things but Trestman still has to call them.

Yep, we're not talking permanent rush end duty, but spot duty as part of a specific formation in a 'jack' capacity -- someone good enough that you want to deploy him in different situations to create uncertainty in the enemy offense. Sort of like how we use Chip Cox.

I don't disagree with that HfxTC, but I think Davis's value lies in the middle. . . it's one of the outside LBs that would move up to the edge on select plays (such as Cox and whomsoever of Restelli, Ferri, or Guzman wins the other spot). I think moving Davis outside and occasionally up to the edge might be a mis-use of his talent, which I think should be utilized at MLB.

Guys, we have had Desriveaux on the team for 4 years and, he contributed nothing. In the past few years on the C draft we have passed by several CIS receivers who would have made this team. We passed on Gore, Foster and Watson ( and kept Desriveaux who could not even play special teams because he was too small ). This unintelligent move was incomprehensible! Foster and Watson played, and developed, in their 1st year but, demonstrated in year 2, their superior ability for the CFL as both were strong receivers. We are now looking to move a defensive import from offense to defense- what better way than to replace an import with a home grown receiver. Bowling ( an import ) looked great in preseason but spent the year on the non playing team. Bowling, or another American receiver could be carried again on the same role should one of our receivers become injured. My proposed CIS guy would likely play special teams and, have some receiver experience but, as Foster and Gore demonstrated, he would likely have the competency needed in the second year. I do believe Deslauriers should have more opportunity here as well.

I realize that you might have had enough re my posts on this subject. Perhaps I did appear " like a dog with a bone" so, I promise that this will be my last post on this subject.

Well there are reasons why we passed on these guys. Watson came to the draft at 26 years old, almost 27. Foster I saw play his entire college career as I go to most AUS games and he was not very impressive in College, Lazy a lot of the time, dropped balls. Gore I am not sure. I am not a huge fan of playing NI receivers, careers are short and look at Saskatchewan, they had four of them and now they are down to two. Bagg got injured, Fantuz spent most of the year in the NFL. I'd much rather have 5 on the oline and the rest on defense where you can move them around for flexibility and use them on special teams. Only way I see a Ni receiver playing in Montreal is if he's one of the best at his position like Cahoon was.

Sylvain Girard held his own, when he actually played. Unfortunately he was often injured.

Sur les trois ou quatre fois qu'il est utilisé dans la saison...

Et l'an dernier, il est arrivé au moins une fois qu'il était totalement libre, mais qu'on a tenté de joindre Richardson couvert par deux joueurs au lieu de Deslauriers seul dans la zone des buts.

Deslauriers n'est pas parfait, mais s'il avait vu autant de jeu que London, il aurait sans doute pu améliorer la qualité de ses routes.