2011 Vanier Cup

I thought that since there was a thread started for the Uteck Bowl last week that there would be a thread for Vanier Cup this week, with McMaster being in it. And it seems like I'm expected to start threads in which games are discussed as they are happening. :wink:

Laval was considered the heavy favourite going into this. But it's 20-0 for Mac with 9:27 left in the second quarter. Yes, you read that correctly.

Quinlan is having a great game so far. If he keeps this up, you have to think a CFL team has to at least give him a chance.

What a fantastic game 20-0 Mac and the 1st half is not even over!
GO MAC GO :thup: :thup:

Laval actually seemed to be getting somewhere on offence, but then their P/K hit the left upright from about 35 yards out.

Mac kicker Crapigna is now 3/3 after getting another FG. 23-0 Mac.

And what a good long drive that was until it ended. Two successful 3rd down gambles there, one from their 30.

Make that 23-0 McMaster!! :rockin: :rockin:

Mac's D is outshining Laval's right now. Back to back sacks!

sack and another sack!! Great D! Tune in Mr Chamblin :thup:

This is so making up for last weeks Eastern Final...

Roberto Filice (brother of former Ticat and current Stamp Fabio Filice) got that second one. Prud'homme has been sacked at least three times.

The offence has been doing so well against this great Laval D, but Mac's D deserves credit as well.

Wow! :o

End of first half.

Crapigna was wide on that attempt to end the half.

If you told me it’d be 23-0 at the half of this, I would have believed that. If you told me that McMaster would have that lead, I would not have believed that.

But I remember Calgary having a big lead over Queen’s at Vanier Cup a few years ago, and Queen’s made the comeback. I wouldn’t count out Laval yet. You sure don’t count out a team like that, which is why I was disappointed to see Crapigna miss.

Crapigna has been mentioned in these two threads before:

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Wow great game so far at the half! Offensive calls have been great.

Wow, if only Marcel had half the intensity of Coach P

That was quite a segment on Mac LB Aram Eisho.

They sure have been. As was said before, it's like they are using every page of the playbook.

Quinlan has many passing AND rushing yards. But he has had some good protection from his O line and his receivers have been getting the job done.

One highlight from that first half was punter and backup QB Marshall Ferguson completing a pass on 3rd down... just as Forde was saying to watch for the fake. :slight_smile:

We ended the Als' reign and now we're doing it to Laval in a big way!!! Mac had no reason to be intimidated and it shows.

369 total yards for Mac...IN A HALF! A total shredding...

That would be three consecutive sacks now...

Quinlan is 20/28 for 265 passing yards, 58 rushing yards.

I was wondering if he'd impress in a game that CFL scouts must be watching.

3rd consecutive sack by Mac?!

Well, sack streak ended after incomplete pass. :slight_smile:

But Laval had to punt when their drive started at midfield.

Nuts, the shutout is broken...

Well, so much for the shutout.

Laval gets punt return TD.

Like I said, it's not over.