2011 Training Camp fan reports and observations thread

I thought I'd kick this off, particularly for us fans who by circumstance and/or distance cannot follow training camp sessions in person. Any and all observations from camp about the progress of the team could be discussed here.

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Oski Wee Wee,


Some good WR out there ..
Really liked Rookie WR #81 Aaron Kelly & 83 Blaine Kruger

The DB look quick and They Seem to pick up things Quick
at DB Carlos Thomas #4 & # 32 Chris Rwabukamba
Some good Battles with the WR and DB

Coach B was in Fine Form Yelling away :slight_smile:
was Impressed with new OC and DC and how they worked with the young Kids
I have photos from today the link is Posted on my Twitter
as I will not share photos via Ticat.ca Anymore.

The link for my Twitter is posted in my Sig

I won't be a last day for Rookie Camp so someone have to give us the 411 from day 2

sounds good, are db's need to be strong this year

lookin forward to the video blog about today, and can anyone infrom me about there schedule? is it everyday, whats times? thanks in advance


It what Drew Edwards Thought of today

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/06/news-and-notes-from-the-first-day-of-ticats-rookie-camp-cfl-cfltc11.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... ltc11.html[/url]

thank you, to bad i cant make any practices :cry: plus the B&G game is in Burlington this year, was looking forward to going to it this year, oh well


From Drew's blog: Kicker Justin Medlock is already in town and spent some time after practice on Thursday working with third-string quarterback Jason Boltus as his holder.
Anybody tell me what the wind was like today? :wink:

It was blowing toward the seating But was not bad

Sometime, during Rookie Camp Day 1, an unannounced local WR became the 84th player on the published roster:

75 Diston, Jay WR Non-Import 6.03 185 1990-05-10 Burlington Braves

I'm on my way down to Mac for the first time this training camp, due to work I haven't been to very many practices in the last 2 years but Sunday would have been the only day I can could make it if I didn't call in "sick" today lol

Talk to you guys in a bit..

He's one of the local junior players invited to training camp this year. He was mentioned in the notes at the bottom of the "Rookies Kick Off Camp" arcticle.

Burlington Braves receiver Jay Diston joined the Ticats on the field today. Diston’s addition brings the total number of local junior players in camp to four, including OL Danny Brown and Jamal George of the Hamilton Hurricanes as well as Rob Varallo of the London Beefeaters.

Thanks CFiO. I came across his name on the roster when looking for the name of another player and hadn't noticed the website write-up on Rookie Camp Day 1. He may have been a last minute addition as he wasn't announced with the others or registered on the league's Transactions List, as they were, on June 1.

Gbonds give us the 411 when get back could not make it today ..
as I have Pryor Apppointments today at 10:30

But will be be there Monday

Some notes from day 2 of rookie-camp.

[url=http://ticats.ca/article/kelly-rwabukamba-make-solid-first-impressions]http://ticats.ca/article/kelly-rwabukam ... mpressions[/url]

Sounds like Kelly is going to give our current crop of receivers some competition.

For the second straight day, LB Brandon Denson had the "Play of the Day". Denson went to a big school in Michigan State and has apparently shown great coverage skills for a linebacker. He also appears to have an impressive physique as you can see in this video: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/17495 (The guy has no shoulders?)

Kelly Looked Great on Day and It look like did the same on Day 2
Really forward to seeing them vs the Argos in the preseason.

Hey Everyone,

So let me start this off be mentioning who I got to chat with just after the practice ended.. I was on my way out and noticed Jykine Bradley by the mens washroom door by a wall outlet trying to charge his cell phone. So I stopped and talked to him for about 5 minutes or so.

I thanked him for all he has done for us and asked him if they were keeping him around for a bit. He told me they told him they wanted to get a good look at the rookies coming in and see what they got. I also asked him if there was any teams interested and he told me there are a couple out west but because his release was so close to camp everyone's rosters are full so he just has to wait until the rookie cuts to see what is going on.. He also told me he has been training with Geoff Tisdale this off season and he smiled when I told him we might be in rough shape without them both..

I'm gonna personally miss Bradley if we do not see him back in black and gold, he always made time for us fans and to sign autographs. He is a great guy and I hope if we do not add him back on our roster, he catches on with another team.

NOW on to the rookie practice, I will give you a couple of guys who caught my eye good and bad..


#16-QB Jason Boltus - Jason looked real good out there today, he has a cannon of an arm and every pass I watched him throw was on the mark..

#32-DB Chris Rwabukamba - This kid is gonna be REAL GOOD! The plays he was making in the one on ones and full team scrimmages were unbelievable for a rookie.. I don`t think he was beat all practice.. I am excited to see him play against our vets.

#33-DB Francis Adjei - Francis was very good in the coverage drills, and he made a couple really nice knock downs in the full scrimmages.

#89-WR London Crawford - London is a quick receiver with good hands, he is very vocal out there always calling out defensive positions shouting "safety high" or "safety low".. I really like what I see and hear from Crawford so far.

#80-WR Chris Williams - Williams is a tiny one but what he lacks in size he makes up for with speed and hands.. He made some real nice catches today.

#42-LB Brandon Denson - Brandon is probably the best rookie linebacker we have, he hustles non-stop and never quits on a play.. He made a beautiful interception and ran it back about 30 yards.

#26-S Ray Wladichuk - Ray looked real good out there today, you could tell he was trying to test out his knee and some drills he looked to be taking it easy. He did make an awesome diving interception on a tipped pass in the full team scrimmage.

#81-WR Aaron Kelly - Aaron reminds me a lot of Prechae Rodriguez, but when it comes to running routes and agility Kelly is a lot less awkward and faster.. He also has a good set of hands and made some nice catches in the scrimmages.

#83-WR Blaine Kruger - Blaine looks like the Canadian receiver to be replacing Bauman, at 6'4" 210lbs he is a big body in the slot. He made some really nice one handed catches in the receiver drills and made a couple nice catches, one over the middle. He looks like the early favourite to make the team out of the Canadian rookies.


#21-RB Conte Cuttino - Although I really like his agility and quickness, his vision in the holes are great as well. But Conte was yelled at by coach Bellefeuille for putting the ball on the ground a couple times one of which Chris Rwabukamba returned 50+ yards for a TD but in Cuttino's defense the ground knocked the ball out after he tripped over another players feet.

#77-WR Jordan Watson - Jordan was fighting the ball all practice and had a couple drops in the full team scrimmages which prompted receivers coach Tim Kearse to yell out "C'mon receivers we get paid to catch the ball!" Unless he was lights out in the first practice I see no reason for the team to keep him..

I could have added more guys to the good but I will just list them in a honorable mentions LOL.. Other rookies who deserve mention are.. #92 Albert Smith, #87 Rory Kohlert, #84 Bakari Grant, #96 Ventrell Jenkins, #4 Carlos Thomas, #37 Marcell Young, and last but not least... #5 Kevin Glenn.. Definitely our starter without a doubt! you can tell he is ready to go and its only the 2nd day of camp!.. lol

Thanks for keeping us posted, GBonds !

Not a problem, hopefully someone picks up where I left off after Sundays practice because unless I call in "sick" like I did for today, I will not be able to attend any more practices this training camp.. lol

Same here, thanks GB88. :thup:

Great summary Gbonds, and thank you!

Albert Smith was on our practice roster for most of last year so he probably has the inside track on pushing Demonte Bolden for the DT spot.