2011 season so far...

Nice to get the win last night, but I think it's fair to say that there are some problems out there. I don't know if the refs were flag happy in game 3 but my god, the stamps took a ridiculous amount of penalties... multiple offsides, and roughing the QB penalties were driving me nuts. You simply can't get a late hit on a QB any more, especially on Buck. The refs are human, and they're not going to be shy about flagging any hit on him, though I thought our penalties were well deserved. Combine that with many a missed tackle, and Henry"s timing and we probably deserved a loss.

I love Burris and I wouldn't want any one else at the helm, but hopefully he can figure it out before we play the eskimos or we could be in trouble. Joffrey had a few good runs, but I didn't see much from cornish last night. The Bomber's defense were full value.

Peredes is doing a fine job all things considered, and it's great to have Taylor in the lineup. It's refreshing to think that when he is back there we actually have a real chance for an explosive return. Nothing against Howell, but we he caught the ball I would usually get up to get a beer or something... you could be pretty sure of the outcome.

I'm content with the defense... though it would have been nice to see them hold the fort not allow a game winning field goal attempt 3 games in a row. They forced them to be long ones, but really we could be 0-3 with the same effort.

Overall I think we're all waiting for a solid, convincing 60 minute pole-to-pole victory. That might be difficult this year with the parity in the league, but I feel we have the lineup to dominate a few teams.

Go Stamps

...the offense will be fine, Hank just needs to settle down a bit, it'll come around...and the loss of talent in our backfield is hardly noticable, I'm liking the intensity of our secondary...

Ya even last year a slow start despite a 4-1 record because they still didn't play well in any of those games, and went on that huge tear, which is why its so scary when you win and your not playing well, because imagine when everything is clicking.

Yeah, I think the offense will have a good game against Edmonton. We all know Henry will come around, I just thought it would have happened by now. I also like the secondary, Smith was flying around out there.

Stamps stole a win, but a win is a win is a win. I was worried about Burris health in the last game. Any updates on Tate? Whatabout keeping Bishop around after Tate is back? I think he would be a great addition even if he was designated #3. Not that I want our lone Canadian QB bumped...just saying

Important game this week. I hope to see the stamps offense not wait until the third quarter to show up. Actually I think if the stamps can get a convincing win against the riders it could be a rallying point for the season. It's time for the offense to show what they can do. Burris and Rambo should be on the same page by game 5?

Huff, punt it or go for it on third and short instead of attempting a long field goal. I'm not bashing a rookie kicker, but I think he needs to nail a few point-after kicks or a 20-yarder to get his confidence back. He's shown he can do the job, but it could be rough for him in that stadium.

Go stamps