2011 Season Schedule Thread

Hey there Rider Nation!

I'm starting up this thread to discuss the schedule -- likes, dislikes and general discussion.

Also going to try something a bit different for us this year and see if we can do some coordination on the away games via Facebook; usually our fans will sit behind the Away benches in great droves to show our support for the green & white but for those who want to coordinate meet-ups, need information on local accomodations, or so on, I'm going to set up a separate event for each away game this season. Feel free to join/invite others if you plan on attending; right now I have just Hamilton's up (I'm originally from there and have a Tiger-Cat fanatical family!), but will update this posting as I get around to putting the other games up over the next few days...

SSK @ HAM (July 16 4 pm): Redirecting...

lots of 2pm games.

for me the schedule in general is not great, but that is because of prior commitments...what can you do.
Don't like that we play Montreal both times in 15 days.

Like that when we play an east team in the east (more travel) that we either have over 7 days after (ie we play in Hamilton, then 8 days later in Montreal, OR, our next game is at home...so we don't have 2 games on the opposite side of the country in a short week...that is a bonus.

We play BC on the 24th of September, and the renos are pegged to be complete the next weekend...not sure if that is good or bad...i like Empire, but being the 1st team to play under the new roof would also be cool.

We play 3 games in 2 weeks mid October, all against West competitors. That sucks, but I guess we should get used to it for when we have a 9 teams league (which will really blow)

Can't wait for SSK @ HAM! Love meeting all the Rider fans that come down in droves, definitely the coolest fan base out there :rockin:

I don't get why we play Calgary twice at home and then later twice in Calgary.

why not alternate?

and again with the Esks.. first game of the year in Sask..

and then the last two almost at the end of the season both in Edmonton.

I wonder who comes up with these ideas for the games being when they are..

what gets me about the season is that the labourday is now only us vs blue bombers and the battle of alberta... what happend to the battle of ontario ? comon folks this is a schedule on crack

Read the communiqué from the league announcing the schedule. It provides what I consider a very rational explanation, that it is thanks to the Rogers Centre, that it is hopefully temporary, etc. What I don't get is why people can't or don't distinguish the difference between what is within the league's control and what is not. The schedule is made within parameters in the real world. I would hope no one thinks that the league tries to make it goofy when it appears goofy.

That was a total BS statement by the league to try to save face fora decision that was received very negatively. How does the Rogers Centre come into play here? The game is played in Hamilton.

read man.

the reason is because of scheduling at Rogers Centre.

if they had scheduled the game in Hamilton vs Toronto like everyone wants..

the Argo's (I can't remember if it's home or road games) would have had 6 straight games either at home or on the road..

and you cannot have that.

you can't have 6 games in a row without being at home or on the road at least twice in between.

Previous Labour Day matchups have been played in Hamilton. It can't be that hard to take one of the previous/future games in that time frame and make it a home game...the LD games are the one week in the year that should be set in stone, and then work out from there.

Montreal 2 games in 4 weeks ? sigh

It can be when you are not the primary tenant in the RC. According to Steve Brunt, the Argos were offered 10 possible home dates -- total -- for their nine home games. Every other team in the league has first priority in its building, the Argos are well down the list at RC.

yet another reason to play at York or something.

There is no CFL-sized stadium at York or anywhere else in the GTA outside of Hamilton, and no government is prepared to fund one. Nice dream but the Argos are stuck at the RC for the foreseeable future.