2011 Scott Park Community Tailgate Menu Time

Good Tailgaters never Cook & Tell. All I know is that we again dominate with THE best food at tailgate.....see you in the lot!


Hmmm that sounds like a throw down to me Catattack!...lol :cowboy:

To clarify, this thread is not to get secrets just to demonstrate the awesome culinarty variety we (present company included) in the Lot J Tailgate Community possess. :rockin:

Now that benig said I am never one to shut off my grill at a challenge so I offer this to you Catattack1, I accept your throw down. When it is my turn to cook for my group, I whole heartedly invite you to a plate of the finest culinary offerings my grill can present to you. In turn, I will sample your best on that day. If, when I taste your possibley superior dish, I find it better then mine, I will humbly give you my respect (until our next throwdown... :wink: ) and provide you with a great breakfast on Labour Day. Though I will say this, to you, my fellow grill master. Bring your 'A' Game, my ingredients are fresh and my grill is hot!

Now if you, Catattack1, find my dish better what can I expect as recognition for my efforts?

Good Luck, and to you and see everyone in Lot J!

To the rest of the Lot J Tailgate Community, new and vetran...what the heck ya cookin'
Let's keep it simple though. What-cha cooking on our Nation's Birthday- yes your Canada Day Feast?


Friendliness, courtesy and respect. :thup:

What's wrong with you guys? Do you know where you are? Are you lost :wink:

Ahhh Capt'n'K, it's the Lot J Tailgate Community way!
Come by and enjoy it sometime.

^^^Thanks! Already been a regular for a few years now.

Well we'll see you and everyone else on Canada Day then...lol

All right, it's official. After many, many tries on priceline (why are rooms so expensive this weekend?) I finally got a room at the Courtyard by Marriott on Upper James. Stayed there for the playoff game last year and it worked out great. Anyway, can't wait to see the people I already know and meet some new people a the home opener on July 1, as long as I don't get detained at the border with my kielbasa!

Don't worry about being detained. As long as you're honest and don't try to smuggle it, the worst that could happen is that they'll just grab your sausage.

Across the road and just a bit south of the Courtyard is a small grocery store/restaurant called Denninger's. If it's open when you're there, I'd recommend it (or any of its locations in the Hamilton area).

Sounds great, but I'll bet they won't b e open on Canada Day...I am SO ready for some football!!!!!!!

Catattack1, I have not heard back from you with regards to my friendly offer of culinary competition?
Are we on for the throw down? If not, let's at least have a bevy before the game. I'd like to see your tailgate set up.

Professor, bring on the meat! Look forward to meeting ya!
You'll know me, I'm quiet, soft spoken and only speak when spoken too. :roll: ummm ya right.
I'll be the guy in the yellow and black plaid tartan pants!
Look forward to meeting you!

See you on the 1st everyone!

The border guards grabbed my sausage once.

They decided it wasn't enough to cause a fuss over though and let me go.

I thought that only happened at U.S. airports.

I wonder if there are any attractive TSA agents that most guys decline walking through the scanner in order to take the full body pat-down option instead?

I thought so too, but everywhere I go somebody grabs my sausage.

Bad luck?

:oops: Well so much for people chatting out tailgating...lol

If one or two of you could email me so we can make sure to connect up at the tailgate that would be fabulous. Thanks!


Me thinks we could get Matt Dunnigan to judge the throwdown of Jare and Catattack and put it on his Road Grill show.
You can be local celebrities! lol

Or Ticats TV could do a featurette on the Lot J Tailgate Cookoff and open it up to all the cooks who want to throw down, Now that would be fun. Have Matt, Ang and Bob be the judges! Grand Prize..bragging rights til next year!

Hey professor. You know where we set up by the school on the east side. We are all Tuck's friends

"Hey professor. You know where we set up by the school on the east side. We are all Tuck's friends"

Yeah, that's right...just wanted to double confirm that I'm welcome (although given the amazing hospitality I've experienced at these things, it shouldn't even be a question...) See you all on the 1st!