2011 Scott Park Community Tailgate Menu Time

Rookies and QB's are here, preseason games just around the corner, what better time to let people know what's on your pregame menu!

Though there is a delema, should we have our big tailgate on actual "Labour Day"- Us vs the Als or "Playbourday" - that's when the Boatmen play our Ticats? Or do we just have a big party for both games? Hmmm, what are you doing folks?
Personally, I think we should have Smoked Meat sandwiches on Labour Day, and roast hog on Playbourday!

Okay, now to the menu:
I can't speak for my Box J Brothers but throughout the season we see everything from pizza, wings, burgers, sausages and pasta to Joe and my marinated chicken skewars, with spinach salad in a strawberry vinegrette and cedar plank salmon.

So I'm throwing it out to my friends in the Lot J community, what's grilling on your tailgate this season?

See you all soon!

Sounds fantastic! The only problem for this New/Old fan is I'm all the way down here in Louisiana. Traditional tailgate food down here is boiled crawfish, seafood gumbo, jambalaya, boudin, and of course hamburgers. Ya'll have fun up there!

Every Game we try to woop it up, weekend and holiday games are bigger for tailgating due to more time. Each game is a theme based on the visiting team, we try to have the food from the visiting teams region. Tailgating at Scott Park is so much apart of the experience of Tiger-Cats football !! CAN'T WAIT !!!!! :thup: We have already started preparing !!!

Jare, the other big tailgate will be Aug 13th!

Ok I’ve had seasons seats for about 8 years now and I have to admit I’ve never tailgated in Scott Park. Usually I don’t even park there. I’d like to this year do the tailgating thing atleast once and go early. I’m thinking the August 13 game. I usually gone down to the game with 2 or 3 guys so I’ll go down early and bring a grill and some beverages. Hope to meet some of you down there.

Why not try Canada Day, July 1 which is a Friday?

A holiday, you can come early.

Be sure to bring opaque cups for your beers. not allowed to drink from bottles or cans, and of course garbage bags to clean up after ourselves.

I'm bringing the family down for the home opener but maybe we'll go early and check out the tailgate anyway.

You hit it right on the head CaptK.
What I like about Scott Park aka Lot J tailgating is it really is a bunch of football fans getting together to celebrate our great game. Visiting team fans, new Ticat tailgaters are always welcome they just need to understand that everyone is there for a good time. Consumption is done responsibly, as there are kids throwing balls around everywhere and you bring your own food, non-transparent plastic cups, chairs, BBQ's and garbage bags and clean up after yourself. That being said, we do help each other out when needed. It's a great vibe for most games but on newbies sometimes don't get it. They are often the ones spoken to by our local law enforcement community.
The bottom line is this, we are allowed to tailgate by the Ticats and our behaviour is tolerated because we're respectful and responsible. The moment we forget that, is when they will pull the plug and they should, as I don't want to see any kids or fans hurt because of someone getting out of hand.

Okay, getting down from my soap box- love the regional menu's, make sure you have "smoked meat" on Labour Day...lol
I'm not sure when I'll be serving up the Box J French Toast...Canada Day, Aug 13th, or Labour Day? Decisions Decisions.

beings as its CANADA DAY and we got all day from early morn till prob 430ish and this being a group of 10 to 20 of us were thinking of roasting a pig or a deep fried turkey but i dunnoo how either would be accepted any feed back is appreciated

Go for it. It 's nothing that hasn't been done many times already.

Cook what ya want, just be safe and clean up after.
We have never had any problems roasting a pig or deep frying a turkey. Just make sure the area is safe and no one can get close enough to get bruned. We hired Pig Master to do our pigs, they pull in with the pig roasting in the BBQ trailer, and serve it on site, then drive off. No mess and professionally and safely done.

I bet there will be many feasts on Canada Day. I may just have to do Box J French Toast then,

Come on folks...what's on your menu or grill this season? :rockin:

Ti-Cats fan from Toledo here. Can’t wait for the season to start! I’ll bring some cold cans of Keith’s from the duty free and some colored plastic cups on Canada Day. Would they confiscate kielbasa at the border?

If they don’t confiscate the kielbasa at the border, I will at the tailgate. :wink:

They shouldn't. I delcared smoked pork suasages last weekend when I entered the U.S. last weekend. No problem at all.

BTW, you can buy meat in Canada, ya know. :wink:


I was going to make the same suggestion, but I realized that he's coming on Canada Day. Will stores be open that day?

Incidentally, nearly 10% of Hamilton's population is of Polish or Ukrainian descent (including The TiCats' own Dave Stala, who was born in Poland), so there ought to be some good kielbasa outlets in Hamilton.

Certainly. Staropolskie Deli at Barton & Ruth, a 7 minute walk from Ivor Wynne.

Well, it was the fact that it is a national holiday and stores may be closed that made me wonder about the border, and yes I do know they sell sausage in Canada! :lol:

Myslenice, where Dave Stala was born is VERY near where my Polish relatives live...

So looking forward to tailgating now...oh, and football!

Don't know what im grilling Canada Day, probably gonna make a beaver steak.

Labour day, I'll be eating whatever the Boys are eating, as Frosty Mario is a friend of mine and insists I meet the rest of you fellows. I'm a big fan. I'll get to thank you in person for your tireless efforts in the fight against cancer Jere. My son is a cancer survivor so noone appreciates your efforts more than us.

This year will be Tanners second year running the Relay for Life for cancer survivors. I can't even describe how proud and grateful that makes me. Grateful he still here to help. Proud that something that might have killed him changed him somehow, and for the better. At the same time some of the kids he was treated alongside didn't or won't make it. It's important to me what you do and it's certainly important to Tanner and I look forward to meeting you.

Good to see you here Professor!

Don't forget, if you are tailgating and don't have time to get food the CFL Fan's Fight Cancer volunteers will have Wally Parr sausages and pop available for a donatione to Wellwood Cancer Resource Centre!
Just head over to the 13th Man Tailgate and they'll hook you up!
Hot'n'Spicy, Honey and Mild will all be available on game days in lot J.
All proceeds going to Wellwood!

P.S.: Try to let Tigger know you're coming so he gets enough for everyone! :thup: