2011 Schedule ????

Another year in our fine 8 team league, another long wait for scheduling. It's only an 8 team league!
The CFL & the league really need to pull this together more efficiently. Come on boys, get 'er done!!!


Hey, February is just fine!

I think you're fussy.

they really have to wait because of scheduling of non-football events and other things too.

Leave 'em alone. They're still trying to pick the Coach of the Year.

When you have to work around baseball in skydome, the planning of one of your team going back to their new digs on an unknown time scale and trying to bring another marquee neutral site game, it takes time.

I'm sure by the end of next week it will be released. It's no coincidence after the release date was pushed back, the Lions announced their first game at BC place will be on September 30 and the CFL also announced they'd be going back to Moncton.

Baseball schedule is released in September, so by then we already know what dates are free for Argo games. I already have that nailed down on which weekends until september, looks like 4 of our final 6 games will be at home this year.

I heard the delay is due to the fact that the Argos are still waiting for the Wiggles' tour dates. :slight_smile:

Liar. I just checked The Wiggles website, and there are no current tours planned. You made my little girl cry.... :frowning:

Yeah I've been googling furiously to see if there are any sneak peeks.

I think it'll be out next week on Monday, that's when all the big press releases are, right?

Wow. You actually got your daughter's hopes up - then went and checked a website for tour dates....after a satirical jab at Rogers for forcing an Argos home game to be moved a couple of years ago? And a smiley face??

I think the Wiggles' word of the day is "gullible." :roll:

they wont make a schedule until after FA season starts. I dont think a league does

Uhhhh it's always done before free agency, it was supposed to be this year as well but got delayed. I expect it to be out on Monday orTuesday before FA starts.

Actually I just wanted to equate you with some one that makes little girls cry...

...you're so easy.... :twisted:

I'm fine of whenever it comes out, I'm just curious to know that how the NFL as their draft BEFORE the CFL draft and OUR season ends near 2 and a half months before theirs???

NFL Draft- April
CFL Draft- May

The 2010 schedule was released on February 1, 2010. So I was expecting the same this year, to no avail....
As a female supporter,season ticket holder, wife and mother who also has to plan summer holidays, camping trips, birthday parties etc... I was expecting the schedule to be released at the same time...
I'm hoping to see something on February 14!!! Best gift ever!


Perhaps this article on the schedule release date may help

The CFL does its draft after the NFLs on purpose.
This is so that teams don't waste their time chasing players who already been drafted in the NFL and if they do at least they know they're taking a big gamble. Some CIS guys will also be signed during the week between the NFL draft and CFL draft which could play into a teams final "draft board".