2011 Schedule Release

Supposed to be released today at 12. Post your comments here! Hopefully we don't have 5 games in 8 weeks against one team like we did last year.

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/02/cfl-schedule-to-be-released-at-noon.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2011/ ... -noon.html[/url]

Well thats bad news.....maybe we have a lot of thursday games? :expressionless:

I wont mind Thursday night games, I actually like those. They make the week seem shorter and give you more time on the weekends. I will be pissed if we have a bunch of Saturday games during the summer though, that will kill cottage time.

I truly hope the CFL used there heads and thought about the fans in Hamilton and made the Moncton game and away game for us, we will not have a stadium in 2012 and this is the last year for Ivor Wynne as we all know it! Also hoping the have a much better program at the gates last year, last years was a embarassment! The only time i ever saw a PRO team resort to newsprint for the program!

There is no chance of it being a home game for Calgary. The stamps would come close to, if not sell the game out. where as we would draw the usual 23-25,000. (This being if the game were in each teams home stadium)

It makes no sense for Calgary to be the home team in Moncton.

CHML and TSN have confirmed that the Cats and Stamps will indeed play in Moncton, with Hamilton the home team.


I hate Thursday night games.

The Blue team will open on Canada Day in Calgary.

I assume the first game of the season will feature a Grey Cup Rematch.

That leaves Winnipeg, Edmonton and B.C. as potential week one openers for us.

Thanks for the link i think, lol! CANT say how DISAPPOINTED i am right now! :thdn: As for selling out at Calgary they will sell out in Moncton also and the CFL will pay the Home team the cost they would have lost by having the game out of town. Thats just proves to me the CFL dosnt really care about the true fans in HAMILTON, why would they give away a HOME game when they know we wont have any in 2012! This is BS and ya im not to happy right now. :thdn: :thdn: Emailing all the CFL board members also regarding this! We as TI-CAT fans have been threw to much already the last season and during this off season, only to be disappointed once again by the higher ups!


The CFL and the Argos really, really suck. let's see them put the spin on this one. No Argos vs TiCats labor day game. What's next, US expansion???

OMFG!! It's the friggin Wiggles fiasco all over again. I would be my bottom dollar that the team is not too thrilled with this development either. Why is it that the blue team dictates the scheduling of the cfl? I'm so ticked off. What a joke.

Ah the excuses for not buying tickets are already starting.

We've heard them all before, "I don't like the schedule" "no Thursday night games", "no Weekend games in the summer I have to go to the cottage" "no home games in the summer cause its hot" "I won't buy tickets if the price goes up" "I won't buy tickets until they win more games"

I'm a season ticket holder. I don't like the schedule and I hate Thursday night games. Not an excuse for not buying tickets just a statement of fact.

i’m a season ticket holder too and i’ll be at all 8 regular season games including Labor day against the Als.

Me too, but I still won't like it.

Honestly, some people will seize any opportunity to crap on the Argos. Yes, the blue team -- the Blue Jays, who through their parent company own the friggin' Rogers Centre -- dictate the scheduling of the Toronto Argonauts. There is not a damn thing any of us can do about it.

You think the Argos like having to play their first three games on the road? You think they like having a home game on the Friday night of Labour Day weekend, when half of Toronto leaves town?

This is not the Argos' fault, it is the reality that they are not the primary tenant in their building.

No Labour Day game is really going to hurt the Cats this year. Thats a premium value game that is nearly guaranteed to sell out. The other games dont have nearly the same drawing power regardless of opponent (even Toronto... even playoffs)..

I don't particularly care what they like. I'm more worried about my team and myself. This hurts the Ticats $$ and that ticks me off. Tough luck for them.

yet another reason to hate Rogers....

Thats cause the ARGO'S SUCK, lol! Who cares about the Argos having games on the road, we will have EVERY game on the road in 2012, time the leque started listening to the fans! As for not having a labour day game, this will truly hurt the Cats, as far as having a Home game taken away from us that is even worse for the FANS of this team PERIOD!