2011 Predictions

Ok so I know there has been plenty of prediction topics but im going to go a little more in depth and say whos going to finish where and even throw in some win-loss records predictions and u can do the same! Here we go.... ( oh and by the way im not doing my predictions based on who stays healthy and who gets hurt, these are strictly pure predictions

East Division:

  1. Montreal: 12-6
  2. Hamilton: 10-8
  3. Toronto: 9-9
  4. Winnipeg: 7-11

West Division:

  1. Calgary: 12-6
  2. B.C.: 10-8
  3. Saskatchewan: 10-8
  4. Edmonton: 8-10

Basically the Lions won the season series vs the Riders thus them being in 2nd, and ridicule by predictions as much as you want, and even make your own and compare see where your team stacks up against the others!

*Ridicule: your numbers don't add up, you have more teams winning than losing.


You have 78 wins and 66 losses. As there are 72 games played and you have not called any ties, there should be 72 wins and 72 losses. :slight_smile:

1 - BC: 11-7
2 - Cowtown: 10-8
3 - Saskatchewan: 8-10
4 - Deadmonton: 5-13


1 - Montreal: 10-8
2 - Steeltown: 10-8
3 - Winterpeg: 9-9
4 - Toronto: 9-9

Other than the Esks, its going to be a very close year with an eastern team crossing over to the west.

Ooops :stuck_out_tongue: haha well in that case

East Division:

  1. Montreal: 11-7
  2. Hamilton: 10-8
  3. Toronto: 8-10
  4. Winnipeg: 6-12

West Division:

  1. B.C.: 11-7
  2. Calgary: 10-8
  3. Saskatchewan 9-9
  4. Edmonton: 7-11

Sorry for the mixup I never took into account the number of games anyways I have a feeling that with Calgary's weak secondary there going to get burned quite often and it's going to lose them games as for Saskatchewan we've kind of took a few steps back, I see us going 9-9 then returning to a Top 3 team by next season as for the east I see Winnipeg doing a little bit better and Toronto having a slight dip seeing that now teams are going to be better prepared for the likes of Boyd and Owens but again keep putting in your predictions! As for ties there where none last year so I am not expecting any this year. :cowboy:

Just another point to prove that Rider fans can't count :lol:

BC 12-6
Cal 11-7
Sask 8-10
Edm 5-13

Mon 13-5
Tor 11-7
Ham 7-11
Win 5-13



I won't do the wins, but I expect Hamilton to finally take that step, Saskatchewan to be on its way down and BC on its way up.


  1. Calgary (12-6)
  2. Saskatchewan (11-7)
  3. BC (8-10)
  4. Edmonton (6-12)


  1. Montreal (12-6)
  2. Hamilton (10-8)
  3. Toronto (7-11)
  4. Winnipeg (6-12)

Waiting until the last possible moment to make predictions.. kind of...

BC: 11-7
SSK: 10-8
CGY: 9-9
EDM: 5-13

MTL: 11-7
HAM: 10-8
WPG: 8-10
TOR: 8-10

BC has only finished in second place two times in their entire history, and since I don't think they'll be lower than that, they must be first, haha.

Ahh.... what the heck, I'll predict;

Mon - 11-7
Tor - 10-8
Ham - 9-9
Winn - 7-11

Cal - 12-6
Sask - 9-9
Esks - 8-10
B.C. - 6-12

This made me lol. First prediction is all kinds of messed up. :lol:

I'll have my predictions tomorrow. I gotta figure out a way for the Eskimos to go 18-0. :thup:

I have one! They play only the other 7teams practice rosters.... Even then i could still see them going 6-12 :stuck_out_tongue:

I will need to think

As usual for the past 5 years people are predicting the fall of the Riders. Every year the Riders have lost key players but somehow every year it seems when one goes down another comes in and fills the spot nicely. I remember hearing the same "they are done" for doom and gloom going back to when Dominguez, Flick and crew were injured. I heard it when we had a rookie coach called Austin, we heard it when another rookie coach called Miller came in. The loss of 1 or 2 big name players doesn't make or break a team. Keep on predicting the demise of the Riders guys because every time you do they wind up having a great season as of late.

It comes with the territory of having a top tier team, loads of people predicting that this will be the year the bubble bursts. Youll get used to it after a while

Wiseguy, eh. :x

I was just going through Edmonton's schedule, and I can see us going 9-9 or 10-8. There aren't any gimmes this season. Each game will be tough.

I think we will see the most parity this league has ever seen. My dream season would be every team going 9-9 and this is as close as it will get I think. Great for the fans.

too soon to guess total standings, however

I think wpg and ham will have stinker yrs.

Edmonton will be in 3rd in the west

and whoever is in 4th will cross over.