2011 predictions

Well training camps done and kicKoff is just around the corner so lets do what we always do whats the team record this year.....
Im liking the way things are looking i think the staff made go moves in off season im leaning on this record
11 wins 7 losses unfourtunately we host the east final and lose to montreal
montreal plays sask in grey cup and loses

and the ARGOS SUCK
OSKEE WEE WEE :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Right now I would say: Montreal
Toronto battling with hamilton for second

Hard for me to say till after the 1st regular season game. I hope they at least improve on 9-9 for 2 years in a row. Even 10-8 and 1 playoff win would be a good improvement.

Hamilton 12-6
Montreal 10-8
Toronto 8-10
Winnipeg 6-12

Calgary 13-5
Edmonton 4-14

Cats come roaring out of the gate.
Gaudy record by Labour Day.
Then comes a swoon.
Panic ensues.
Lots of "I told you so", "shouldn't have cut player x, fire him, cut him" etc,
0-20 post usernames claiming to be long time ticket holders/40 year diehards etc. come out of woodwork and threaten something or other....

Team rights ship and sails to sunny shores.
Glenn MOP candidate, ditto Rey Wms. three 1000 yd recs.

13 wins.

Me too.

Check out the poll on my blog, same question

I believe we will win the East with about 11 or 12 wins

Montreal 11-7
Hamilton 10-8
Toronto 9-9
Winnipeg 4-14

East - 4

Sask 13-5
Cal 11-7
Edm 8-10
BC 6-12

West +4

you really think BC will go 6-12? I see Calgary winning the division, BC second, Sask third and Edmonton fourth

I just cant see how BC places behind Edmonton

the only one I went out on a limb with was Edmonton and thats based on the new front office. I see them getting better throughout the year. BC meanwhile has looked very weak and Wally seems to have lost his edge

BC looked good in both their pre-season games, they scored 58 points and only allowed 6 points, I know this is only pre-season but it's the only representation we have of their team thus far this year

Too tough to call right now. I feel good about this season and see a toss-up for first place between us and Montreal.
Ask me again at the end of September. :smiley:

Yea I might need to re-phrase that but BC didn't impress me just the same

How we come out of the gate will dictate the course of the season. We cannot stumble against Winnipeg to open as we did last year. This would just leave the team clawing back for a .500 season again.

The Tiger-Cats have to establish themselves as top dog and the team to beat. This means they have to eat Winnipeg, BC and Edmonton for lunch, show Jim Barker his is the JV team and play right up to Montreal, Calgary and Saskatchewan.

Start 4-2 in the first 6 weeks and we're on our way. Start 3-3 or 2-4 and here we go again. I think the former will happen. Just get that secondary solidified, have our first team offense finish drives (didn't score a major in the 57-20 win) and we should steam-roll to Vancouver in November.

I'm excited for Friday!

Last year we more than stumbled out of the gate, we literally fell flat on our face with that 1-4 start!
I do not see that happening again.
I say
Ham. 12-6
Mont. 10-8
Tor. 9-9
Win. 6-12

Cal. 13-5
Sask. 9-9
BC 8-10
Edm. 5-13

Ham. defeats Cal. in Grey Cup :thup:

The Ti-Cats will win the grey cup this year, thats the only prediction that really matters isnt it! :rockin:

Hahahaha. This post is money! Zontradamus sees the future!

This is where a top coach comes in and motivates the team. 1-4 last yr. was alot to do with MB be to laid back. Iam also concerned about our secondary, Montreal with Calvillo will pick us apart as it now stands.
Lets hope Iam wrong and we take it to Montreal at least when were at home. Lets hope the refs. start calling every game right down the middle, it would be good for the league..


Hamilton..........13 - 5
Toronto...........10 - 8
Montreal...........9 - 9
Winnipeg..........6 - 12

Calgary...........11 - 7
Sask...............11 - 7
B.C................ 9 - 9
Edmonton.........7 -11

The Cats have about the most balanced offense in the league from top to bottom they are strong. Defensively I am a bit concerned. If the secondary can come together then they should be the team to beat.

Calvillo is in the twilight of his career and the Als have lost some key players, I think they're going to struggle.

Toronto will be the surprise team this season. Jim Barker did a lot last year with a bunch of nobody's, this year he has a bit more talent to work with.

In the west it should be farily tight, the top 3 teams are pretty even.

Before I post how thing season will go
here my Thoughts If DLine and CB and Halfbacks Play well 11-7
If they don't they 7-11 and miss the playoffs due to a Cross over
I am Bidding The CB and Lack of Presser Kill the Season.

Montreal........13 - 5
Hamilton ........7 -11
Winnipeg..........6 - 12

Calgary...........11 - 7
Sask...............11 - 7
B.C................ 10-8 **
Edmonton.........8-10 Edmonton Crossover.