2011 OUA University Rush on The Score broadcast schedule

OUA 2011 Schedule: all times (ET)

September 10th Western @ McMaster 1: 00 PM

September 17th Guelph @ Toronto 1: 00 PM

September 24th McMaster @ Guelph 1: 00 PM

October 1st Ottawa @ Laurier 1: 00 PM

October 15th McMaster @ Laurier 1: 00 PM

October 22nd Match-up TBD 1: 00 PM

October 29th Quarter – Final Game 1: 00 PM

November 5th Semi-Final Game 1 1: 00 PM

November 5th Semi-Final Game 2 4: 30 PM

November 12th 104th Yates Cup 1: 00 PM

Thanks for this Josh, love catching some CIS action when I can. :thup:

I wish they would do some can west games too.

Maybe this helps?

[url=http://english.cis-sic.ca/sports/fball/2011-12/releases/20110706-cw]http://english.cis-sic.ca/sports/fball/ ... 0110706-cw[/url]

It does help actually.
Thanks. However the quality of shaw productions is not really the highest. Still good to see the huskies when they are away.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have started a thread on the "Other Football" board to keep everyone updated on what CIS games you can watch each week on webcasts and tv.

The thread is appropriately titled "CIS Broadcasts"