2011 Grey Cup odds

We are the 2nd most favoured team to win the Grey Cup among the Eastern CFL teams

according to the highly regarded Greek Sports book.

[url=http://www.cappersmall.com/cfl/articles/2011-CFL-Grey-Cup-Betting-Odds-62195.html]http://www.cappersmall.com/cfl/articles ... 62195.html[/url]


I see that the website includes a CFL Forum.

I like not being among the "front-runners in the race for a Grey Cup.

It feels much better when you prove the experts wrong

but these guys have us way back in the pack to win the Grey Cup.

[url=http://www.sbrforum.com/nfl-football/news/canadian-football-league-calgary-montreal-open-the-odds-favorites-a-20447/]http://www.sbrforum.com/nfl-football/ne ... s-a-20447/[/url]

They rate our chances at 5th best. In other words,

among the "also rans" behind four other teams.

Despite being the two-time champs, the Alouettes at 7/2

aren’t the overall favorites to win the Grey Cup.

Calgary, at 11/4, is the preseason betting favorite.

Rounding out the pack

Fairly well behind Calgary and Montreal to win the Grey Cup is British Columbia at 11/2.

Saskatchewan is just behind B.C. to win the Grey Cup at 6/1, followed by

Hamilton (7/1), Edmonton (15/2), Toronto (10/1) and Winnipeg (10/1).