2011 Draft Results

  1. LB Muamba, Henoc
  2. WR Etienne, Jade
  3. DL Dunn, Brendan
  4. OL Swiston, Paul
  5. RB Volny, Carl
  6. WR Mahoney, Liam

Lots of bodies, discuss.

Etienne at #4 surprised me. Leading up to the draft, the receivers getting all the attention were Parker, Coehoorn, and Iannuzzi; taking Etienne over Coehoorn and Iannuzzi surprised me.

dunn is an olineman tho. According to the blue bomber facebook page. they announced it as OL brendan dunn.

Anyways... the cfl draft is a crapshoot.. here we go. we wont know for a couple years but.... i do beleive if muamba turns into a ratio breaker MLB (beleives thats where they project him to play) and etienne even replaces ralph that this is a good draft for them. adding dunn swiston who has massive potential... rb volny who played in the ncaa and another stinger to go along with watson in mahoney.. i think we did good. etienne wouldnt have been there in the 3rd round. coehoorn may have the name value but.. rumors have alot of teams interested in the 6'3 21 year old etienne. lots of upside.. probably more with this kid than with a coehoorn.

coehoorn, what if he comes to edmonton and takes baumans spot? LOL... oh that would be gold.

a few years ago mr bauman was taken 1st.. chris getzlaf was taken much later.. who would you rather have? the draft is a crapshoot and in a couple years.. etienne could be the best of the bunch... i know ppl wanted parker (but he drops balls in the snow) and coehoorn (he's much older than parker and etienne) but... gotta trust that management did their due dilligence and took the players they felt were best.

jim barker trading up said his top 6 were off the board.. means if available he would have taken etienne. gotta give these guys a chance b4 crapping on them.

Brendan Dunn is indeed an offensive lineman. The Etienne pick shocked me.

why? cuz he wasnt hyped by duane forde or anyone? because im not sure how any of these picks could surprise anyone to be honest.. this isnt the nhl draft....

id say the shocking one was hamilton taking petrus so early.. dudes gonna be nfl bound.

...Kind of fooled me with that 4th pick as well MadJack but after having a closer look at Etienne i have a good feeling about that pic...He certainly has all the tools.....Tall with a good reach ...something that Mack likes in a receiver...I picked up a few lines off of the riders site where they mentioned him briefly before the draft....Someone over there had a lot of good things to say about him....He can kick as well..pretty good athlete....I think we can develop this guy into something special...I believe he flew under the radar as far as all of the draft gurus were concerned...Time will tell :roll:

As for our other pics....Can't go wrong with Muamba at no 1....I just wonder how long we'll keep him before he heads south???

Paul Swiston is a great pick-up....Volny and Dunn are also quality players...About time we added some good canuck talent :thup: ...Good job Mack and Lapo

etienne put up 103 yards a game last year... the best in the CIS. more i hear about this kid and see... i can understand why they would select him. 6'3 21 years old.. speepster really.. big play threat.

It shocked me because I hadn’t heard much about him. All the rumours were that Winnipeg was so interested in in Coehoorn. Then not only was Coehoorn available but so was Ianuzzi and for a team desperate for Canadian Recievers I would have expected them to take one of two guys that had been hyped up so much.

Not to mention Etienne is only 184 pounds and didn’t run the greatest 40 i’ve ever seen. ( He ran the third slowest 40 of all receivers at E-Camp.)

Count me among the surprised with the #4 pick simply because I hadn't seen or heard his name mentioned in any reports. Didn't they say Etienne still had a year of eligibility left? I wonder if he'll be at camp.

Is Muamba big enough for the NFL? I was looking at a few random profiles and there weren't very many LBs listed who were under 6'2". After he's signed, we'll have him for at least 2 years and then we'll see from there.

was andy fantuz the quickest guy? probably not.. good example would be brock ralph.. has got big speed.. huuge.. cant catch the ball tho.

i dunno. takes a couple years to see. 6'3 21 years old... mad upside.. dude tweeted he is looking forward to camp tho so imo, means he must be thinking of making the roster this year.. if he doesnt.. well he could go back to school but dont count this kid out yet i dont think. has put on 20 lbs since e-camp.. shows he's commited... gotta take those numbers at camp for what they are worth tho.. lots of the guys with the best results at e-camp didnt even get drafted.

rumors are bombers add lb john surla to our neg list tho via waiver priority.

If Etienne still has a year of eligibility left then it makes a little more sense to me. You bring him to TC so he gains that experience and then allow him to go back to Saskatchewan so he can develop his game more and maybe get bigger and/or faster. :thup:

Who knows, maybe he wows the coaches in Training Camp and Pre-Season and he actually makes the active roster.

i think he may have just ran a bad 40, honestly watching his highlight film this kid has wheels he just runs away from dbs, maybe going back for another year could be good for him, but just working with Buck, T.E and all the other recievers the kid is still young and could get alot bigger.


My liked picks:
Henoc Muamba
Paul Swiston

My meh picks:
Jade Etienne
Carl Volny

Jade Etienne was a CIS All-Star in 2010 and the leading receiver in CIS West (721 yards on 28 receptions) despite playing in only 7 games. He averaged over 100 yards per game. In his first full season as a receiver he had 6 TDs (in 4 seasons with the Dinos, Anthony Parker had 9 TDs and Nate Coehoorn had 8 ).

Don't know much about Volny to really comment on him but he looked pretty good on his highlight reel that's posted at YouTube.

What I do know is the Bomber brass (especially Kyle Walters) did a LOT of preparation for the draft. They did a really good job last season IMO and that was with having little time to prepare (Mack hired late January, Lapo in early February and Walters in early March).

So they came away with

2 OL
2 WR
1 LB
1 RB

and now there are rumors they have signed LB Surla as well.

That is a great haul, especially when I can see 3 - 5 of the 7 making the team. Nice work.

There is still the supplemental draft that is a possiblity and Montreal has traded its first round pick, which might make Poblah even "cheaper" for the Bombers.

Last I saw Poblah wasn't eligible for the supplemental because he hasn't been able to prove he's Canadian enough (ie that he meets the requirements to be considered a NI) and Toronto quickly added him to their neg list. Has that changed?

but you can add LB surla to the haul as he's was apparently signed as an undrafted FA.

....nice haul indeed....Was watching a clip of John Surla......I like this kid...a motor that doesn't quit...He reminds me of a young Tom Canada..He is rumoured to be signed and in the Free Press it says he has been... :roll: I want to see this guy in camp.. :thup:

I've seen quite a few Western games and Surla is a great player, his instincts are great and he'll definitely be a ST demon at the least. :thup:

Toronto putting him on their neg list is conditional on Poblah being declared an import which has not happened yet. He still has time to try to find proof of residency before the supplemental draft. There's no date for the supplemental draft yet as far as I've heard and IIRC the only requirement is that it be held within 60 days of the draft.