2011 Coaching Staff.. I don't like it

That what I was thinking about Hendy when I started this Thread
I like experienced People at the OC and DC Spots
Change was needed I agree
there are people with more Experienced as OC or DC Out there.
Just not fan of Rookie OC or DC in Charge of Game plan .
Hope I am wrong ..

I think we'll be fine with the changes in coaching staff. Maybe I missed it but I don't see an OLine coach to replace Gibson. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I am also very concerned. I hope I am wrong.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but in the latest TiCats TV video about Brad Miller's promotion. Marcel Bellefeuille says that Brad Miller, was an assistant HC and a DC with Don Matthews.

Bellefueille and Miller worked together in Montreal in 2007, when Marcel was OC and Miller was ST coordinator and assistant head coach.

It wasn't a great year.

I think the personnel Reed had to work with back then were a big part of the problem. Seemed like a lot of them couldn't tackle a big sandwich...

Any change would have been an improvement at ST, and OC.
and the new D.C, has an impressive resume,I think we will see improvement in coverage and in play selection!
If Marcel is happy, I am happy !

How so? Easley did a great job over the past few seasons.

8) The OLine Coach was the departed, Steve Burrato, Pat.
  He has not been replaced yet.   Expect a hiring soon.

I sit corrected. I'll blame old age and the winter blahs. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

He did? aside from Thigpens td return in early 2010, I can't recall many other big ST plays.
I do recall the opposition playing on a short field and the TiCats a much longer one.

Our coverage units have been among the best in the league the past few seasons. As Brad Miller said himself, there's not a lot of "loose change" when it comes to that area of the team. Meanwhile you make it sound like we're in dire need of help when it comes to ST.

I’m not saying Easley did a poor job last season, but I don’t recall a very good one the previous year. Down field coverage was a lot better last year, but a lot of that has to do with the guys on the field, not so much the coaching. We have a pretty good group of special teamers on punt and kick coverage, including Barker, Beswick, Carter, Barrenechea, Mariuz to name a few, and guys like Knowlton certainly help when it comes to blocking kicks.

When it comes to blocking schemes on returns, we are not so good. When it comes to trick plays and fakes, we were pretty quiet. When it comes to getting the most out of the field goal kicker, again subpar. Better coaching may help in this respect.

When I think of good special teams, I think of Toronto. They have made a living for several years on having one of the best special teams in the league. Last year they hired O’Shea who had little experience and continued to play well. I hope we can look for some better performances on teams next year.

As for the other coaching changes, I am a little leary about the number of significant changes, and the lack of experience. I just hope this younger group can make up for this with drive, desire, and energy. I fully expect that we could see some “rookie” mistakes, hopefully they will come early in the year, and won’t be too costly. I do agree that some changes were needed, and will support the direction that the team has taken. I also hope Marcel is capable of staying on top of the new personnel.


I really want to know why Special Teams Coordinator Dave Easley was released and replaced by former Secondary Coach Brad Miller? Did Easley follow Greg Marshall out to Saskatchewan? That would be good for Easley. Does anyone know what Easley is planning to do next? There has been rumblings that Head Coach Marcel Bellefeuille had to give Miller the ST job to appease him for not getting the Defensive Coordinator job. Did the Cats not want Miller to leave the team in a huff, as suggested? In any case, I would really like Bellefeuille to explain why Easley was released. There was absolutely nothing wrong with Easley. I just hope that his reason isn't feeble as I'm afraid it might be. :?

Ain't that the truth.Everyone thought they'd be screwed should Calvillo retire, then McPherson get's his shot and looks like the next Henry Burris.Jim Popp should be banned from the CFL :wink: :lol: