2011 Coaching Staff.. I don't like it

I am worried The 2011 Staff has 3 New Coordinators
none have any Experienced as a Coordinator
I really am not like going into Season with all Rookies leading our Team
This could be worse move in Ticats History ..or the best but won't know till ball is kick off in June.

Starting a thread that is basically a negative statement but adding this ---> "This could be worse move in Ticats History .."or the best" is such a city council CYA move :lol:

Should we assume you are staking out a stump as we speak for the next election ? :wink:

Toronto had O'Shea and Carber as first time co-ordinators and I'm positive their O.C was a high school coach and they were pretty good. I like the staff we have. I think our team will be very aggressive.

A change was needed, lets give them a chance.


Personally I voted 2 because although I believe that coaches need to get their start someplace and that ignoring newbies in favour of the same old retreads doesn't usually get you the best. It doesn't come without risk though. Even though both co-ordinators have CFL experience they haven't been the guy in charge and there is a chance that they are better suited to be an assistant. Its a risk worth taking for a team that probably is still a year away

Only a partial truth. Elizondo had been coaching high school in the States, but had also worked as receivers coach for Montreal under Trestman in 2008. So he wasn’t exactly new to the league.

While I remain optimistic, I can definitely see a reason for concern with two "rookie" co-ordinators

The old staff couldn't get us past a 500 record and a semi-final playoff loss. Change was needed. How else can improvement happen?

For starters...KJ is the new OC...but in Hamilton, they give you the job and it seems in the past several years, they hand you the playbook and say, "This is the offence you will run".

I'd like to see a new approach on both sides of the ball.

Having two new co-ordinators frightens me somewhat. Last time we did this was Reed and Baressi and I remember how that movie ended.

I shudder to think.

8) You're exactly right.
  We were told after this years playoff loss that sweeping changes would be made with regards to this team.

   The changes started with the coaching staff, and next up will be player changes  !!

I don't think the blue boys had a better season than the Cats because their inexperienced co-ordinators were better than the experienced trio of Marshall, Gibson and Easley. The difference maker was one step higher up the chain of command.

Experienced coordinators may often be over rated and not able to do the job, witness Creechan who we had here several years ago as a DC....I am excited about Chamblin, plus the OC has some intriguing aspects, being a recently retired QB that is not only familiar with the players of the league, but the nuances and current trends in the league. This would be opposed to some highly regarded and experienced NFL or NCAA cast off with a book full of plays and systems designed for a small field with 11 men and no motion (unless of course you brought the innovative Oregon Ducks crew into Hamilton as they are the closest to CFL you will find south of the border).

I feel more confident in our coaching staff than in the ability of our city council to finally vote to agree to the IW2 proposal and move on.

thespec.com Drew Edwards Thu Jan 13 2011

Attack is integral part of new Ticat defensive coordinator’s game plan

[url=http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/article/473794--attack-is-integral-part-of-new-ticat-defensive-coordinator-s-game-plan]http://www.thespec.com/sports/ticats/ar ... -game-plan[/url]
Bellefeuille said Thursday at the news conference introducing Corey Chamblin.

“He likes to coach the style of defensive we want to play.?

After two years of Greg Marshall’s bend-but-don’t break approach,

Bellefeuille has turned to Chamblin who spent two years as defensive backs coach

in Calgary’s pressure system

and is expected bring a little more heat to opposing offences.

This defensive philosophy could get us in trouble at times
but a high scoring offence can make up for a few mistakes.

It's a more dangerous approach, but It will be more exciting.

Bellefeuille now has two coordinators who have no previous experience.

But entering his third full season at the helm, Bellefeuille says

he is excited by his young staff and their fresh approach.

“It’s a lot easier to lead a staff that’s like-minded

in terms of where you want to go,? he said.

IMO, Marcel respected Greg Marshall's experience and success
with his defensive philosophy and let him carry on using it,
“The staff is indicative of how I want to coach this team.?
Now, he wants to go with a different approach next season.

I was going to say, "In Obie I Trust" but that seems so 2010 now.

Both coordinators have good experience and reputations in the league. You have to be a rookie at some point. There were enough complaints lodged against Gibson last year (myself included) and many questioned Marshall's "Bend Don't Break" schemes. Isn't it fair to say coaching cost us a couple game last year? Drew's post on this subject is well thought out and balanced.

thespec.com Drew Edwards Fri Jan 14 2011

Miller hopes to be ‘special' for Cats

New assistant head coach has varied experience in both the CFL and NFL

While cover teams have been an area of strength

the last two seasons under former coordinator Dave Easley,

Miller says there is an opportunity to put more points on the board
after Sandro DeAngelis struggled in his first season with the club.

“You can coach a kicker and it's one of the things
that we're going to have to improve on,? Miller said.

Kickers are often like goaltenders in hockey,

their coaches need to develop a rapport with them
as well as spotting and correcting technical errors.

I get the sense from watching him at practice
that Brad Miller will be able to do that quite well.

Bellefeuille said there are still a couple of hires to come, including

a defensive/special teams assistant and a running backs coach.

Brad Miller will be working with the linebackers, so, perhaps
that defensive assistant will work with the defensive backs.

Andrea Cobb could benefit from a running backs working with him.

The team also announced that defensive line coach John Kropke would be returning for a fourth season

Cant wait till the season starts this is going to be the year. Now to the question in hand, lets give them a chance first Onknight, how many of you guys where asking for change including yourself Onknight, then when they make changes you are still negative, i just dont understand, and i just hope i dont get banned for this comment, lol! :rockin:

I think the new coaching staff will be very good.

I like Marcel as HC, I think he has a good attitude, the respect of the players, and he has lots of experience in coaching Canadian football in the CFL and CIS.

Some changes, with a combination of promotions and fresh blood seems just right to me.

I'm very happy about the new OC and DC positions. Khari will be excellent I believe. He was an all-star calibre QB over a number of years, has done well as QB coach (Kevin Glenn sure thrived under his guidance), and will bring some new energy to the OC role. He's intelligent and understands the game thoroughly. I don't know enough about Chamblin to comment on him as DC, but I have to say that though Greg Marshall was always considered an excellent defensive mind and no doubt merits a shot at HC after several misses, our defence was ok but not truly outstanding during his time here. I look forward to a more aggressive approach on that side of the ball.

I do regret the apparent departure of Dave Easley. I never did see an announcement of his leaving, but since Brad Miller is now ST coordinator I guess that means Dave is gone. Looks to me like he was moved aside to make room for Miller to be promoted while bringing in Chamblin as DC. Dave made good improvements in our ST performance compared to previous years. I wish him well, and hope he lands a new gig soon.

My sources tell me that the runningbacks coach will be Joe Haggins.

hespec.com Drew Edwards


Scroll down to Jan 13 2011, steve

there is still a chance Dave will remain

The reasons given for the changes are much like you said

Easley, by the way, may still remain with the club.

The team is looking to hire one more defensive / special teams assistant

and Easley is apparently in the mix for that position.

Saskatchewan might be a landing spot too.

Thanks, Ron.

I hope he stays with the Ticats.

If he isn't ultimately given that opportunity, or if he decides he doesn't want to stay (after all, it would evidently be a demotion for him), then I hope he lands on his feet elsewhere in a good situation for him.