Wednesday, June 15 BC at Calgary 9pm TSN2
Thursday, June 16 Winnipeg at Montreal 7:30pm TSN2
Friday, June 17 Edmonton at Saskatchewan 9pm TSN
Saturday, June 18 Hamilton at Toronto 1pm TSN Radio only
Wednesday, June 22 Montreal at Hamilton 7pm TSN
Wednesday, June 22 Saskatchewan at BC 10pm TSN
Thursday, June 23 Toronto at Winnipeg 8pm TSN, TSN Radio
Friday, June 24 Calgary at Edmonton 9pm TSN2


Figures our road game is the one that's not on tv.

We are going to be in France for the month of June, anyone have a link or know where I can watch CFL live on-line?
Seems that Channelsurfing.com that was streaming CFL games on the internet last year has been taken off the air.

http://www.atdhenet.tv is the former http://www.atdhe.net presumably now hosted overseas.

Great, thanks I will check it out. TSN doesn't stream outside of Canada so can't get live games.

I gotta ask... How the hell does that happen?

I don't know and I hope they don't stop it! They cracked down earlier this year on another site and closed it down, I was watching CFL games last October when we were in England.
The other option is to wait until after the CFL game is over and watch it on TSN

The question was directed at the fact that every game except ours is televised :slight_smile:

Well at least it's only the first game of the pre-season, usually not very entertaining and the back ups in every position.
The second game is usually a little more entertaining and the team wants to see the starting line up.

I would rather have the second game not televised.....it's at home so most of us are going to see it anyway.

I'm gonna guess it's because the A**os scheduled it for Saturday afternoon, when TSN is likely already committed to showing the US Open and..... Nascar maybe?

I'm gonna guess it's because the A**os scheduled it for Saturday afternoon, when TSN is likely already committed to showing the US Open and..... Nascar maybe?
Yes that's probably the reason, and don't forget that their pre-season game last year attracted a crowd of only 10,000. Wouldn't want to see 40,000 empty seats on national television. Argos had the lowest attendance in the league last year, if you can't get the fans out to a regular season game you certainly won't get them out for a pre-season game, especially when it's on TV.

But that's also the only chance to see these guys play. These are the same guys we might have to depend on later in the season, and it would be good to know if they have what it takes.

Guess I'll have to be satisfied just listening to the game.

Just a thought, but maybe the preseason game is not on TV in order to publicize the new TSN radio station in Toronto. Since TSN radio just picked up the A*&^s radio rights from the FAN, they'll probably put a big advertising push on for these broadcasts just as the season is starting. The Ticat game is perfect because it's a home game for the A*&^s, against a traditional rival, and now there's a captive radio market with no telecast. So, maybe there is something else scheduled on TSN and TSN2 that afternoon, but it works out pretty well for TSN 1050.

I'll be listening on CHML 900, though.

If the tv numbers are good it might spur a move to adding one or two more ex. games.

Every year complaints from coaches accross the league are the same - two ex. games isnt enough time for evaluation.

And I happen to agree that such a complaint is legitimate.

As for televising exhibition games, I'm of two minds.

Last time an exhibition game was televised, to my recollection, was the first time one was played in the maritimes. I was quite excited to watch it, after a long offseason, but got bored within about the first five minutes, since it was, from an entertainment perspective (as opposed to a talent-evaluation perspective), pretty tough to watch.

It's kind of funny that except for the Halifax game a few years ago, this is the first time that TSN and the CFL has broadcast most of the games..............and yet some are complaining because one game is not being telecast.

Yes, maybe like the NFL and have 4 pre-season games, but I don't want to go back to 16 regular season games.
I know the NFL is looking at reducing the pre-season down to 2 games and the regular season to 18. The NFL doesn't have practise restrictions and they can work out 8 hours a day if they want to.

Which equates to 100% of Hamilton's away games. I can understand why Ticats fans in Hamilton could be upset, given the fact that they are the only team affected in this way. Then again, it's not like it's so far away that they couldn't just drive up to attend the game in person, eh? That may have played into TSN's decision. Not an option for me, so I'm still stuck listening on the radio via Internet.

That and we are the only team also losing a home game this year so maybe it might be nice for them to show that one since not all of us can make it to that game.