2011 CFL Mock Draft 1st Round Mock

Pick Team Name
1 Winnipeg Scott Mitchell OL Rice
2 Edmonton Anthony Parker SB Calgary
3 BC Philip Blake OL Baylor
4 Toronto Nathan Coehoorn WR Calgary
5 Hamilton Renaldo Sagesse DL Michigan **
6 Calgary Henoc Muamba LB St. FX
7 Saskatchewan Matt O'Donnell OL Queen's
8 Montreal Matt Walter RB Calgary

**(if no Beli) other wise Tyler Holmes OL Tulsa

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say there is no way BC takes Blake. They really don't need another non-import o-lineman and with no 2nd round pick they need to meet an immediate need with their #1. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if they grabbed Muamba as they already have his brother in the fold and one of his good friends. I suspect however, that they'll be targeting a d-lineman, perhaps Sagesse or even Turner. Time will tell.

I do agree though that Mitchell will likely go #1 followed by Parker... at the least, those guys are 1-2.

Me too, I say there is no way that BC drafts a junior lineman or Philip Blake in round 1; same with the Als; no way that they will draft a RB in round 1. Here are selections:

  1. Winnipeg. Scott Mitchell Ol Rice
  2. Edmonton.Henoc Muamba LB StFX
  3. BC Renaldo Sagesse DL Michigan
  4. Toronto Anthony Parker SB Calgary
  5. Hamilton Matt O'Donnell OL Queen's
  6. Calgary Nathan Coehoom WR Calgary
  7. Saskatchewan Mario Iannuzzi WR Harvard
  8. Montreal Moe Petrus OL Connecticut


  1. Winnpeg: OL Scott Mitchell Rice
  2. Edmonton: OL Phillip Blake Baylor
  3. B.C.: DT Renaldo Sagesse Michigan
  4. Toronto: SB Anthony Parker Calgary
  5. Hamilton: LB Henoc Muamba StFx
  6. Calgary: WR Nathan Coehoorn Calgary
  7. Saskatchewan: OL Matt O’Donnell Queens
  8. Montreal: WR Mario Iannuzzi Harvard

I wouldn't be surprised to see BC take Henoc Muamba. Apparently he already has a number of connections with the Lions. Also Scott Mitchell isn't a lock for the Bombers to take first. If the Bombers are going to go with 2 import o-linemen in the future then they may be more interested in picking Anthony Parker since we do need some help in the NI receiver department.

I'd rather Edmonton go after an OL. We need to improve the line.

We've already signed something like three new receivers, so I can't see us drafting at that position.

True that the OL would be considered in this years draft, but will Edmonton draft SB Anthony Parker who has been interviewed at E-Camp by the Esks scouts. Could be since Kamau Peterson has been injured twice now with his achilles tendon and will be 33 years old this year. Who they pick is much intriguing to say the least.

You make it sound like the Esks only interview a few players when they likely interviewed a lot - including all of the top prospects. Ed Tait from the FP wrote a column about the interview portion of E-camp and mentioned the Bombers were interviewing between 15-20 players on the Friday evening and all day Saturday during E-camp. I would suspect most, if not all, teams interviewed as many players as possible.

That's true Blue Blood, me bad :oops: on those choice of words you pointed out.

I’d prefer Edmonton to draft at the line. We already have a few young Canadian receivers that I’d like to see: Bauman, Brad Smith, Nate Binder. In my opinion, the line needs more attention than our receiving corps.

Agreed. Maciocia neglected the line for years and it will take time for Tillman to build it up again. The key to getting Ray back on track is O-line strength.

1 Winnipeg Anthony Parker SB Calgary
2 Edmonton Scott Mitchell OL Rice
3 BC Philip Blake OL Baylor Then trades Jesse Newman or Hammester-Reis (however the hell you spell that) to Hamilton for Import WR Marquay McDaniel
4 Toronto Matt O'Donnell OL Queen's
5 Hamilton Renaldo Sagesse DL Michigan ** if they aquire Belli, insert Andre Clarke or Matt Walter here**
6 Calgary Henoc Muamba LB St. FX
7 Saskatchewan Matt Walter RB Calgary
8 Montreal Nathan Coehoorn WR Calgary ** if Montreal does not go WR here, they go WR in the 3rd/4th round picking Jade Etienne out of SSK**

  1. Wpg - Mitchell
  • its not whether we play 2 import tackles this season or not, but the fact Mitchell is probably the most ready talent and showed ability to play all 5 spots on the line. He will be a useful backup at all spots with the goal of finding a full time spot later in the year or next season.
  1. Edm - Muamba
  • maybe they look at Oline. Baumann's signing plus their financial investment in him makes me think they don't go after another receiver 2nd overall
  1. BC - Sagesse
  • if Muamba gets by Edm I agree with other posters that BC will take him if available. If not they go Dline. Brent Johnson I think is their only NI on the line and he's been around a while. Sagesse would be a good value pick here.
  1. Toronto - Parker
    Watt showed some flashes, Bradwell may work out, but they haven't had an impact NI receiver in a while. O'Donnell is my 2nd guess here.

  2. Hamilton - Coehoorn
    If parker is still on the board they may take him. They look for another NI receiver to do what they hoped Baumann woulda done years ago.

  3. Calgary - Blake
    Calgary has NI depth along the Oline, don't need another one right away. Blake will return to Baylor and who knows where his NFL stock will be, I think he drops a bit like Bender did last year and if calgary doesn't take him here they take him with one of their 2nd round picks. I don't like Blake to BC already took Danny watkins last year in the first round last year and now he's projected to go in the upper 1/2 of the NFL draft, won't do it 2 years in a row with their first pick.

  4. Saskatchewan - Andre Clarke
    Sentiment has them maybe looking at local product Etienne, but even without Fantuz I don't think canuck receiver is a priority for them. Clarke gives em a special teamer and can take departed Donovan Alexander's roster spot

  5. Montreal - Etienne
    They will be looking to find another NI receiver that can do what Cahoon did. Not saying Etienne can step in and do it right away, but he has some skill and his name has that francophone ring. If Etienne is gone I'm guess they take pascal Baillergeron.

1 Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Scott Mitchell
2 Edmonton Eskimos - Henoc Muamba
3 BC Lions - Renaldo Sagesse
4 Toronto Argonauts - Anthony Parker
5 Hamilton Tiger-Cats - Hugh O Neill
6 Calgary Stampeders - Philip Blake
7 Saskatchewan Roughriders - Marco Iannuzzi
8 Montreal Alouettes - Christopher Milo

That's interesting......I'd be shocked if they took Coehoorn with the 5th pick.

  1. Winnipeg OL Scott Mitchell
  2. Edmonton LB Henoc Muamba
  3. BC WR Anthony Parker
  4. Toronto WR Nathan Coehoorn
  5. Hamilton DL Renaldo Sagesse
  6. Calgary OL Tyler Holmes
  7. Sask OL Matt O'Donnell
  8. Montreal PK Chris Milo

I don't see Blake going in the first round because he will go in next year's NFL draft. Martin is a long shot to ever play in the CFL.
The centre Petrus at Connenticut might be taken by Calgary in place of Holmes, but Calgary may end up with both of them because they have the 10th pick as well.

With Wpg getting the 4th pick I don't think Coehoorn gets down to the Hamilton, Wpg will take him. If edmonton doesn't take Parker and takes a player like Muamba like in my original mock I think Parker falls to Hamilton at the 5th spot now.

Here`s is the top 15 going into the draft according to CFL scouting bureau.


Could be interesting leading up to the draft. I really think the top 3 will remain the same on draft day. Where it starts to get interesting is with Winnipegs 4th overall pick. I think they likely take a receiver, whos been compared to Jason Clearmont in Nathan Coehorn.

I guess draft dray is almost upon us..