Anyone see anyhting we could go after below ?
I know we need a good corner back or DB
i also think Jarious Jacskon QB could be good in this league
Db's Heffney and Shell would be good pickups and of course Avon Cobourne to replace Cobb

2011 CFL Free Agents

BC Lions
S Tad Crawford
QB Jarious Jackson
OL Sherko Haji-Rasouli
DL Steve Williams

Calgary Stampeders
CB Dwight Anderson
CB Brandon Browner-Signed with Seattle Seahawks(NFL)
LB Juwan Simpson-Re-signed for two years(12/06/10)
DT Tom Johnson-Signed with New Orleans(NFL)
DT DeVone Claybrooks
LB Malik Jackson
LB Keon Raymond-Re-signed(12/13/10)
S Wes Lysack
DB Brandon Smith -Re-signed(12/08/10)
WR Romby Bryant
LT Ben Archibald
FB Rob Cote-Re-signed(01/20/11)

Edmonton Eskimos
SB Kelly Campbell
DL Walter Curry-Re-signed(12/21/10)
WR/KR Skyler Green
S Jason Nugent
LB Tim St. Pierre
DB Chris Thompson-Re-signed(12/21/10)
K Justin Medlock
DB Randee Drew
DB Jason Goss
WR Skyler Green
WR Derick Armstrong
QB Kerry Joseph

Saskatchewan Roughriders
LB Mike McCullough-Re-signed(12/22/10)
DL Kitwana Jones
DB Lance Frazier-Re-signed(02/02/11)
DB Chris McKenzie-Re-signed(01/19/11)
LB Sean Lucas
RB Neal Hughes
OL Joel Bell
OL Jeremy O'Day
OL Gene Makowsky-Re-signed(01/18/11)
OL Wayne Smith
DB Daniel Francis
LB Kye Stewart


Hamilton Tiger-Cats
OL George Hudson
OL Alexandre Gauthier
OL Brian Ramsay
DB Geoff Tisdale
DL Jermaine Reid
SB Chris Bauman
SB Adam Nicolson
ST Steve Schmidt

Montreal Alouettes
QB Anthony Calvillo-Re-signed for two years(01/28/11)
SB Ben Cahoon-Retirement(01/26/11)
RB Avon Cobourne
WR SJ Green-Re-signed for three years(01/19/11)
DB Jerald Brown-Re-signed for three years(01/21/11)
K Damon Duval
LB Chip Cox-Re-signed for four years(01/07/11)
ST Andrew Hawkins-Signed with St. Louis Rams(NFL)
SB Danny Desriveaux-Re-signed for two years(01/31/11)
DL J.P. Bekasiak-Re-signed for three years(01/07/11)
QB Chris Leak
LS Martin Bedard-Re-signed for three years(01/14/11)
DE Shawn Mayne
KR Larry Taylor
C Paul Lambert
LB Ike Charlton

Toronto Argonauts
DL Adriano Belli
OL Shannon Boatman
SB Chad Rempel
OL Jeff Keeping
ST Bryan Crawford-Re-signed(12/21/10)
DT Kevin Huntley
DL Ronald Flemons-Re-signed(01/04/11)
DL Eric Taylor
SB Jeremaine Copeland-Re-signed(01/10/11)
DB Lin-J Shell

Winnipeg Blue Bombers
LB Pierre-Luc Labbe-Re-signed (12/08/10)
RB Yvenson Bernard
C Obby Khan
DB Jonathan Hefney
DL Dorian Smith
LB Joe Lobendahn
FB Jon Oosterhuis
RB Daryl Stephenson
S Shawn Gallant

Jeff Keeping, Lin-J Shell,Kevin Huntley, Jason Goss, Dwight Anderson, Jonathon Heffney, Kelly Campbell

Jeff Keeping - Not sure if he'd be a starter on the Oline but a useful backup
Lin-J Shell - A decent DB halfback ,,,was accused of spitting on auggie barrenchea though
Kevin Huntley - A good DE but we have a lot of those ...Depends if Mcintyre sticks with the NFL . The Argos will try to keep him
Jason Goss - GREAT TALENT. Was release by EDM...A big interception threat buthe also was in hamilton and asked to be traded .
Dwight Anderson - A corner back that had a good season last year but he was in hamilton before and did not fare so well . i doubt he will come back but you never know as his EX DB coach is now our DC
Jonathon Heffney - A great DB and likely the best pickup we coudl make here . He did try the NFL last year and might try again. i see he played a bit of corner in college at Tennessee
Kelly Campbell - speed receiver could fir in nicely and has had success in the cfl

Jonathon Heffney would seem like the best pickup and move him to corner back

Huntley is a Defensive Tackle, which could be useful becuase Demonte Bolden dissapeared at times last year.

If we wanted a speedy reciever, i'd rather have Romby Bryant as opposed to Kelly Campbell.

My point exactly.Demote Bolden was virtually non existent last season and we need a player like Huntley that can get to the QB without the DE's help on a regular basis.My top pick for this was Kerron Williams be he re-signed so... Huntley's a solid player as well.

FA’s I’d like to see land in Hamilton:


Average to mediocre so far in his career. .. not sure he's worth pursuing.

A very good HB; might be a bit of an attitude problem though.

As the other poster noted, Huntley's a DT not a DE. . . might be worth a look

I always liked Goss, thought he was a terrific shutdown HB, why the Eskimos moved him out on the corner I fail to understand. . . but I suspect he's probably past his 'best before' date.

Attitude problem. Will having Chamblin as DC change that? Sure didn't seem to last season when he was Anderson's DB coach. . .

Agreed he'd best be the best pickup. . .but I wouldn't move him to the corner. I don't like forcing square pegs into round holes (see Goss, above), and Hefney's one terrific HB so I wouldn't tinker with putting him out on the corner, even if he did play some there back in college. After all, in the CFL, most teams' main receiving threats are slotbacks as opposed to wide receivers, so your HBs are more important in the CFL than your corners (it's reverse in the NFL). Given Hefney's talent and abilities, I think he'd be wasted out on the corner (or, if not exactly wasted, at least not used to his best advantage).

Not sold on Campbell. . . seems to have some attitude concerns, and ask Edmonton fans and they'll tell you all about his dropped passes. . . sort of an American version of Bauman.

Well before I list the guys I would like to see us add, I would like to see us re-sign Geoff Tisdale and Jermaine Reid before we do anything in this free agency. Both of these guys had career years with us last season and they are young talented players that will be key parts of our team going forward..

Jonathan Hefney - This guy has to be amongst the most talented DBs in the league, and he is similar to Tisdale as they can play multiple positions in the secondary.. Hefney won Eastern Division Rookie of the Year and All-Star honors in 2009 playing most of the season at safety. He would be my first priority come Feb. 16th.

Dwight Anderson - He is a huge trash talker but has a ton of talent to back it up, and with his old DB coach now our new Defensive Coordinator. I think he would give Hamilton another try after basically being thrown out of here the first time around. But the management and coaches of our current team is nothing like it was before.

Kevin Huntley - At 6' 7" 294lbs, he is an absolute force at defensive tackle and he would look quite nice in the middle beside Jermaine Reid or Matt Kirk, with Baggs and Hickman on the out side.. I think Huntley would put our front seven over the top and rival any team in the league as the best front seven.

Those are the top 3 guys I would like to see signing with the Ti-Cats come February 16th.. Now I know we probably do not have the cap space to secure all three, but I would be happy if we could pick up one of these guys and if we could get two of them, even better.

Negative. . . he always played HB, never safety, in Winnipeg.

You are correct.. I don't know who I was thinking about.

With Mcintyre leaving to the NFL , Huntley is looking like a perfect pickup if possible ...I thought Huntley was a DT but her was listed as DE ...The Argos will certainly try to bring him back
Hopefully BAGGS doesn't have the option to walk ....

Our biggest weakness is our Defensive Backs so I hope we can grab at least one free agent like Heffney ...

it should be interesting to see what OBIE and WOMAK are thinking as they released Gauthier and Baumann so I am hooing they haev their sights set on soem replacements and a ratio adjustment as well . Not sure if we will see an additional non import on the DL or Punter this year ?

Gauthier did OK at TACKLE and he was a ratio buster so I am guessing they figured he was getting too costly and too long in the tooth and maybe asking for a raise for a mediocre performance and presumed down swing in performance due to age ..They likley needed some money too to pay Baggs, Knowlton, Jamal...

I guess having a full time non import DT in MATT Kirk and Jermaine Reid handles the ratio concern ...i hope they are not intending on moving Rottier to tackle as he was outmanned against WPG the one game and I think he is better suited for Guard

I couldn't agree more. Rottier was absolutely dreadful at tackle that season opener against Winnipeg; I've seen pylons that provided better protection. . . granted it was only one game, but he played much, much better at guard so I'd be very reluctant to move him. The skill sets required at the various positions on the line are different enough that playing well at one spot does not necessarily translate to playing well at a different one. Another example is Luc Brodeur Jourdain in Montreal. . . he was dreadful at Guard, but when they moved him into Centre he played remarkably well.

He's listed as a Defensive End, but he plays Defensive Tackle.

I don’t think people should make too much of that Winnipeg game. Rottier was a young guy who got burned playing a tough position in the pros for the first time. I don’t know whether the coaches plan to move him out to left tackle, but if they come out of camp thinking he’s ready for it, I think that could be a good thing.

He played pretty well the next two games and even shut down Phillip Hunt in week 3. I think if he were to move to his natural position at left tackle he would do fine, but it sounds like we'll go with Johnson and Jimenez.

The CFL free agency will start next Wednesday on Feb16 :

Let's hope OBIE has his eye on some players that can help us and that he had a plan in letting go Gauthier and Baumann and that we will be active in replacing Mcintyre who went to the NFL.

  1. Our biggest need is DB's ...There are a few out there with Heffney] seeming to be the best fit for us ...and Goss couldn't hurt ...
  2. We need a new running back and Avon Cobourne would be perfect ok maybe I am dreaming :slight_smile: but the ALS just spent some coin on COX and Green ..Please not another year of Cobb
  3. Kelly Campbell is fast and might be worth a look see to give us a speed threat at receiver ...MANN was a disappointment last year

4 BC let Sherko Haji-Rasouli GO and i am wondering if OBIE has his eyes on him from his BC days ?

5 Since we lost Mcintye at DT ...maybe we could go after Kevin Huntly ...yeah i know over the ARGOS dead body but money talks :slight_smile:

6 Joe Lobendahn is likely the best Young middle linebacker in the league. Floyd looks to be on his way to retirement ..
If we cannot get Cobourne or Huntley then this guy is a gem

  1. A fully agree

  2. Cobb isn't as bad as people are making him out to be, and I think he'll realize that bulking up doesn't help you very much in the CFL unless you are going to hit the line like a madman. Still, snagging an accomplished RB couldn't hurt or inviting some young ones to camp and see who earns their place.

  3. Mann showed improvement and was decent so I would keep him. Replacing Bauman if he doesn't come back is going to need to be done.

  4. If it's in the cards sure. Just mind the cap.

  5. :lol: Not going to happen, and with him gone I think the team is thinking of bring in an import.
  6. I agree, Floyd has maybe one or two more seasons left and he took some really dumb penalties last year. Otis should still start, but having someone to back him up at this stage in his career makes sense.

Avon Cobourne has yet to be signed and, I would think Heffney would help the team. There are a lot of Ti Cat fans here in Niagara and, we hope to see improvements in a basically good football team. Remembering the many negative comments I read last season, if the team wants to enhance the backup QB position then Chris Leak { Montreal } might be a good candidate.

I don't believe the team needs a big influx of free agents. A couple to shore up the holes from departures and we should be fine. The biggest change in the team this year is in the coaching ranks. Continuity is a key ingredient to success in many endeavors.

That being said, I'd like to see Anderson back here.

I hear that, Adam Trafralis has shown he has an arm, but lacks the experience to really break out. Quinton Porter regressed this season. 1 in every 10 plays he was involved in resulted in a turnover, and that is a statistic that no team can afford.