2011 CFL Canadian Draft

With the draft approaching, and my anticipation reaching its boiling point (sunday needs to come quicker!!!!!!!!!!!!) who will your team take? what are your draft predictions? who will go #1?

I think the bombers will take Muamba first, he can come in and instantly contribute on special teams and might be able to become a shea emry type.

DISCUSS! :rockin:

I'll take a wild stab at it; Winnipeg drafts OL S. Mitchell, at #2 overall the Eskies select LB H. Muamba... but then on the otherhand with the recent release of SB K. Peterson they may very well select SB A. Parker.

Esks will definitely take either Parker or Coehoorn now. Personally, I'm thinking they snag Parker.

if the Esks take parker, depending on what B.C does, the Bombers would have a choice of Muamba/Mitchell or Coehoorn which is not a bad option if you ask me :thup:

I dont see it like that, I see Bauman is taking Kamau's spot.b

According to Drew Edwards, the Ticats will NOT be drafting by needs as they feel comfortable with the depth they have in all areas.Instead, for the first time in a long while they will be drafting by BPA (best player available).
Great news!I'd like to see a WR, DL, DB and OL taken in this draft no question, i'd really like to see Coehoorn on this team if possible.

I expect Winnipeg to take Muamba and the Esks to take Parker. The Lions (ironically) don’t reallly need Mitchell. Well, actually, let me put that another way. As good as he is, they’re actually set along the O-line for this year and have more pressing needs.

Don’t be surprised to see them swap picks with someone who really wants Mitchell, as the players the Lions covet either won’t be on the board (Muamba, Parker) or likely to still be on the board later. They may take Coehoorn at #3, but they really need non-import help along the D-line with an aging Brent Johnson their only legit Canadian starter there.

[url]Winnipeg Free Press

looks like the bombers will take muamba, i guess he blew them away and feel that tim burke might be able to make him into the next shea emry :thup:

....The Bombers luv this kid Muamba....They said he's got positive attitude plus, as well as being very talented....That's not to say Scott Mitchell doesn't have the goods..I see the esks. being very interested in Mitchell and they'll probably grab him..I don't think Tilman is interested in a ni receiver at this time as the signing of Bauman fills that bill...That leaves B.C. in the trading mood because the next two pics that rank very high are Coehoorn and Parker...I see the leos trading down with Cal. and the stamps will most likely take Coehoorn...The Bombers pick again in 4th spot and that one could be up for grabs orrrrrrrrr depending on how this supplemental guy Poblah works out obtaining his ni status, he could satisfy the Bombers need in that area...If Poblah isn't available i think the Bombers take Parker..If the Bombers think they can sign Poblah ,that then would leave the Bombers in a position to trade down for a couple of pics, as the BigBlue don't have a second rounder..So many twists and turns but my take is it'll go this way at least in the first round

1st.overall---- Henoc Muamba to the Bombers
2nd.----------- Scott Mitchell to the Eskimos
3rd.------------Nathan Coehoorn to the Stampeders (trade 6th spot with Lions)
4th.------------Anthony Parker to the Bombers
5th.------------Marco Ianuzzi to the Ti-Cats
6th.------------Vaughn Martin to the Lions (traded 3rd.spot with Stampeders)
7th.............Hugh O' Neil to the Riders
8th.............Christopher Milo to the Alouettes

*of course this is all subject to change due to trades that could include starting players and pics amongst the clubs :wink:

After losing last years first round pick (Danny Watkins) to the NFL, I don't think the Lions will go ahead this year and draft a guy who is already in the NFL.

....well ya never know...Martin is still considered a quality pic who 'could' be available...Moe Petrus may also be a consideration for the leos but i'll stick with Vaughn :wink:

Vaughn Martin will go 3rd or 4th round or higher I'd think. Isn't he pretty established already with the Chargers(as in not much of a chance he's in the CFL the next 2 or 3 seasons at the earliest)?

Looks like Poblah won't be in the supplemental draft. Kirk Penton, Arash Madani, Duane Forde and others are tweeting that Poblah couldn't provide the proper paperwork to get his NI status.

...... Could be Parker to the Bombers in that case :roll:

hopefully Edmonton really likes parker

lions should have first dibs on anyone named anthony parker :slight_smile:

If Parker is available at #3 for BC, Wally should be doing cartwheels.
It does make sense for Winnipeg to take Muamba if they don't feel the threat of him bolting for the NFL is too big.
I'd be shocked if BC took a OL at #3, so unless the Esks take Mitchell at #2, it's likely the Bombers would get him with their second pick (via Toronto).

I really cant wait for the draft. Should be interesting.

1st Overall - LB MUAMBA
2nd Overall (Edm) - OL Mitchell
3rd Overall (BC) - WR Parker(or DL to take place for Brent Johnson)
4th Overall (WPG)- WR COEHOORN (regardless of if parker is left or not, i think if coehoorn goes b4 4th also, bombers trade the pick or go completely off the board and grab an ncaa olineman like holmes, dont see them taking parker at all )
5TH (HAM) - Best Player Left (Your guess is as good as mine)(they may get a shot at parker if he falls which if edm and bc dont take him, he will. so... there u go, if available they take parker tho for sure)
6th (Cal) - Either the RB or Olineman from the U of C
7th (sask) p- Hugh O'Neil makes sense
8th (mtl ) als dont have a kicker.. Its Milo from LAVAL.

.....article today said that Tilman is ready to trade down because he is pic poor.....hmmmmmm could be a few surprises :wink:

I couldn't even finish this article. They try to make the draft sound exciting because some picks are gambles, etc., but to me, that doesn't make the draft exciting, it makes it kind of lame... I mean, if my team selects a player, I want to know that player is going to play for my team. If he gets drafted by the NFL, that's just a wasted pick.