2011 Black and Gold Game

Like I said, people read what they want to read. All the QBs looked okay. Everyone had their positives and negatives. I am just proving my point that every negative you say about Boltus gets turned into a positive.

So now we can't even give our opinions on how Porter performed, without being called biased and unfair. Give me a break, please.

Thank you :smiley:
Do people wanna hear how Porter really did or do they just looking for someone to say wow he looked amazing... If you ask me Boltus is the second best qb on the roster.

So lets be positive.
I am positive we will have a backup Q/B to Kevin Glenn.
It will be the Q/B that both Khari and Bellefeuille have the most confidence in after camp.

You can when you can look at Glenn and Boltus the same way you look at Porter. That’s all I ask. Porter has his faults but I am sick and tired of everyone slagging on him and giving Boltus especially a huge boost.

Point 1: Boltus missed 2 guys on a corner route. Because it’s Boltus, it’s okay because he is showing his strong arm. If Porter did that, it would be, he doesn’t have the touch, his throws are either too short or too long. Am I wrong?

Point 2: Why isn’t Boltus pinning kicks? Is he not good enough? Why is Porter in? It was pointed out to me yesterday that since Porter is holidng, that he is now the third stringer. We had a good chuckle out of that.

Point 3: The defense was playing well yesterday forcing sacks and dump offs. Porter reads a couple times that no one is open and takes off. He gets lambasted because he takes off and runs.

I just don’t get the hate. He played well. Boltus played well and Glenn played well. Why can’t we leave it at that?

How is this relevant? Holding the ball on field goals has nothing to do with the assessment of a quarterback.

Alan, I agree with everything you said.

Guys, guys...

Quit the "you are being unfair", "no I'm not, you are", "am not", "are so" arguments.

Just state your opinion and move on. Leave everyone else's opinion alone to stand or fall on its merit. No one ever wins that kind of debate so don't participate.


My single favorite play of the Black and Gold game:

A lot of the fans had arrived early and set up in the bleachers. Later fans then came and stood on the sidelines in front of the bleachers, partially blocking the views of those in the bleachers.

When Mike Nabuurs (our new Stadium announcer) pointed this out to the crowd and asked those on the sideline to sit down or move to the outside so those on the bleachers could see, it was like the parting of the Red Sea.

Thanks to the good humor and neighbourliness of all the Ticat fans who came out on Saturday - you made it fun for everyone. And I know the team very much appreciated your support.

Cheers, Bob.

OK guys... Mike Nabuurs is the new stadium announcer.
How was he? :slight_smile:

Better then I thought he'd be so far
but lets let the year play out..
I still prefer down distance and get excidted on TD or Sacks or Turnovers.

Getting 1st down is not a big deal to me.
In face it should come place

Not bad. I liked Farr, but from the little bit Nabuurs said, he seems like he'll be fine.

But man oh man, does he look like a cowboy. I know he does country music, but he was wearing one of those Ti-Cat cowboy hats and had cowboy boots on. When I saw him all I could think was, "Man, he is the first guy I've seen in 20 years that wouldn't look out of place wearing boot spurs." The guy has character, I'll give him that. Not that any of that has to do with how he'll do, I just thought it was a funny observation.

Not to sound like a jerk (and I apologize if I do), but could you please explain to me what the bolded means? I have never heard that expression in my life.

In fact it should be commonplace Give Onknight the benefit if you can

Thanks. I wasn't trying to be a jerk. I didn't understand what he meant. I just recently heard the saying, "Your father is going to have kittens." It's an old saying and I thought it was possible that the above was also an old phrase I wasn't familiar with. But now it's clear, so we can move on.

Thanks for interpreting my Onknightees

Hahaha. OK, that was funny. Well done, sir.

Great,way to go everybody, now we got in trouble with Caretaker! :wink:

Great,way to go everybody, now we got in trouble with Caretaker! :wink:
No one is in trouble, us lurkers just want to read more interesting discussions; ;-)

Ain't that the truth.Bet you get tired of everything turning into an "I hate Porter" thread huh? :wink:

Well I think we've just found proof that Porter's only on the team because the Caretaker wants him to be :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :roll: