2011 Black and Gold Game

Was nice Day out in Burlington
Very Please wit what I saw ..
Glen Looked sharpe
as Did Avon
Bruce had a TD

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Have to agree wholelheartedly Tom, I thought it was terrific.

The added ingredients of autographs and of some training for some local high school kids was a great idea. I don't know if you caught it but Pete Dy running to get an ice cream before the team got on the bus was way to funny.

All in all a good event and way of speading the fan base. Maybe next year at Nelson with their new turf and more stands or Notre Dame or back at Corpus again. Maybe at a High school in Hamilton?

Good event!


8) You are right Tom, it was a perfect day, no rain at all !!
   For all you naysayers who complained about this scrimmage being all the way out in Burlington, it sure didn't stop
   a huge crowd from showing up today.  There was a huge crowd, 4 large parking lots full of cars at the school.

   Corpus Christie High School has a first rate football field.  The artificial turf is even better than Ivor Wynn has.

   From the cheerleaders, to the TiCat Alumni Players that were there, it was a first class event !!!

    Entertainment for the kids, and lots of fun for everyone, with great food also.

     There were lots of folks from Hamilton, and lots of people from Burlington, who were very impressed with the whole 
      presentation.  Gee, they just might get a few of these Burlington people to buy season tickets, or at least tickets to 
      a few games this year.  Is this not what the TiCats were thinking and hoping for ????

      A big thank you to the entire TiCat organization for a great day !!!    <!-- s:thup: -->:thup:<!-- s:thup: -->

I left right after Scrimmage Got on E-Bike And went home
Was a 20 min Ride but nice.

Really like What WR Kelly 81 Did and QB Jason Boltus #16

Defence #4 Thomas look good as Well

Eric Wilber looked good but He miss a 43 yarder

Let me join your twiter link then man!

Outstanding :thup:

Great venue for a High School, they should do it again next year. Great job by the Ticats Staff once again. Anytime you get to mingle with the players its a great time !! :thup:

Thanks for the update guys. Didn't make it out but your posts make me stoked for the season. I'm a season ticket holder and feel I'm doing my part but have to live with the wife here, so to speak, and she is a season ticket holder as well, but just not as committed as me, I would have been there in a sec.

But great stuff. Now would the NFL do something like this or would they charge for people to be there on such an event? :?

CFL rocks - or what!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

I wasn't impressed with Kelly, he struggled to get open and he fumbled once. Wilbur has a huge leg but he missed a 30 yard field goal. I love the offensive playcalling though, as soon as we get into the red zone we go straight to the endzone.

keep in mind ive only been to one practice, but the one i went to I was far more impressed with Bakari Grant, seemed to always get open, however Kelly struggled to get open all practice, now i dont know if this is just because of C-Rwab being a great defender or Kelly strugling, because those two matched up atleast 80% of the time

regardless Kelly needs to be able to get open against anybody

3000 showed up for the Black and Gold Game !

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/great-turnout-for-black-gold-day-in-burlington]http://www.ticats.ca/article/great-turn ... burlington[/url]

I agree about Carlos Thomas, playing halfback with the first team defense he looked pretty good. Another new-comer, Marcell Young looked good at corner. Hinds started at safety with Beswick on the corner, Shivers was playing in Knowlton's Sam linebacker position.

Baggs, Kirk and Bolden all sat out with injuries, so Hickman was the only starting defensive lineman from last year.

Glenn Milner could be the short yardage guy we're looking for. (If there's room for him on the 42 man roster?)

How did each of QBs perform? (I'm hoping for some honest unbiased observations here :wink: )

Completely unbiased here, I have no hate towards either quarterback. I want Porter to succeed as much as anyone else on this forum. But......

He looked like the same guy we've seen the past two years. He took a couple sacks, threw the ball away(Perhaps that's an improvement learning when to just get rid of it), he did have a nice 25 yard run. But again, it's a scrimmage and it still looked like he's afraid to throw the ball sometimes.

Glenn was sharp. I don't know what else to say.

Boltus was a little strong on some throws but he's definitely improved, he can fire the ball into some tight spaces.

Its was hard to judge them because they couldn't actually get sacked but Glenn defiantly looked the best. After that im guanna say Boltus was second and then Porter. Boltus threw a huge td to Bruce in the corner and had a few other nice throws.

I was at the Back & Gold game as well. I thought Porter looked exactly the same way he did last year, unable to make a second read - egar to run and little if no field vision. I thought Boltrus had lost some weight and threw the ball well. The defence looks ahead of the offence. I like a pressure style deffence. The field view was not all that great, however a great crowd and Obie has brought in some talent to compete with the vets. Good battle between Wilbur and Medlock.

I thought that Porter looked okay. He got praise from Bellefeuille for his reads. He did lead a couple drives down the field.

The defense put lots of pressure on all 3 qbs. They all got "sacked".

Porter was finding guys in traffic. I don't understand how that constitutes him being the same as last year. Please exlain.
There are way too many people who want to rip Porter for anything he does wrong.

Look at Boltus, he was okay too but couldn't hit anyone on the corner route. Overthrew twice! With Boltus, that's just showing his strong arm, if Porter did that, it would be that he doesn't have the right touch on the ball.

We all forget that last year, we used Porter, instead of Trafalis on 2or3 and short and we got them almost all of the time. When Trafalis was doing that, how many times did we get stuffed?

Also, wasn't Boltus supposed to be the holder? Why was Porter out there doing the holding?

After the next 2 preseason games there will be more threads about how Porter should be cut and Boltus showed this and that but to me, the true test is regular season action for a quarterback. Porter and Boltus will be playing with guys this Saturday who are 2nd and 3rd stringers. They have been in the offense for 2 and 3 years. There will be missed routes and poor decision making from the rookies.

That being said, all of the QBs looked good on Saturday. No one made major mistakes and we will have solid back up QBs.

Enough with the Porter bashing. This guy is on our team. Deal with it!

The Deep Corner Route is one of the hardest Throws in the CFL
alot QB have Problems with it

Still thought Botus had a better Practice then porter
But porter did look better then last year

He got praised on one play, and it was when he through the ball out of bounds instead of taking a sack...

He hit some guys in traffic, but he also threw a few balls to no one and under threw a deep ball making the receiver stop and come back. He also decide to do his famous Porter scramble a few times and that bugged me.

He hit Bruce on a huge post route for a TD...
Ya he overthrew a few balls but so did Glenn and Porter had a few to no one, why mention Boltus if your guanna leave out the other two?

Exactly what I mean.

Boltus excuses for missed throws.