2011 all over again?

My oh my! What is wrong with these Lions? Last week they lose to Edmonton which won only 4 games last season. This week they're down 0-2 after the Als showed them how to play football. Once again the Lions' O-line is playing like a sieve. One has to wonder when this problem is going to be fixed. Nothing was going for the Lions last night. On 3rd and short they held the Als' only to see the Als QB bounce off the Lions' D, hold his balance and scamper for a 41 yard gain. The Lions would have been better off conceding the 3rd down where they were trying hold the Als!

Then there was the almost miraculous catch by the Als' receiver. It looked great until the replay showed the ball hit the ground during the reception. Benevides said he threw the challenge flag but the refs said they didn't see it. Hmm…. The Als went on to score a FG. Aren't the refs suppose to be watching for the challenge flag? Benevides was told he didn't throw it down soon enough.

Glenn isn't playing like he can. Saying he looked mediocre would be compliment. He threw a key interception in the Al's end zone ending yet another chance to put 7 on the board. He was overthrowing his receivers and missing his targets. The Als were able to swarm him and keep him off balance if not outright bury him.

The name Elimimian rarely came up. With the tag team of Bighill and Elimimian you would think the Als wouldn't be the scoring threat they soon became right out of the gate. And what happened to "Lightning and Thunder"?

If the Lions continue play like this we are in for a very long season. We'll need to talk with some Bomber fans to get a little comfort.

I cannot see the Lions pulling off what they did in 2011….not the way they played Friday night.

I hear what your saying Beagle. I'm not going to make any excuses here,but I really believe the O- line needs time to gel abit and trust each other. They don't have a veteran like Reid around to guide them. What can I say about Glenn. Imo His whole career has been inconsistant. When he's hot he's on his game and when He's cold look out . Hopefully they can sort this out before the Next game.

IMO one cannot judge anything here except the O-Line is horrific. Probably the worst LT play I have ever seen. Glenn never had a chance.
But also troubling is a lifeless air about the squad. I thought the same thing last week seeing them live. But as mentioned elsewhere there was a lifeless feeling everywhere in the dome last week.

Someone asked me " who are the leaders on this team?". I could ot point to anyone at least on offense.

For all those who wanted Chapdelaine gone you always need be careful what you wish for.

Also, in fairness to BC, you held Montreal to 17 points offensively despite being on the field too long for the majority of the game. Most of the time, when you hold a team to 17 offensive points, you should win the game.

Montreal's D is a tough one to face for a rookie left tackle trying to block for a QB who isn't particularly mobile. He just couldn't handle the stunting and the twists.

Bc does not even have the team they had in 2011 Geroy Simon, Brent Johnson, all the vetrans we had, Bruce too .

the lions have no veterans what so ever, Besides Lullay, there is nobody else, this is going to be a learning tool for next year bc will be lucky to win 5 games this year. I say lions are rebuilding to get to the cup in the next couple of years, and this is going to hurt ticket sales big time for the next few years.

If you listen to John Bowman's postgame comments on TSN, he actually says that Montreal didn't go out of their way to target Cave, but rather that they noticed some scheme tendencies that they were able to exploit. Specifically, he mentioned that the guard and tackle on one side -- not sure if left or right side -- tended to stay together. So coach Thorpe decided to stunt towards the middle to exploit that tendency. An interesting tidbit. I wonder if Khari Jones and Dan Dorazio will try to eliminate that tendency going forward. If Montreal saw it with just one regular season game's film to go on, other teams are going to notice and exploit it too...

The Lions have made some major changes at the coaching levels and Kevin Glenn so far has not done much at all to back up his thoughts that he is a bonified CFL starting QB, yet.
The Oline did not look bad against EDM but I have to be a bit shocked that they could not find a better import OT to play LT.
The rest of the Oline looks to be in good shape as they begin to gel and further experience. Player looks good and Norman also has been starting. When you have such a weak link at LT it will make everyone look bad.
I thought they had ideas about moving Olifoye over to LT.
Not sure Valli can get through a whole season and before injury last year they had another good looking starting rookie at RG. Once he is completely healthy he will be able to solidify things on the interior.
Job 1 though is to find a decent import OT.
They are as good as any team with plenty of talent as well as some places of improvement needed. It is a marothon 18 game season.

I Thought about that too cflcteve, Its early enough in the season for Glenn and the offensive line to turn it around . Mind you if they don't I can see them looking at the NFL cuts in August to find some help on the o-line.

Your right! We don't have the team we had in 2011. But name me a team that has stayed the same? We have a long season ahead of us. Like Beagle said we started out 1-6 in 2011 and everybody counted this team dead and some wanted Wally's head. Come on Dupsdell if your such a Lions fan you would have known better that Lulay isn't the only vet on the team that the young players could lean on. Here are a few names and I haven't name them all yet.

Tim Brown
Ryan Phillips
JR .Larose,
Dante Marsh
Andrew Harris
Adam Bighill

All part of the 2011 championship team.