2010 Ticat wallpapers?

I'm not being negative ... and you are correct some people do do better jobs than other people and whatnot ... I'd make a bunch but hey until the cats compensate me for it why would i go and promote them .. or worse set myself up for someone to complain about any copyright issues :slight_smile: hehehe

I think the poster knows what he wants ... there are many many MANY free wallpaper studio programs and such .. think the poster would benifit from that much more and have a sense of self satisfaction .. and if its a case of " I don't know how" then i'd rather help them with that than just post em ..

is that a better response for ya there bruce

Hey Ti-Cats Moderators: ANy idea when the site is going to have wallpapers posted up on there site!!
Thanks in advanced! :thup:

Just to let you know my friend, it pretty sad when everyone wants something for something! You said " Id make a bunch but hey intil the cats compensate me for it, why would I go and promote them" I would be hounered if they used my wallpaper on the site! I have taken many pictures at camp, practice and game, an when a Profession player uses my photo for his facebook profle, I AM HONOURED and PROUD!!!
I do it for the love of the team not to make a fast buck or a free ticket!!

here's a new one featuring the linebackers


One of the most fan-friendly teams in pro sports, and some people want to be compensated for making wallpapers? Sheesh. People do realize that by purchasing shirts, hats and jerseys, and wearing them, that you're actually paying to promote the team, right?

Anyway, great stuff winfieldfan. (Great name too, The Pearl is one of the best ever.) I appreciate your work. Keep it up.

Clearly I don't want to be compensated for anything. The thought of it is pretty funny. I just make them for fun/for myself and if other people decide to use them great. Trying to dig up some old pictures then i'll make some retro ones

Not to be a bother, but if there was anyway to make an Earl Winfield one, I would be forever grateful.

And so we are clear, I was not aiming my previous post at you.

I'll try to do a Winfield one i've been having a hard time finding pictures though that are a decent size...any ones i've come across are pretty small so if you happen to stumble on any larger size ones please post a link to them

new addition: mcdaniel....been having a rough time finding decent enough winfield pics to use


Thanks again for takin the time and efford into these! I cant believe the Ti-Cats have none posted yet, only 1 other team has none!
Maybe someone can explain why this is?