2010 Ticat wallpapers?

Was just looking at site of the Blue scum in search of their depth chart for tomorrow anhd I came across pages and pages wallpapers in the multimedia section - including alumni and 2010 stuff.

Any chance for some 2010 Ticat wallpaper with the season schedule (the 2009 ones are looking a bit out of date)?

If you have followed this site for the last number of years, you will have noticed wallpapers that are:





The posters on these pages have probably made better ones than our own team is capable of producing, which is shameful.

No doubt, the worst part of this excellent site.


There have been some great pictures by talented fans. Perhaps the Ticats organization could hold a contest to try and get a collection of better wallpaper from the fan photographers.
Could a simple to run contest with perhaps a basic prize (team hat, game tickets etc.) and I bet there would be a lot better wallpaper than what this site offers.

Im all for that idea! :rockin:

I dont even see any wallpapers up this year yet! Anyone know when there coming?

Let’s see who the player(s) they want to showcase first. I would suggest there may be some surprises when the final roster is announced. Patience… The website is first class all the way.

No one said it wasnt a good website, but the can always add more wallpapers later! So there is no real excuss not to have them now!

here’s my take on a schedule wallpaper #1, just a basic one…i’ll whip up something fancier in the coming days


Very Nice man.
You mind if i use it on my 2010 Tiger Cat facebook page?

go right ahead

any requests for a new wallpaper?

How about one with ABIII and Mo Man..

Dave Stala, Dylan Barker, JJ, and Kevin Glenn! :rockin:


heres my cobb one, posted bruce one to the main forum


cobb one and schedule wallpapers posted in this thread


Very nice intead brother.
Thanks for posting them!! :rockin:

it takes all of about a minute or 2 to make a wallpaper ... just make one

You are correct, but some do a better job and have different ideas then some.
I dont see you posting any, so until you do, dont be so negative bro!