2010 Stadium Location ????

Scrap PNE location! I say McLeod Athletic Park Langley - the best outdoor location in BC bar none - not to mention the side of the bridge that MOST fans originate from.

Thumbs down to that!

No thanks. Keep it close to downtown or watch the attendance slip even more.

Exactly. The further you go away from downtown the further you are from the population center and the further you are from accessible transit.

In addition, driving long distances is something that comes with living in the suburbs. If you choose to move to the middle of nowhere, you can't complain that things aren't close to you. (I chose to live downtown a few years ago - and I sold my car as soon as I did - so that I would be close to all the things I wanted to do and could get by on foot, bus, and bike.) I don't mind borrowing a car to drive short distances, but driving out anywhere further than Metrotown feels like an ordeal.

Have the school chip in about $10-15 million and build a 35,000 temp stadium at UBC with 10-15,000 of the seats being a permanent legacy left behind for the T-Birds and soccer teams to enjoy.

Don't think the suburbs works.. the Lions depend heavily on game day "walk up" sales, so if you move it out to Langely there goes that market!! Plus a lot of people in the closer burbs like Surrey and North Delta take the skytrain in and out for the game. I used to do that until I got smart and moved into the city.. now I can walk if I really wanted to. Also with the new Canada Line this may bring in more people from the Richmond corridor. 8)

I heard that they were considering erecting a whole new stadium somewhere in the burbs, which could be thereafter used by highschools and the like. It would be similar to Swangaard but would have more seating .....time is ticking for this option though! Training camp starts in 5 months or so! The city of choice would be on the hook for a greater chunck of the bill that way.