2010 Season Tickets sales up....

So we went to 10 or 11 games this year (2 ticat bus trips, 7 reg. season and the playoff) buying scalped tix and we got a call from the ticats because we bought our playoff tix online. Anyway long story short is that we will likely be buying 4 seats this year, and i was asking the rep how sales were going, and they figure they will have over 24k sold. They have been selling seats steady since after the playoff game.

Good news, though i didn't ask what they were last year to compare though I don't think they were over 20k judging by attendance.

They told you they were on pace for 24000!!??

That's season tickets?

That would be a Tiger-Cats record by far. I'd be really suprised if that were true. I mean we averaged 23,000 this year probably on a season ticket base of 15,000. 24,000 would be an increase of 60%! In one year? I doubt it.

If we did have 24,000 season tickets sold this year, you could pretty much guarantee almost all if not the entirety of the games this season would be sold out.

That's great news! :thup: I renewed my pair at the playoff game time.

I guess we will have to wait and see what they end up selling, but I wouldn't bet against them. :wink:

Ticat fan support is on the rise...the seats are affordable and an even better deal with "season's tickets". :thup:

Ticket rep marketing at it’s best they shouldn’t have to fib if they did , i hope they didn’t but EVEN WITH the hype that was generated and still floating around this years playoff appearance and next years season , i would be surprised to see our season ticket fan base go past 24,000 to 25,000 but with Christmas promotions and the hype and the team obie and management has built, i hope i can eat my words and be sitting with my family and 27,000 other season ticket holders …
The product that was on the filed if they can sign some players quick and keep this ball rolling it pays off in the stands in a short time period . I can’t wait, we had a Chart for playoff tickets purchased on this website why can’t we have a Season ticket drive number Chart on productivity ?

Spread the word Ticat’s Season tickets going fast !

Do your part in creating the hype for next year …

"Will have" or "hoping to have"?

That's an awfully large number.

How many seats in Ivor Wynne are available for season's tickets?..... Does anyone know?

25,000?... 26,000?..... 27,000?

29 500

very funny :lol: .....lol.......seriously, though, how many are available for seasons tickets?

Im not quite sure whats funny about it. If they can sell out through season tickets..why wouldnt they?

mycko, I was just asking how many the team makes available to the public for seasons tickets.....I'm guessing perhaps around 26,500 to 27,000 (again, just a guess)

I don't think it's ever been an issue before. They probably don't have a policy on it. I bet they'd love to have to deal with this as a "problem" for the first time.

I agree..........a great problem to have for any team........lol

I understand there is a tried and tested standard percentage formula across the sporting industry though.....I just don't have a clue what it is.....so that's why I guessed at around 26 - 27,000

Again, this is great. In the new stadium I'm also looking forward besides our TiCats games of course, to have a chance if we get a USL soccer team to be able to have a few games agains't TFC in a friendly or that CONCAFF Canadian thingy, I'd love to be able to see some of their supporters come to Hamilton, I want to rag on them about being whiners on the Argos thing. Not that I know anything about soccer or that, or care about the MLS or MSL, whatever it's called, but just to meet some of those friggin goofs that are fans of TFC. But I guess TFC would back out of any game in Hamilton because it would be on turf and not on real grass. I'm sure they'd find any excuse to not have to play in Hamilton.

If this is true I think the new stadium is going to need to be a little bigger than 25,000 seats.

Here's a thread from the Red Patch Boys forum:

You know what would go nicely with our new grass pitch?

I know what would go nicely with their new "pitch". But I can't say here or else I might get banned. Suffice it to say the word is a 4 letter word beginning with S and ending in T. And it does stink. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know off topic. But beating the crap out of the Argos and TFC in the same year would be beautiful!

GREAT JOB !!!! Marketing team, The best thing they did was having Season Ticket Renewals early. This gives them a big jump on getting extra season ticket holders and a GREAT Idea for X-MAS presents !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE TICATS!!

I was told by the sales rep in Montreal they don’t sell the stadium out with season ticket , they save some for single games for visiting fans and it’s hard to attract new fans if they can’t get a ticket once in a while.

I'd also like to see the Ti-Cats as well as the rest of the teams post a season ticket counter on their team web sites.

just wanted to varifiy you calculation, as on average, we had 22, 537 people come out this year with one game (labour day) at 30, 293. thats big news as last year 20,731 (3-15 season)(net gain of 1 806 fans per game). but in 2007 we had 23,201 (result of an average decline from 28,285 in 2005 and 26,730[3-15] in 2006[5-13])

Hopefully we can see another increase in seats per game next year as i would like us to make the way back to the type of games in 2005, where the games looked like this: